Friday, August 29, 2014

Gettin' Back On My Game!!

Thank you so much for all of your kind
words, thoughts, and prayers.

You all ROCK!!

I was sick for over a week, and just today
am feeling more like myself!!

 Want to share a one of a kind
pumpkin set that is one of my
faves ever!

If I could get my hands on more nice
real pumpkin stems, I could make lots of these! 

The real stems give the pumpkins
such great personality!

As I have said before, mixing textures, styles, and patinas just really makes my heart sing!!

I also love the tone on tone look!

This sweet, one of a kind, set will be available in my shop
this evening!

Hope you enjoyed stopping by

How 'bout this?
How 'bout today we each make sure
we tell someone in our family how much we truly appreciate them?

Sound goods, right?  Something we all
need to hear every now and then!!

Have a fabulous holiday weekend!!
Be smart.  Be safe.  
Hugs and Joy,

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hey Friends!

How are you?
Really, really, good, I hope!!

A few days ago, I got what I thought
was just some sinus congestion but am now
just plain sick!
 Bleh!  I would love it
if you would pray for me!!
{pretty please, with sugar on top??}

I am working hard on pumpkin orders, and
have another pumpkin to share today.

I love experimenting with different embellishments!!

This one is rustic elegance, with
shimmery leaves and faux floral
elements, and a wonderful natural
pumpkin stem.

The camera didn't pick up the
shimmer except on the bow...but it's there!

This year I am loving the whites with
contrasting traditional Fall colors!

It's just such a rich, elegant, look...
don't you think?

{3} of these will be available in my shop
in a little while!

Have a lovely day, and
as always, thank you for being
such wonderful encouragers, and
for giving me soooo much inspiration!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Velvety Petites!!

I love velvet pumpkins, and creating these
little cuties is definitely one of my favorite things to do!!

 They go together fairly quickly and there is just something about small things...maybe that
they can be tucked in anywhere.

 Love them on top of vintage silver
plate!  Need to find some more!!!

These are in the shop!
Hope you found lots to thank God
for today!!

Have a lovely week, and 
remember that He is bigger than 
any problem you might have!


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