Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Best Beauty Secret

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing something with you that I put together for the blog hop with the new Stampington Magazine, Bella Grace. 

It is so gorgeous and inspiring...and I have one to give away!
More on that in a bit.

I have met some women during my life,
that as soon as they step into your presence,
they make you feel better.

They are beautiful, draw you in, and seem to just beam with joy!

Their words are always seasoned with love and grace and they make you want what they have!
They often leave others wondering how they can possibly be so happy all the time, and 
if they are simply faking it.

I. love. that.
And I aspire to be one of them.
{still have a long way to go!!}

And I know their beauty secret!

Before they even get out of bed
in the morning...

their hearts swell with thanks for
the new day, and all that will fill it!

That's it.
That's why they are soooo lovely,
and soooo happy!

The heartbeat of their life is thanks. gratitude. gratefulness.

It spills over into all they do!

I have found that as I thank God thank for every little thing, my creativity just
flows seamlessly.  When I get out of focus,
and into the grumpy, even ungrateful zone, it is almost always stifled.  So simple, isn't it?

 A grateful heart is not only the secret
to captivating beauty, it creates a deep sense of joy, and unlocks and releases our creativity!!

You will absolutely love Bella Grace!

It is full of beauty and inspiring
short stories.  You will want to curl
up with it, a comfy blanket,
a nice hot cup of wonderfulness, and take
it all in! 

 One lucky blogger will win a copy!

*****To have your name put in the hat,
simply leave a comment telling me
what you are grateful for today!

<a href=""><img src="" width="272" height="650" border="0"/></a>

Just click HERE to 
go to the Blog Hop at Bella Grace,
and take in some wonderful inspiration!!

Hugs and Joy to You!

Friday, September 5, 2014

By The Sea

By the sea...such a lovely place to be!

The shore is a constant source of
inspiration for me.  When I drive over
the intercoastal waterway bridge, and catch
my first glimpse of the coastline, it still,
after all these years in Florida, takes my
breath away!


That is why the sea always makes it's
way into my designs!  

My newest coastal Fall pumpkin...
also a new fave of mine!

All of my coastal pumpkins coordinate with each other

I just want to put them everywhere!
They make me so happy!

I hope they make you smile! 

I'm so thankful
for the incredible gift God gave us when He
made the sea and the shoreline it kisses!!

These are now available in my shop!
And I love custom orders, so just message me
if you want a different quantity,size, etc...

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Workin' Workin'

Just a pic of some things that were sitting on my work station.  When I take a little breather from work, sometimes I play
with my camera!

Love these little Frenchy cuties!
Couldn't resist photographing
them before assembling them in
their little pots!

Hope your week is off to a great start!
I am so thrilled to be feeling good again!

Choose Joy, OK?

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