Sunday, September 28, 2014

Oh Joy!

Happy Sunday!

Hope your day is full of all things good!!

Ya'll know I just love mixing up textures,
and contrasting old silver with fabulous 
patina with softer more delicate things...

Well now I am mixing it up with my original
pumpkins nestled in a silver plate goblet!!

I think it is a perfect match!!

The look of the creamy white cotton contrasting with the rustic beauty of the real pumpkin stems, and of course, my signature bling... I just love it!

I think every home should have some tarnished silver plate in it's decor!! 
There is just something so
warm and wonderful about it!!

This sweet pumpkin and other new styles will be added to my shop tomorrow and Tuesday!!
Some will be one of a kind, so be sure
to grab it if you love it!!

Don't you just love Fall??

I can't get enough of the whole idea of it!
Thank you, God, for the fabulous change of seasons!!

You can check out my Fall Pinterest Board by clicking HERE!

Have a delightful day,
and a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bella Grace Winner & Farmhouse Pumpkins!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!
You probably can guess what I've been doing!

Procuring supplies for pumpkins and making them!
No surprise there, LOL!!!

Here are a couple of my latest designs!
 More Timewashed originals!!!

Some rustic farmhouse beauties!

These cotton bolls are fabulous!  They are wired together so they will never break apart!! 

I just love the cotton bolls, and the
texture they give to the pumpkin!
And this cutie has some color added to it!

I am thrilled to announce the winner of the
beautiful Bella Grace magazine!!

Random number generator chose #2,
which is the delightful Kris,
of Junk Chic Cottage!!

Thank you to all who entered!
You will want to grab a copy of this magazine!
It is so well done, and so inspiring!

Have a joy filled day,
and splash some of your joy around, ok??



Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Best Beauty Secret

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing something with you that I put together for the blog hop with the new Stampington Magazine, Bella Grace. 

It is so gorgeous and inspiring...and I have one to give away!
More on that in a bit.

I have met some women during my life,
that as soon as they step into your presence,
they make you feel better.

They are beautiful, draw you in, and seem to just beam with joy!

Their words are always seasoned with love and grace and they make you want what they have!
They often leave others wondering how they can possibly be so happy all the time, and 
if they are simply faking it.

I. love. that.
And I aspire to be one of them.
{still have a long way to go!!}

And I know their beauty secret!

Before they even get out of bed
in the morning...

their hearts swell with thanks for
the new day, and all that will fill it!

That's it.
That's why they are soooo lovely,
and soooo happy!

The heartbeat of their life is thanks. gratitude. gratefulness.

It spills over into all they do!

I have found that as I thank God thank for every little thing, my creativity just
flows seamlessly.  When I get out of focus,
and into the grumpy, even ungrateful zone, it is almost always stifled.  So simple, isn't it?

 A grateful heart is not only the secret
to captivating beauty, it creates a deep sense of joy, and unlocks and releases our creativity!!

You will absolutely love Bella Grace!

It is full of beauty and inspiring
short stories.  You will want to curl
up with it, a comfy blanket,
a nice hot cup of wonderfulness, and take
it all in! 

 One lucky blogger will win a copy!

*****To have your name put in the hat,
simply leave a comment telling me
what you are grateful for today!

<a href=""><img src="" width="272" height="650" border="0"/></a>

Just click HERE to 
go to the Blog Hop at Bella Grace,
and take in some wonderful inspiration!!

Hugs and Joy to You!

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