Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ode to Joy!

These last couple of weeks of 2011, our days have been filled with 
sweet joy!!  

Celebrating our daughter's engagement and getting in the
thick of it with dress shopping, preparations for her
engagement photo shoot, and of course...

celebrating the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Do you know Him yet? 
{He is sooo amazing!}

If you don't, 2012 presents the perfect opportunity
to at least check out what all the buzz is about...

{His book has been a best seller longer than any other
book ever written!!}

You just might make the greatest discovery of your life!!
{in fact, I'm sure you will!} ☺

Here are some fun photos that capture snippets of our JOY!!

Continuing a tradition Randy's Grandma began, 
each year at Christmas time,
we have a gingerbread cookie decorating party!
I cut free-hand boy and girl shapes, 
and anyone who wants to decorate one can!!
Brittany and John made bride and groom ginger people!!  Too cute!!
Love the hearts for eyes!!  And the ring on her finger!

Me and Maddy stenciled these burlap save-the-date banners!  
Just kind of winged it, and love how they came out!
Love my Cricut machine!

Needless to say, they have opted for a rustic
outdoor wedding, and have secured the perfect venue!
YAY!!  The dress and venue can be checked off the list!!

Brittany's long time friend, Megan, shot the photos!!  Sure love them!!

And just look at this sillyness!!
Hannah dressed up as a Christmas tree!!
Too hilarious!!  She loved it!

The ribbon fell off of her head right as I was snapping the photo!
Doesn't Kris' shirt with Chuck Norris on it look funny in this shot?
Like he is watching over her!!
{the eyes of the ranger are upon you!  LOL!!}

Those eyes are so gorgeous!!
She is 7 months as of yesterday!

 Checking out the bow

And her big sis with one of her presents!

Thank you all for being a part of my journey!
I appreciate each and every one of you, 
and sooo look forward to the New Year
and all the promise it holds!!

I am starting work on revamping the shop,
adding some spring inventory,
and will reopen it on January 9th!!

Hugs and Joy to You!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Holidays~~Keeping It Real!!

This past weekend we made our annual family
 trip to Santa's Christmas Tree Forest!
It is always fun and this year was no exception! 
 We had everyone in tow, boyfriend, 
fiance, cousin, and our crew!

If you live in central Florida and have young
children or grand children in your family
you definitely need to check it out!
We have been going for years and years, 
and it is some of the best holiday family fun to be had!!

You can cut your own tree, {or buy a cut northern tree}
 there's a petting zoo, horse and pony
rides, a zip line, a maze, a bounce pad, wreath shop, wonderful
concession, hay ride, reindeer ride for toddlers, bonfire for roasting
marshmallows and cooking hot dogs, gift shop...just too much fun!

Here are our four delightful daughters...
They all still really look forward to the tree farm each year!!

{where have the years gone?}

 And this photo includes our niece, and our two grandies.


Well, my friends, 
I came to a place last week where I had a decision to make.

I was going to do a Creating Christmas series, and share all kinds of fun
and inexpensive ideas with you for your home decor and gifts.

Well, God put it on my heart to spend my time 
Creating Christmas
for our family! 
So that is what I'm going to do!

Some big changes are coming with a wedding in April, and a soon coming
announcement of another wedding in the fall, so I feel the need to take the time
to make our holidays extra special, and memorable.  

You know, 
These are the good ol' days!!
and I don't want to miss a thing!!
{Stephen Tyler is now singing in my head}

So, to keep it real, and keep my priorities in place,
I won't be doing my Creating Christmas series,
and I will be on vacation from Junk to Joy Shop
beginning this Sunday  
until the second week of January.

When Junk to Joy Shop reopens, SPRING will be making
it's way into the shop, and the shop will have a fresh
look and some other changes!!

My blog posts will be few and far between as well, though
I will visit and stalk when possible  {smile}

I am praying that the love of Christ will permeate your heart,
home and holidays this year, and that He will stir you up in your love
for Him and for one another!!

Blessings, hugs and joy to you!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


The Christmas season is always such a joy to me!
I love seeing all the decorations and lights, and changing 
things up around our home.

And I am so thankful for God, who gave this world
the gift of His Son, Jesus~~whose birthday we are celebrating!

This year we have something else special to celebrate...

The engagement of our daughter Brittany!!

Love this photo of her!

God has blessed her {and us} with the most wonderful young man!
His name is John and he is a young man of honor, integrity, respect,
and is so much fun to be around, too!

They make an absolutely charming couple, and are
so totally in LOVE!

It is so cool to meet the young man I have prayed for
since Britt was a little girl!  I didn't know who he was,
but God did!!

He proposed to her at a local park a little after sunrise,
and surprised her by showing up in a tuxedo!
They spent the rest of the day at Disney World,
and wore the "Just Engaged" buttons 
and were congratulated the whole day by the park's

I sooo love seeing how God just works all things out for good 
for His children!!

We have our "meet the soon to be in-laws" dinner tonight!!
Too much fun!

Have a lovely afternoon and evening!
I will post my Creating Christmas gift idea tomorrow!!
Just been too much going on!!
You can relate, right??  :o)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Creating Christmas~FREE is Good

I love decking the halls at Christmas time
but am finding that I am developing an appreciation for keeping
things simple, and a bit more natural.

And with the economy, our budget is a definite consideration!


I have always wanted a fresh cut wreath,
 but winced at the idea
of spending $30 or more to buy one.  I always make my own 
wreaths, but have never made one from fresh greenery.

That is until today!!

Here it is!  

{sorry for the weird background color!  Don't know what
happened there!}

Looks pretty good, huh??? 

I will probably remove the pittisporum
bunch and add a ribbon, but I love it,
and it smells divine!!

And the best part...

The greenery was FREE!!

Free, Free, Free...
gotta love that!

I got in the car on Saturday and buzzed around to
Lowe's and Home Depot, and they 
give you the cuttings for free!!  

So go load up...and get extra so you can
use it on your mantel, centerpiece, garlands, etc...!!

Now I know you want to give this a try!

It really is tooo easy not to make one every year!!
You can do this!!

Here we go!

This is what you will need:

Greenery bundle!
If you can find mixed greens, they look
amazing on a wreath, so go for that!
I used only Frasier Fur.

2.  A form of some sort. Metal is easier to work with,
but you can use grapevine, too.

3.  Standard green floral wire

4.  Wire cutters 

5.  Old scissors or shears to cut branches

Now let's begin!!

***You want to use the tops of the branches that come
to a point preferably.

***Cut approx 10-12" lengths

***Cut about 20-25.  Any leftovers can be used elsewhere
My form is standard wreath size.
For larger forms you will need to cut more!

***Cut 25 approx5-6" lengths of wire
and shape into a U for ease in wiring.

I didn't make my wreath really thick,
but it is just full enough.
You can make yours as full as you'd like.

***Lay branch on form and position so the tip is toward the outside edge

***Wire on at base, and in the middle if the branch is floppy.

***position next branch on top changing the angle slightly for fullness

***You can always come back later and apply more layers

***Continue to work around wreath until form is completely covered

***Flip wreath over and trim any tails to the wires so they don't
scratch your door or wall when hung

It is just that easy!!

Now give yourself a pat on the back,
 and go hang that wreath!!

Day 2 of Creating Christmas
will feature an easy to make, inexpensive Christmas gift!

Come back on Thursday for more creating fun!!

You can CREATE your Christmas!!

Hugs and blessings to you!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

From My Workbench!

Happy Monday!!

Hope everyone is doing well, and are ready
to celebrate and give thanks this Thanksgiving!!

We're getting there, and will have a full house!

I've been creating non-stop...some successes, some...
well not quite so successful...but that's ok!

Here are a few of my successes...

These are fun little wooden gift tags/ornaments that are my handmade original design!
I started singing Christmas songs while I was making them! 
 They are already in the shop!

This is a sweet, shabby gift tag that is sprinkled
with clear glitter for some sparkle!!
 {it doesn't show up in the photos! Hmmph!}
It's full of vintage charm, too!

It can be used for Christmas or year round!
I'll make a companion for this tag, and
put it in the shop today.

I don't like most of the gift cards holders
that are out there, and I love to give gift cards,
so I made this little JOY bucket as a
fun and pretty way to give gift cards, which
is really a gift itself!!

The little envelope in the back is for the card
and the rest is just for some added JOY!!
The bucket can be filled with candy, baubles, pens,
pencils, etc... and used all winter!!

Well that's some of what I have been up to!  

What about you?

 Whatcha been doing??

Hope you have a fabulous week!!
We have sooo much to be thankful for,
don't we??

Hugs and joy to you!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

French Farmhouse Giveaway Winner!

I decided not to wait two more days to
 post the French Farmhouse Giveaway winner!!

The lucky lady is 
Holly from Lavender and Limes!!
Please send me your mailing address Holly,
and I will get your goodies on their way!!
My email is junktojoyshop@yahoo.com


Love this wintery candle holder from Pottery Barn...I can't
resist mercury glass even if it's faux!!


I am finally getting to creating the Christmas/Holiday items 
for my shop!  It should be quite full by the end of the week!

I am working on ornaments, more vintage style bottle
brush trees, petite holiday cottages, new lavender
 sachets, gift tags, etc....

Hope you'll stop by soon and check it out...
Give me a day or so, and more will trickle in!!

A big thanks to all who entered the giveaway!
I will be hosting a few smaller ones between 
now and Christmas so look out for those, too!!

After Thanksgiving I will be sharing my
"Creating Christmas"
ideas for easy and inexpensive gifts and decor~~
two projects a week to create with tutorials!!!

When you want to give the very best...
give handmade!

Hugs and joy to you!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

White Wednesday-Crafting Christmas

Happy White Wednesday!!

I know so many think it's too soon
to be seeing Christmas and holiday things!
We have a rule of no Christmas music
until after Thanksgiving, so I'm right there


For us shop owners, we've got to
get a jump on it, and start work early!

I have been having so much fun playing
with these vintage style bottle brush trees!

Each one is one of a kind...my favorite way to create!!

I filled this one with vintage goodies!

It sits in a fabulously tarnished vintage silver plated bowl.
It makes me smile to use old things in my creations!!

Are you making any Christmas/holiday crafts now?
Handmade items make such wonderful gifts!!

Don't forget to enter my French Farmhouse Giveaway!!
Just click this photo and you're there!!
Ends 11/15!!

Have a joy filled day!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sweetness x A Million!

Our little grandy Hannah....

holding her Mommy's finger...
love seeing what a fabulous Mommy
our Sam is!

Thank you, Britt, {22 yo amazing daughter!}
 for the lovely photo!!

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

French Farmhouse Giveaway!!

On September 4th,
turned one year old!!!


And, of course, to properly celebrate
this momentous occasion,
there must be a

{even though it's a wee bit late!}

Mix some lovely vintage French delights
with a touch of farmhouse charm, and 
you have Junk to Joy's

French Farmhouse Giveaway!!

I don't know if this is officially French farmhouse...
{or if there even is such a style!}
but it is my take on it, and many of
 you know I like to mix it up!!

Call it whatever you like!
The most important thing is that it is



First we have a fabulous inspiration holder
made by no other than Michelle at

How divine is this??
She even included the sweet calling card!!
These are perfect for displaying photos, or anything
that makes you smile!!
Her inspiration holders were recently featured on
the cover of Somerset Life.  You can see why, right??
You can see more of her wonderful artistry here


Next are some soft, nubby, vintage French linen lavender
sachets that I made!  They are filled with a delightful
blend of top quality French and English lavender
from Paula Jean's Garden on Etsy!

The top one is embellished with sweet vintage elements,
and I left the second one plain.  They are 5" squares, and
will fill your senses with the essence of Provence!!

There is also an adorable tiny French flea inspired tin
 that contains 6 round handstamped tags, and a
a "France" label on top.  This sweet piece was
created by Rhonda of A Little Bit French!
You can find more lovely treasures in her Etsy shop
Paris Gal 56!!


When I saw this wire cloche, it just screamed
farmhouse with it's lovely, kind of galvanized patina!!

 Isn't it cool??  So unique!  Flourished on the front and
back side and a birdy on top!!


The white, rustic, velvet pumpkin inside is included!!!

It's a medium sized pumpkin, handcrafted with love by me,
and is one that will fit
easily into any vignette, or stand alone!!


To add some more authentic French charm,
I had to include some vintage French music cards!

They came from Apol's shop, La Pomme, and are
so delightful!  I just love holding them and thinking
of the young students that used them in France!!
You will receive 4 cards!  {I had to keep a couple for moi!!}
Apol's shop is full of French delights!  Hope you'll go check it out!


And finally, a charming Vintage French Jam Jar!!

These jars are chunky and solid, and can be
used as vases, pen/pencils holders, studio storage,
serving biscotti, you name it!!


PLEASE NOTE:  I share my sources with you because I value
their talents, goods, customer service and hearts.  I haven't 
received anything free and no monetary compensation for promoting them.
I hope you will visit them!!


NOW...how to enter!!

There are up to six chances to win!


1.  Become a follower, or let me know that you are a follower

2.  Display this giveaway button in your sidebar with this link:
 thru Nov. 15th, and let me know

3.  Blog about the giveaway, and let me know

4.  Become a follower on Facebook~click the birdy in
my sidebar to take you there, and let me know

5.  Visit Junk to Joy Shop, and tell me what you like, or
would like to see in my shop!!

6. Share the giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and let me know

Enter with all six chances
or as many as you would like
That's up to you!


I will announce the winner on November 18th!

{I'm so sorry, but this giveaway is open only to citizens 
of the U.S. and Canada}

Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!!
Hugs and joy to you!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Little Beauties!

Happy Monday!!

Just had to share this photo with
you today!

These are our two grandies in their
costumes for the Fall Festival!

Little Hannah is five months old now! 
WOW!!  How time has flown by!

She is a little rosebush!
Sam made her outfit and I love it!

Emily is 6 now and wanted to be a little
lady bug! 

She is also a proud bug sis!!
Oh how these little beauties fill their
Nana's heart with JOY and delight!!

And to see our Samantha blossom into motherhood,
and do such a wonderful job with these two...
truly one of my greatest joys!


You know, dear friends,
we have to be so careful how we
spend our days. 

God is still teaching me about how very important
my role as wife, mother and Nana is.

We only have so much time here, and He wants 
each of us to carefully weigh other pursuits and where 
they fit into our lives against these most important privileges
He has blessed us with.

I am 53 years old and still learning every day!
 I have never been
more thankful for the joys of family life, and the time
He has given me with my wonderful husband, daughters, 
son-in-love, and grandies!  

My goal and heart's desire is
 to leave behind me a legacy of love for God,
family, and have the knowledge, when I breathe my last breath,
that I did the best I could possibly do with the opportunities
granted by God to impact the lives of our family's future
generations, so they can touch the lives of others with 
His love.

Have a fabulous week!
I will announce my giveaway by Friday!!

Hugs and love to all of you!

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