Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome to My New Blog!

So glad you stopped by!

I just have to thank my blog designer, Edie,
Rich Gifts Graphics and Blog Design

If you ever need of any type of graphic
work done for your blog, website, shop, etc…
you really should commission Edie to do it for you!
She is an utter delight to work with, and
so very talented and creative!!!  Thank you,
my friend!  I absolutely love all you’ve done!

Don’t you adore my little birdy “connect with me”
icons???  How clever is that?  Just click them to go
to my Etsy shop, my Facebook, or to email me!!!
Edie is just amazingly gifted, huh?


{Viscaya, A must see if you visit my childhood hometown, Miami}

Sooo…Here’s the scoop!

I have been blogging since 2008
over at Holiday in the Sun, but felt the
need to tie my blog to my
shop to my facebook to my email
to give you and myself a bit of cohesiveness,
and ease in getting around!! 

This is where I have landed!!! WOOHOO!!!! 


{Spring is almost here, aren’t you glad??}

, this past weekend I had to say goodbye to a long time
friend, and guess what???

This week I am saying goodbye to another friend!!
My wonderful friend, Jess, from
Jewels for the Journey!

Jess has been a constant source of love, care,
encouragement, prayer, inspiration, and pretty
much a sister in spirit for 11 years or so. 
I will sooo miss her, though I look
forward to seeing all God has for her and her man!!

May God richly bless you and Tony, Jess, and show
you His incredible faithfulness all through this new
adventure of yours!!

This life really is the great adventure, isn’t it?


And change sure seems to be a part of that adventure!

This new blog is part of big changes for me...
I hope you'll join me...

It's gonna be good! 

Stay tuned for all kinds of fun!!
…a blog launch giveaway…DIY 
projects and inspirations…

Follow along, ok?




Patti said...

Hey, sweet friend!!! Your new blog is stunningly beautiful!!! I love it!! I will be adding your button to my sidebar.

Have a great day!!


A Gardner's Cottage said...

Love the new look! I must say the springy looking flowers are exciting and lovely. I can't wait for spring to arive here in MI. Looking forward to watching the new blog blossom.

Saying good-bye to friends is always hard. Praying God's blessings for you and them.
Take care


Kristie said...

This is a beautiful blog and I always get encouragement from your sweet post. Thank you for sharing your heart! Love you so and will pray that with each friend you send off on a new adventure that God will bring another across your path for you to bless and befriend. :)

Debbie said...

I am LOVING the new blog look Becky! Change is good...Glad everything is going well. Have a lovely day! HUGS. Debbie

Elizabeth and Gary said...

HI Becky,
Wow, everything looks great! good for you....I am so happy for you. I will reset your blog address on my side bar..
Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth

momoflots said...

Oh what a pretty new blog!!! I love the picture of the blooming cherry!! I can't wait to see them blooming in my own yard!! I'm sorry you have to say goodbye to another friend but i am so glad that these days there are so many ways to stay in touch!!! Blessings and hugs!!!


~~Deby said... the new look...
I myself am trying to return to blogland after a long absence....I will be back dear friend.

Sue said...

A very fine job she has done, Becky, I am enjoying your new look and am looking forward to seeing more.
Hugs, Sue

Ms. Bake-it said...

Love your new blog Becky! I look forward to coming along on your new adventure and seeing what it has in store for you.


Edie said...

Hey sweet friend! Thanks so much for your kind words. You're a delight to work with! I so appreciate you and your patience with me! :)

Sorry about moving the friends off. I pray God blesses you abundantly in this journey. Your work is beautiful!

I adjusted the comments section for you. It looks much better now. :)

I almost commented as you. LOL!

Elena said...

Becky, I love your new blog! It is beautiful!

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweetie, Love this new look-Edie is amazing but so are you. You bless so many Becky and I'm praying the Lord will bless your socks off-here and with a new friend.
Much love today.

Pat said...

Beautiful new blog Becky!! Love the design!

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