Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big Day!

Hi Sweet friends!!!

Guess what??

Wednesday is a big day!

Our oldest daughter turns 30 {and is 31 weeks preggo!!}
and our #2 daughter turns 25  the next day!


We are having a big Birthday Bash here tomorrow night!!

I will be finishing up some last minute stuff, and doing some of the
cooking. Randy's wonderful sister will be doing the main dish,

we get to meet #2 daughter's new boyfriend!!!

How exciting, huh?

I will be needing my pillow and my fabulous bed after
all the festivities!!!  Whew...I'm already tired and the
day isn't even here yet!! LOL!!!

The JOY of family is truly one of God's biggest gifts
to His children!!  I know we'll have a great time!!!


Blessings and hugs!


Linda C said...

wow! Happy Birthday all around!!:) Sounds like a wonderful time!
This is birthday day week at our house too- Amanda and little Sophie share Saturday- 20 and 2:)
Have a great time and get in lots of hugs and kisses-- family time - love it!!:)

Take care dear friend,

Kar said...

Happy Birthday to both girls! I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating with each other.


Jess said...

What JOY!
And to think YOU did all the "work" laboring back then. I think they should give YOU a party!
Rejoicing with you Cutie.
Love, me

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Hope that you have a wonderful time together!!!

Hugs from Heidi

Mandy @ Creekside Creations said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and excitement is headed your way!

Enjoy and blessings!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh Happy Birthday to all...we have two months like that in which we have three birthdays in a row...and that is just with us, not extended...but what a joy to be able to celebrate!
Yea on another grand baby, how wonderful.
Have fun and enjoy that bed after all the celebration.

NanaNor's said...

Sweetie, I was just going to call but glad I read this first-I'll try and call tomorrow or Friday. Wow, what wonderful celebrations. New boyfriend????? Prayers being answered?
Hugs to you today. LU.

momoflots said...

Oh what fun!! And very soon a new grandbaby - I bet you are getting excited for that big event too!!! We have a birthday this week as well, my second daughter turns 8 on Friday - we are getting ready too!!! Cupcakes - yay!!! Have a wonderful party!!!


Jeanne said...

Hi Becky, First happy birthday to your daughters. Then congrats on the coming grand. How exciting for your family. Meeting your daughter's boyfriend will be great. Especiallly if he is the special one!

A big fat YES, we will be here in July that week. Please, Please, Please, find time to visit. I would be thrilled. Remember we have the cabin if you can break away a bit. However, I know that family reunions are so special to all of us who adore our families. Let's do plan something.

Have a wonderful family birthday, new baby coming and boyfriend celebration.

Love you much, Jeanne

Elena said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girls. The party sounds like a lot of fun!

Patti said...

Hard to believe that #1 is 30...I was only 2 years older than that when I first met her!!! And since the last time I saw her was when she was about 18, that is how I will forever picture her in my mind.

Same with #2...only she will be forever about 13 in my mind!!

Wishing them both very happy birthdays. And can't wait to hear of the new one's arrival in a couple months. Rejoicing with you on a healthy pregnancy.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Beck,
So good to hear from you, and yes, yes, yes we must get together next week for sure. Was just about to call you today when I rec'd your comment and that your sister-in-law was here so
figured you had your hands full and I would just wait to talk to you next week.

Can't believe Sam is 30, amazing! Where does the time go???

Love the look of your new blog so clean, peaceful and restful. Beautiful blog header, so you!!

I went back and read all your post. Yes, the situation in Japan just make your heart so sick, to see what they are going thru, you can't even begin to imagine, it is like everything seems to be stacked against them. What a miracle it was they found that 4 mo. old baby and the parents were alive as well. I agree with all that you said.
I got up cause I slept for a few hours then woke up and can't go back to sleep, my neck....
we worked in the yard tonight for a lil while,
very frustrating!! But this too will pass!

Haven't had much time to visit around lately,
just been answering comments and blogging, I usually do most visiting between Friday and Monday now.

Well, hope you get some sleep cause I know things are rather busy/fun right now!

Love ya girly, and look forward to next week,

Clare said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clare said...

Family get togethers are such a blessing, have a wonderful time.

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