Monday, March 14, 2011

A Burdened Heart

I know that my posts are usually encouraging and upbeat, but
this morning, as well as the past week, my heart has been so burdened
for our world...and for the people of Japan, who have suffered
incredibly since the 9.0 earthquake.

I awoke to the news this morning that over 1000 bodies had washed
up on the shore, something I had just said to my family 2 days ago.

There is no way to comprehend what these people are experiencing.
And it is so difficult to make sense of things like this, and the "why"
of it all.

I believe these things are a call.

A call to prayer for our world.

Prayer asking for mercy from our loving God.

Prayer asking that we as a people, as a world,
will respond to God's Spirit and repent of our evil,
and recognize Christ as Lord.

Prayer asking the we will turn from our pursuits, and selfishness,


And prayers and praises of thanksgiving for our MANY blessings,
and guidance from God to help us make each day count,
and to LOVE ONE ANOTHER purely, deeply, and without thought
for ourselves, as Christ modeled for us.

And of course, prayer for the wonderful people of Japan.

Whose lives have been torn apart...and whose memories
have been scattered to the sea...

Whose loved ones have died...

Who have no home, no electricity, no water.

Who are clinging to life as I type these words.

May You, Father, be with them.  Comfort them, strengthen them
for all they must yet go through, meet their every need,
and fill their hearts with Your Hope.

Move on each of us and the hearts of the world to
come to their aid in any way we can.

I ask these things in Jesus' mighty Name.  Amen.

My sweet friends,


{comments have been disabled, please use the time to pray for Japan}

Much Love,

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