Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Thursday!

Hope your day is going well!!

Mine is, though it was a bit of a rough start because I
didn’t sleep well last night! 

Sometimes I just get too wound up and can’t settle in!
Kinda frustrating, but I’m over it now!!  {smile}

The party went really well,
that is, except for when…

I dropped Mallory’s cake!!

YES folks, I really did drop her cake!!!

It is a very large coconut cake from Sam’s…her fave!

Sad thing, though, the tray it was on has NO type of rim
to steady the cake if you tip the tray even slightly


And SPLAT it went hitting the cabinet door and falling almost
to the floor, but my sister in law’s tote bag broke it’s fall,

and it suffered only minor coconut flake loss and smudging of the icing!!!

Quite funny actually!!!

This is the girls sitting with their cakes, while we sing
Happy Birthday to them…we have done it like this since they were
little, but on their individual days.  We’ve combined them in their adulthood!


You can see that Mal’s cake just doesn’t look quite right!!  HA!!!!

Sam’s is her fave, a Carvel ice cream cake!  And NO!  No other ice cream cake tastes
as good as a Carvel cake!  For those of you who know what they are, you know what I mean!!!

Mal’s boyfriend seems like a great guy, and we all had a wonderful time!

This is the two of them smiling for the camera!


Well, that’s my story for today!

I have to get busy!!!

Hope your day is full of joy and little delights!!

Love ya bunches!


Patti said...

I LOVE the photos, Becky!! Sam looks SO the same as I remember her, but I would not recognize Mallory.

I'm with Mallory on her cake choice. I am a coconut gal. Gabrielle made me a fabulous coconut cake for my birthday this year (photos of it maybe 2 posts down).

Again, sending birthday blessings to your dear girls.


Karen said...

Oh, no! Sorry about the cake! But at least it wasn't a total loss :) It still looks GOOD!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Becky, Happy Birthday to your girls and Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

Hope all is well in your world. I hope to be blogging again more regularly in the not too distant future. I have workmen everywehre. lOL!
Miss you much, you old cake-dropper, you! ;-)


Sheila :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...


Heidi Pocketbook said...

Sounds like a birthday that won't be soon forgotten..."Remember the year mom dropped my birthday cake?" will go down in family history.

Hugs from the corn,

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, What beautiful photos of your girls. Not to worry about the cake-I bet it was incredible anyway. Hope you sleep better tonight my friend. Mal looks very happy with her guy. Both girls remind me of you dear friend.
Love you lots.

Kar said...
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Kar said...

So glad to hear you all still had a great time even with the cake dilemma. Your girls are so pretty. You should be so proud to have such a wonderful family!


Debbie said...

Oh Becky sorry about the sounds like something I would do, haha...Your girls are just darling! Happy birthday to them both. 31 weeks huh? She's almost exciting. I didn't realize you had a daughter as close in age as my Mel. She will be 25 in July so they were probably in the same grade. They look like a cute couple. Hope you sleep better tonight...don't ya hate that? Love to you, Debbie

Elena said...

Becky so sorry about the cake but it sure was funny to hear what happened. I'm glad it survived. I bet it tasted really good. I love the photo of your girls together, so very pretty! Well, I hope you get some rest after your big day. Hugs, Elena

Jess said...

Birthday blessings to precious daughters!
when is Sam's baby due again?
Have a great, me

Liesa said...

Hi dear friend!
Dropping the cake sounds just like something I'd do! I'm so glad it was still edible. It looks very yummy. Your daughter is so pretty, just like her mom! Can't believe you have a 30 year old. Keep us updated on the new baby arrival! Have a blessed Lord's Day!

You light up my life! (Matt. 5:16)


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Becky, so happy to hear from you, but i could not figure out why I did not hear from you, but I just did it, i just now realized that I have been watching for you from the old link!! Duh!! I read Noreen's Blog and was gently reminded that you do have a new blog name! I feel so silly!! but anyway~ happy:) B-D to those beautiful girls, and that cake looked so good in spite of.... I will have to check these out at Sams when I go! Have a Happy:) Week! PS~ I don't think I have missed too much! Love Ya! (will fix this prob right now!!)

Jeanne said...

Hi Becky, I am commenting late because Bill has been on spring break all week and we are doing PROJECTS. First cleaning our garage. Yuck. Consequently no time for visiting my dear friends. That's you!

Happy birthday to the girls. They are both so pretty. The boyfriend seems just right for Mallary. A new baby for Sam, Yay! I know they had a special day. The coconut cake fall is amazing. I was expecting complete disaster. It still looks great. I agree with Sam, there is nothing like a Carvel ice cream cake.

Love you dear Becky and I too am very excited about seeing you this summer.
Love, Jeanne

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