Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wonderful Whites!

What is it about WHITE?

I mean for decades people had white walls, and then
the big change-a-roo came and we all just had to have
some color on our walls!! 



Well, I have to say that I wanted to surround myself
with the warm tones of nature...AND DID!!  I championed
the delight of earthtones to every one I knew!  Heaven forbid
we should have a white wall in the house!

But in the last year, I have fallen, and I mean
FALLEN, in love with whites!!!

The great thing about white:

When an object is cast in white, its unique character comes
to the fore and is rendered at its most pure, simple — and beguiling

Can't remember who said this, but it was a well known
interior designer.  I sooo agree with it!!
These photos are from Better Homes and Garden.
White is everywhere!


And I have a very soft spot in my heart for white ironstone
dinnerware!  As a matter of fact, I just made my first ironstone
purchase from a fellow Etsy shop owner and can't wait til
it arrives!!!  My early, early, early birthday present to me!

Here are 2 of the bowls I purchased.  I also bought 4 dinner
plates and 4 cereal bowls. 


I will be purchasing some of these, too!  My current dinnerware is
a light harvest gold, and is lovely...but these will go with anything...

AND THEY ARE VINTAGE...and I love thinking about all the
hands that have served dinner on them, and eaten off of them...

You get the picture!!

It's the junker in me...I adore things with a story!!!

Here are some more wonderful whites from BHG!  I will begin slowly
transforming different areas of my home into white heaven over the
next months!! 

Meanwhile, I'll borrow other people's photos to inspire you and ME!!

Another love...white vintage buttons...

I have enough to fit in a couple of these jars, but not the
ginormous one!! 

After all a girl's gotta have a little stash, doesn't she???


What's in your "stash"?  Do tell!

Hope your Thursday is fabulous!!!
So glad you popped in for a visit!



Patti said...

I changed my china pattern early last year. Went with the vintage pattern...Desert Rose by Franciscan. My grandmother used this for 30+ years, and it is what I remember eating off of every time we went to her house. It's white (a bit off-white, but NOT ivory), with pink roses and green leaves. I totally love it...not only because it's pretty, but because it's vintage and reminds me of my Grammy.

Like you, I love white walls. Don't have many of them right now, but, still, I love them. The walls in my living room, dining room, and kitchen are brick red and beige. The house came this way. While there is a gorgeous richness to them, I have grown weary of the darkness that comes with dark red. I'm all about lightness!!

Sorry for the rambling comment. Hope all is well.


Kar said...

I'm embracing the white that I have always stuck with. Everyone would always tell me that I need to add pizzaz to my walls. Nope. I love the fresh feel it gives everything. It also lets special pieces stand out in a room. Love it, always. :)

Elena said...

I love white too! All the walls in my house are white and I love it:)

Mandy @ Creekside Creations said...

I've been thinking about paintng my kitchen white. I'm liking lighter colors a lot now days!

LOVE your new blog home!

Lynn Richards said...

Becky!! Great, great looking blog!!!! I love it. I'm working hard on your canvas! And learning all my mistakes on my big one!!!!

Edie said...

I love white on white. I think, in part, it's because I love texture and when you start layering white on white you have lots of texture. My walls are aren't white they're taupe. I love lots of different styles and taupe is a good foundation for all of them.

You have beautiful taste!

6HartsforHim said...

Aunt Becky, we are FOR SURE related! I'm in LOVE with all things white! Clara's room is all white,with little hints of pink here and there. One day,when we have our own house,I will re-decorate the entire house in white! Love you...counting down to reunion!! ((hugs))

Debbie said...

I changed my dishes up a couple of years ago to all white. How I love it! They go with everything like you said so I am always making it different. Olive green, bright yellow, red, pink, bright stripes...these are just a few of the placemats etc. I have to go with them. I love the white on white look for the house, but have a feeling I'd regret that with all the little grandies running around, haha...Looking forward to seeing your changes...Have a wonderful day! HUGS

Jeanne said...

Hello Becky, I was so happy to hear from you. I have been over a few times but you still had the same post. So this is a new blog look. I like it. It's white. BIG smile!

The white that is so popular has a wonderful charm and I admire it too. I have collected a bit of white lately as well. But, 'just a bit' because my true love of color is not letting me change my colors. White to me is a coastal, beachy
look. For Florida it fits right in. I love your inspiring photos. Have fun with it Becky. What ever you do it will be lovely.

Love you bunches,

A Gardner's Cottage said...

My white stash is small but makes a mighty punch! My dishes are white LOVE THEM! Kitchen cabinets are white LOVE THEM! Now I am on a mission to start a white button collection LOVE THAT! Have a terrific week end.


Clare said...

Whites are indeed wonderful, clean, crisp and so many different shades of white.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I just love the new blog - edie did a great job as usualy!

I love white, but white doesn't like me...

Sue said...

Loved all these beautiful photos Becky, I have been going back and forth with whites for a while, and am going to do a post on my changing to white sheers in my bathroom, just as soon as I finish getting my order in.
I truly love color but while going through blogland and seeing how everyone decorates with white, just confuses me. LOl Of course it doesn't take much to do that. lol.
Enjoy your evening,

Angie said...

Thank you for stopping by today! Your photos above are beautiful and I especially love the one with the buttons in the jar because it reminds me of my grandma. She was a seamstress in Puerto Rico, where I grew up, and she used to have jars and jars of buttons. I used to love to stay with her and play with them. Thanks for bringing out that great memory.

Angie @ Linen & Verbena

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Your new blog is great, Becky! I have just started digging some of my milk glass out of the cabinets and scattering it around to brighten things up, but I'm also trying to mix in some bright punches as well (emerald green right now!).

Hope you are doing ok!

Hugs from Heidi

Pamela on the Front Porch said...

Just found your blog and I too am a white lover. Your photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing. - Pam

Lilybets said...

I like white, because of its elegance,but I need colors in my life and love each things that is decorated with flowers or animal and real plants.My favourite colors are yellow and pink,I do prefer ivory to white because is more warm.

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