Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Design Advice Needed!!

Calling all you fab home stylists and decor whizzes!!

I found this little beauty for a song {like $4} and had to have it! 



 Oh she is totally rusty on the outside, and has a battered lid,

but once she caught my eye, that was it!!

Actually, I think she may have 2-3 coats of rust, but still functions

great and will be wonderful extra storage!  We can always use a

little more of that, right ladies??


I am looking to lighten and brighten my living room
with some whites and have thought about
sanding the rust, and whitewashing her.

What would you do?

I see her as a side table, possibly
covered with a  French grain sack runner.

I could also just sand her a little and leave as is,
for some rustic charm, and still use the runner.

Let loose and give me some of your great ideas!!!

When I am done with it, I will show you what I did,
and where I put it in my living room!  The green paint
is the current wall color.  Can’t change it now…
but will before year’s end!

Thanks a bunch!!







Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That sounds like a good idea, Becky! Or what about as an ottoman using a pillow on top (or fiberfil} with your grain sack runner adhered on top. This way the sides and front can be painted and it wouldn't affect the functioning of the lid opening and closing {as opposed to if you wrapped the fabric over the lid portion}. Or you could paint it up and do a French label or stenciled number on the top {i.e. No. 7}. You've got lots of possibilities, I think! : )

Heidi Pocketbook said...

My only concern if you leave it rusty, the rust could transfer to your flooring. Even any fabric that you might use as a runner could also pick up rust.

Looks like you got a great bargain! I hope to be sharing some of my finds real soon.

Hugs from the corn :-)

Ms. Bake-it said...

Oh wow! I love it Becky! I do not blame you for snagging it for yourself! I like the idea of keeping it a bit rustic, using it as a side table and definitely with the grain sack runner.


Alice said...

you are sooooooo creative and i am so totally not. no ideas from me, becky, sorry :( but i do want to see it when you get finished with it cause i know it'll rock!

saltbox treasures said...

Hi Becky, This is a tough one. If you want to keep it rusty, maybe there is a sealer you can put on it to keep it from transferring rust to other items. This box must be bigger than it appears if you can use it for an end table. See if it's too rusty/rustic for your room. If it is, you can paint it. I like the idea of stenciling something on the front. It would even look nice open with some displays like tree branches, fire wood, a poinsettia at Christmas, etc.
A great find! Let us know what you do with it.
~ Julie

Ido said...

That is a beauty, if I was you I would paint it with some white paint, may be rustoleum and then distress it applying some dark wax and may be some sanding on the edges. Good luck!

The Primitive Home said...

Oh sweetie..that is so ugly I think you should give it TO ME!!! LOL
I LOVE IT!!!! What a rustic piece. I think you shouldn't paint it. You could go to your local car shop(the ones that do body work) and have them sandblast it for cheap(I do this alot with old metal goods). You could have them seal it with a coat of car topcoat or spray it with a sealer when you get home. I love how metal looks after it's been sandblasted! Perfect with your grainsack runner or some stacked books with a plant. Yup..that's how I'd go.

Kasia said...

Hello Becky!
I would leave it as is, because you can see the passing of time in the wear and tear... Place it somewhere you like, and wait a couple of days to see what you think. It may come to you to paint it or not. I would definitely coat it with gloss to prevent the rust from spreading, but unless you plan to paint it, I wouldn't take any of it off. I always let a n idea marinate for a couple of days before I get to work, just to see if anything interesting pops up. :) What luck to find such a beautiful piece though! Great buy!


Cora said...

I'm so loving this piece too...I would have bought it too!! My concern with the rust leads me to paint it too...I believe it will still look shabby in its own way! After painting you could go back and dry brush a little gold on the corner pieces and the claps! Whatever you do I know it will look great!

La Tea Dah said...

It's pretty just like it is, but would be beautiful painted white and then covered with beautiful French wrapping paper --- maybe with scripted words on it --- and then mod podge applied for protection and sheen.

I look forward to seeing what you do.

Karen said...

I really like it ~ and I can't wait to see what you do with it!!

Sue said...

I really like the trunk Becky, enjoy making it new again. I know you will do a fantastic job on restoring it, and that you will find the right place for it. Hurry and show me, as I have an old trunk in the barn that needs some work. Hugs,

peggy aplSEEDS said...

how wonderful, and only for $4! because you want to lighten your living room, i am thinking it would look great covered with vintage music sheets or vintage handwriting, and maybe with a label in front.

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