Friday, April 15, 2011

Eggstra! Eggstra!

I have finally gotten to the eggs I have been talking
about!  And with  glorious Easter right around the corner
it's none too soon!

Oh, I fiddled and played, and fumbled, and phooeyed,
and  eventually made a few that I am happy with! 

What do you think?

Mom's pics 00222

I covered one with vintage mother of pearl buttons and LOVE it!
It probably took the longest, but it makes me smile!

I would love to have a basket full of them!
I guess I could rally and make one a year,
and have a full basket by the time I’m
well, uh…75!!???  LOL!

Two have vintage lace with a bow and a vintage clip on earring.
Something a bit different and special!

And I covered two with French dictionary pages.
I really like the old world feel they have.

Mom's pics 2282

This one is a paper mache egg that I painted
white and scuffed to make it look like wood.

It took like 4 coats of paint to cover the paper!!
But I do like how it turned out!

The thing I like the most about eggs like this, is that
they look great year round, scattered about in
various vignettes, or piled in a basket together!!


I have had a wonderful response to my giveaway and
have met so many sweet new friends!!

Thank you!!!
  I will announce the winner on April 21!!

Have a fabulous day, and sprinkle some joy around, ok?




Pretty Ragged Threads said...

Becky, I just love your eggs. They are all so pretty. My favorite is the one with lace and the earring. Have a great weekend.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Becky,
Love everyone of those gorgeous eggs, so cute and
lovely. The vignettes are equally as gorgeous.
They would be great for white Wednesday!!
That is the one thing about making them, is you can keep them forever practially, maybe even pass them down to your children. Who Knows! but they sure are a treasure.
Hope all is well in your nest...........
Love ya, Nellie
Let's try to get together again next week, okay Chickie!! lol

Debbie said...

I love these eggs and I REALLY love your knack for display. Wish I had it!

SANDI said...

I Love your eggs. They turned out awesome. I seen ones done with buttons in the "Create and Decorate" magazine. I've been meaning to make some, but time got away from me. It will have to go on my to-do list, LoL.

Angela said...

Becky, Love all the eggs and the way you have displayed them. My favorite, hard to pick, but probably the one with the old vintage earring and lace, with the paper covered one in second place. I love the way you have the painted one displayed with the roses. Did you make the roses? I can not get the hang of making these. I have tried every pattern tutorial I can find and I don't like how mine turn out. Yours are beautiful. Have a blessed day.

saltbox treasures said...

Hi Becky, I love your eggs! Over the years I have decorated lots of eggs and used to give one to our mothers each year. I just got 2 dozen blue eggs from a friend and can't wait to decorate them. I hope you don't mind that I steal your idea with the buttons, they look so pretty and won't they look great on a blue egg? If I have time to do a post on them, I will give credit to you :) I look forward to reading more of your blog. I'm off to check out your giveaway!
~ Julie

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love decorating with eggs, too, Becky! I have some soap eggs that I keep in apothecary jars in my bathroom and I love to use them in vignettes throughout the house. I tried my hand at decoupaging some paper mache ones from Michaels and they turned out okay, but what a mess! I may just stick to buying them all ready for display.

C'est moi Claudette said...

WOW Becky, has your site changed. I LOVE it. So crisp, so soft, so pretty.
I've always kept in touch with Shelley on fb, but now I've closed my account, I miss her smiling comments. Do you see her often? How's Maddy?
Helping you with all these fab creations? I wish I was in Fla. again. Hard to believe it's been a year already.
Your giveaway is beautiful Becky. These eggs are beautiful too. You are so very creative.
Thanks for coming by to say hello. I'm loving blogger. No problems so far.
Who ever designed your blog has done a GREAT job. So so pretty.
Take care my friend and Happy Easter to you and yours.
Love Claudie

The Primitive Home said...

OMG girlfriend..those are SOO adorable!!! I LOVE the lace and jewels...they look like little garters...SO sweet! I have some wooden eggs around here...I think I'm going to play. :)
Have a WONDERFUL day!!
Big hug,

Patti said...

Becky, they are beyond beautiful!! And, amazingly, I am actually able to see your photos. Very few photos are showing up for me right now, and yours haven't been the last couple weeks. So, whatever you've done differently, I CAN see these gorgeous eggs.

I can't wait to see YOU!!! Less than 2 months and we can give each other a REAL hug, instead of a cyber one.

Love you,

LDH said...

Oh, Sweet, Becky, you create the prettiest things and display them perfectly! My eyes are always happy here! :)

Pat said...

Love the eggs, are very inspiring! May have to get busy around here. I have several of the things you used. Cute title for your post! ;o)

Faye said...

Love the eggs Becky! Something about eggs...I don't know what...but they are so cool! I plan to try painting a few of the plastic eggs if and when I find time to pick up the spray paint and hopefully I'll be blogging about them...if they turn out!

Fishtail Cottage said...

fabulous what you created! ooxx, tracie

Cora said...

All your eggs are so cute....I love the paper mache egg all scuffed up! I have an old egg basket (shows in my current blog header) that these would look great in!!

La Tea Dah said...

Becky --- I found my way and here you are! What a beautiful, beautiful blog! I've added 'this one' to my friend's list since the other one wasn't updating (no posts) and ended up at the bottom of the list. :O

Enjoy a wonderful week-end!

Debbie said...

Wonderful, Becky! you did a great job on the eggs. They are all so pretty. You sure know how to display your "stuff", kiddo. Your pics just keep getting better and better!
Enjoy your Saturday.

Kelly_Deal said...

Beautiful eggs! This is a great idea!

Elena said...

You did a great job Becky! I'm looking forward to dying some eggs with Mary this week:)

stefanie said...

oh, they are just beautiful...ok, maybe you should do two a year!

Teresa said...

Love your blog.. great ideals.. I'm your newest follower.. can't wait to see more of your wonderful creations.

no spring chicken said...

Not 10 minutes ago my daughter came in and asked me if 'tomorrow when we are finished with schoolwork can we poke holes in the ends of eggs and blow out all the insides then decoupage them'?
I don't have an old French dictionary but I do have a couple of old hymnals...

Blessings, Debbie

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Love these!

Tami said...

Cute, cute, cute!!

Simply Bungalow said...

Love the eggs. The button one is adorable!

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