Friday, April 1, 2011

Party Rescheduled!

Just a quick note to let those of you who are participating that
I have rescheduled the party for Monday!  Things have been a
bit too crazy around here and a couple of ladies may
need some more time!  Hope that's ok!!

If you didn't let me know that you are participating, please email me
{my email is one of the little bird icons to the right} to let me
know because I will be sending everyone an email tomorrow!!

Thanks!  Love ya bunches!!


Jeanne said...

Hooray, Monday is much better. Thank you so much. I have a plan that is time consuming. Now I won't have to knock myself out today.

My cousin and her hubs just left this morning and do I have things to do. We had a wonderful visit and laughed so much with the joys of family stories and memories of growing up.

Monday is a wonderful day for my birdies. A card is in the mail to you right now.
Love you, Jeanne

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Thank you--I too am needing more hours in my day about right now.

Looking forward to it.

Hope you have a good weekend :-)

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