Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Simple Pretty

I like to mix things up in my home decor.

I love chippy, rusty things, but I love
pretty and elegant, too.
I like farmhouse, a touch of cottage,
shabby, romantic prairie style,
but love some splashes of color
and some just good old vintage wares!

Here are some simple pretties that make
my heart go pitter patter!!

via Country Living

I might have done this cabinet a little differently
but still love the look.  I see it filled with all white,
and with different things on the top...not quite so rustic.
a little more elegant with a touch of frou frou!

This little jug is adorable with hydrangeas and gerbera daisies in it!
We had a red one like it when I was little!!  {smile}

And I love me some aqua mason jars! 
Lots of people on Etsy make these
soap dispensers now!  Just gives that sweet
country air,  farm fresh feel doesn't it?

Mmm...vintage chair and linens...divine!
The chair might need to be made a little chippy!

I love this idea of a runner made of vintage doilies!
I have to make one!!

And of course...ironstone...need I say more?
Wonderful timeworn, shabby...I will never
tire of this amazing classic!  I have begun
my own collection!  Me and hubby love it!

Hope you are having a great week!
Love ya bunches!

Go sprinkle some joy around ok?


Ms. Bake-it said...

Great images! I love the idea of using vintage doilies for a table runner. I have a lot of my grandmother's doilies that she made and I may try to make a runner out of them. I like the first image pretty much like it is but that is probably because I love blues and whites. Speaking of blues and whites, I love your new header. I really need to update my blog, but just have not had the time.

Have a great day!

~ Tracy

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Goodness, that ball jar soap dispenser is so cool! I need to figure out how to make one since I have all of the pieces to do that.

Wednesday blessings to you!

Cora said...

You and I have the same taste. I love the same things! Oh and I love the table runner too...such a great idea!

Elena said...

Those are all beautiful ideas. I like the idea of a doillie runner. I will have to try that too:)

Debbie said...

Good morning! Love all these things too, but especially the doilie runner and the soap dispenser...Hope all is well with you! HUGS

mariewarner95 said...

The cabinet would just fill my dreams for a kitchen for pure country living.

Sue said...

I am a mixer too, Becky, love the photos you shared today. The basket of linens and chair I really love. Hope you are having a great week too, I have been busy painting! Come help me!! lol.

tara said...

I like all kinds of different decor too. Love all those photos. Love that Ball jar too.

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Becky, thanks for the sweet comment! I just so love all of this!! it is my cup of tea:), BTW~ God Smiled on my son! Things turned out OK! PTL! Ain't God good!! :) Have a Blessed Thursday!

Tami said...

Ooooo....I LOVE the cabinet just the way it is, LOVE, LOVE, the blue pieces on it! OMGosh that runner is so adorable, cute idea!! Well really, you know I love all of it...hehe!!

Hugs~ T

Mandy @ Creekside Creations said...

Pretty all around!

I've been wanting to try one of those soap dispensers, but I can't bring myself to drill a hole in my wonderful zinc jar lids!!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Becky,
Love all the pretty pictures!! So fun!!
I adore that doily table runner, how cute is that!! Such a creative idea.... you definitely should make one or more of those.
That ball jar soap dispenser is cute cute cute, as well. Yea, I am with you about the cabinet, it needs at least a lil elegance and some fru fru!
I unwrapped my candle and put it back in the largest candleholder and put it on my serving cart where I walk by all the time, and the aroma is delightful, and I put the small ones on the table with my over 2 wk. old carnation, can't believe those babies are still doing so well.
Wished I had thought and used them when Scott and Megan came for dinner the other night, cause they looked great with the clear vase and carnations but at least it is where they are residing as of now!!
and discovered the lavendar in my envelope.....
and thought I need to do something with this, and guess what?? I had made a spritzer of lavendar to spray my linens so I put it in there, it was great!!
Thanks so much for the visit, sweet card and for the lovely candleholders, you sure know what I like!! lol and the lovely presentation you make with your gifts is always so special!

Am trying to send you some visitors today in my Thankful Thursday post, so hope you get a bunch.
Hope you will have a wonderful day hon.
Love ya, Nellie

Debbie said...

Hi Becky! your header is wonderful!!
While in Florida I was going to look you up...but guess where I left the info???!!!! on my diningroom table...duh! LOVED your state!
Didn't bring my computer, so I couldn't communicate with you.
The photos you shared are awesome! That primitive cupboard filled with dishes is sooo cool!
Enjoy your day, sweetie.

time worn interiors said...

Oh! That last picture of all the ironstone butter pats is my kitchen! I just sold about 200 pieces of ironstone at the last show! but not my butter pats!

Sherry said...

These are all beautiful! Love the thermos as a vase with the gerber daisies. Too cute!

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