Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coming Soon!

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This will be Sam soon, holding her new little girl!
 If not before,
our new little grandy girl will
make her debut on
Thursday May 27th at noon!

Sam is doing well with changing
gears from a natural home birth
to a cesarean in a large Orlando hospital!
I am one proud Mama!!

Please pray for all of the details!!

I probably won't be back until the weekend,
but will post updates on Facebook!

Click on the birdy icon for FB in my sidebar!!

Thank you for all of your encouragement,
support and prayers!
Joy and Hugs,


Jeanne said...

My prayers are with Sam for sure. I know the 27th will be a wonderful day for all of your darling family. A new blessing Becky. I am so happy for all of you.

We leave tomorrow for Maine. We will arrive on Friday the same day Sam has her baby. Hopefully we will have service so I can get the news.
Love and hugs with sincere good wishes for everything to go well.

Kar said...

I can't wait to hear about your great news. Everything will be great and joyous as your new grandy arrives. I'm very happy for all of you. Take care dear. I'll be waiting for wonderful pics from you.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Becky, I'm late visiting from my post last week (still recuperating from an old injury which has kicked up again), but despite my tardiness, I still wanted to thank you for your sweet comments. I appreciate them and you more than you know.

Please know I've been thinking about you A LOT and hoping all is well. Do you know the 27th is Mr. Magpie's birthday and his sister's??? Yes, it is. A very good day indeed.

Tell you what, I'll pray for you, and you pray for me.

Love you soooooooooo much...



Kasia said...

I cant wait for the full story when you get back! I wish your daughter a best delivery. Prayers are with you both!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

So exciting, Becky! I remember jumping every time the phone rang that last week. My daughter was going to go the hypnobirthing route and I would have been with them. She wound up having to have a C-section, but I was just happy our little Evalyse arrived and safely!

Jane said...

Looking forward to hearing the news on Friday! I will be praying for Sam and the little one (and you, too!).

Debbie said...

This is so exciting! Maybe she'll come early and be born on my sweet husband's 50th Birthday.

I will join you in lifting her and all those who surround her for a perfectly successful and glitchless delivery.

What a happy time in your home!

Mandy @ Creekside Creations said...

How exciting! Glad everyone adjusted well to to a different plan!

Praying for you all!

saltbox treasures said...

Hi Becky, Praying all goes well with the delivery of your new granddaughter! Girls are so much fun!
Have a great week with your family and new baby.
~ Julie

Brambleberry Cottage said...

I know you must be very excited about becoming "Nana" again, Becky! I had the privilege of being with my daughter and her husband through the entire process. It was just hard for me to watch my "baby" in so much pain delivering her baby. But we ALL came through it happy and healthy! ;)

We'll be looking for the news in several days!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Elena said...

How exciting! I pray all goes well.

Cora said...

Well today is Thursday but its not the 27th...anyway I hope for the best with prayers for all!! So excited for you! Hope to see some pictures soon!!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Sam and the baby are in my prayers. I know how excited you must be. I cannot wait to see pictures of your newest grandbaby.


Clare said...

Thinking of you all xx

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Sweetest Becky....

Thank you SOOOOO much for posting Maddy's information on your sidebar. We thought they may have found her on Friday, but it was a false alarm. Still no tips or other information coming in. Her parents were on the local news a few nights ago.... It's so sad.

I'm anxious to see photos of your new little grand-girl. How exciting. I'm so thrilled for you.

Big hugs to you!

Debbie said...

Hi did it go?
I can't wait to see pics of your little girl! Congratulations Gramma!
Hugs to you.

LisaShaw said...

Praise the LORD!

Praying still for Momma and baby girl. Excited for the entire family and the precious life that GOD is bringing forth to bless your family and His kingdom!

Love you. said...


Congrats on the birth of your grandchild! Can't wait to read all about her! Sending best wishes to all of you.

Your Friend,

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