Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Need A Little Therapy?

How about some fabulous French and English Lavender aroma therapy??
Mmm...the amazing aroma is filling my home...wish there was smell-o-vision!

I am finally able to introduce some of my new line of fragrant lavender sachets!!!

They are filled with a high quality blend of French and English
lavender that is sure to delight your senses, and soothe your soul!

These are now available for purchase in my Junk to Joy Shop!

I will be adding some more homespun linen and grainsack sachets
and pillows for a charming, rustic, French country feel soon!

Hope you'll go check them out!

Have a great day and be
a nuisance to the devil!!



Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Well, you'd think I could smell it the way I'm sitting here going "Mmmmm", but I think that is over how beautiful these look. You did a great job on these, Becky!

Higgenbottom said...

oooh! Sounds wonderful! My apartment unfortunately smells like my downstairs neighbor's curry.

ps, thank you so much for the sweetest comment/compliment ever!

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweetie, I can't believe how long it's been since we talked. Praying the Lord is blessing your socks off Beck. You are so talented and special-I know He just delights in you.
Love you girl.

time worn interiors said...

Lavender is my favorite scent! I can never get enough of it!

Karen said...

They are beautiful...and I bet they smell heavenly! I have a couple of lavender plants in my yard, and they seem to be doing better than ever this year. I can't wait until they bloom!

The Primitive Home said...

Hi darlin! These are just TOOO cute!! I'm so happy you love your glasses. I bet they look fab!
I'm sure these will sell like mad...they are so adorable!
Much love,
Paula :)

Shellbelle said...

I tried the "scratch and sniff" method on my computer screen and I swear, it worked! Maybe it's because I still have the memory of how wonderful they smelled at Sheila's!

I love the mosaic you did, so I added that pic to the post I did yesterday. It really shows how gorgeous your goodies are!!!


Elena said...

Your lavendar sachets are lovely!!

Debbie said...

Oh Becky...these are beautiful! I love lavender!
Thank you for commenting on my shop post. You are such an encouragement to me.
Have a nice evening.

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