Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sunny Day Freshness!

It's a lovely Thursday morning here in sunny
central Florida!  We may have a tropical
storm coming this weekend...
which we could use since
we are in a bit of a drought,

I love being at my workbench on a rainy day!
And that is where all my time is going right now!

Just wanted to share a light and bright
favorite summer breakfast of mine...

Yummy Ezekial Bread toast with organic
natural peanut butter, fresh
sliced Georgia peaches, and
a cuppa organic decaf coffee
a little sweet and blond!!

When you toast Ezekial bread, it gets a little crunchy
and it stays crunchy.  I am not a fan of mushy toast!!
It's also full of flavor and goodness!!

{with a grainy texture added}

And of course...

everything tastes better when it is
served on vintage white ironstone!!
Love my little Homer Laughlin cups
and ironstone platters!!

A fresh way to start the day,
and get my creative juices flowing!

Hope your day is fabulous!!

Back tomorrow with
some sneak peeks at my
Prelude to Fall Collection!

Can't wait to show you!!!

Big Hugs,


NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Love your breakfast and love Ezekial bread-just can't have it anymore. You are so diligent with your food Becky, I pray you are noticing a difference. Can't wait to see your new items tomorrow. I get to go to the doctor tomorrow for a check-up and it should be interesting. My blood pressure has been up, go figure.
Love you bff.

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

It looks like a perfect breakfast! Enjoy your day!


Ms. Bake-it said...

Switch the coffee to tea and it would be my kind of breakfast! Cannot wait to see the sneak peek tomorrow! I hope you are doing well.


Diana Ferguson said...

Great breakfast!

Christine Krauss said...

I'm coming over Becky! Put the kettle on! lol Just loved seeing your brekkie:0) Sweet simple perfection and lovely as well! A perfect start to my day! Thanks! xxx

The White Bench said...

Dear Becky,
you were so sweet! Thank you for your kindness and nice words. They made me feel good (and I REALLY needed that today!).
What a yummy, healthy breakfast! And I agree completely- everything tastes better in vintage white ironstone (or pretty china).
Big hugs, be safe.
Monica xo

Jane said...

Lovely breakfast...I have never tried Ezekiel bread. I'll check it out...And you are right...everything tastes better on special dishes. For's the ORANGE plate and huge mug...filled with great coffee and milk. (I don't care if it's reg or decaf...I LOVE the flavor of good coffee.

Can't wait to see what you have been working on...

ps I'm working on Christmas crabbies...

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Love your breakfast! Becky do you know Karen (Sue Bee Blog) and her friend Kathy, nice, nice, ladies? They have a booth at Art Angels. I am trying to get together with them for lunch next week, would you like to join us? I could not find your email address here. If you would like to join us go to my blog and in the upper left hand corner is my email connect.


723.home.plain & simple said...

That sounds yummy!Where do you find the bread? Whole Foods? Wish us luck on the rain...headed to Sanibel Saturday morning with the kids for eight days....maybe it could just rain at night?haha!

Cora said...

Yumo! Looks so good...I have never had Ezekial bread....Where do you get it? I would love to try it! And you know me...I love anything vintage!
I hope all of you fair OK from the tropical
storm and only get the rain you need. Prayers for you and Holly! ;) *wink wink*
Stay safe! Come by for a visit...I've got a give away!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Lovely breakfast...and so pretty arranged, who wouldn't enjoy!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Miss Becky,
O that looks mighty good, I do love me some peaches too. I eat them all the time.
I have never had Ezekiel bread, although, I have heard of it many times. One of these days I gotta try it. I am a crunchy food lover, so I would probably love that toast. What is it made of??

Can't wait to see all your new wares, I know they will be fabulous...........

Love ya, Nellie
Thanks for calling yesterday, cause I would have missed you otherwise................

Debbie said...

The breakfast looks perfect to me! Yum! Looking forward to seeing your new items...thank you soo much for your prayers! HUGS, Debbie

Amy Kinser said...

And, I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us. I still totally love my lavendar that I got from your etsy shop. I will be checking in tomorrow with great anticipation!

Your breakfast looks yummy and healthy. Stay inspired, my friend.

Blessings to you. Amy

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

looks delicious!

Lynn Richards said...

mmmmmmm!! Don't you just adore fresh summer fruit?? And Ezekiel bread is the best. My eldest just tried some of their cereal with sliced up strawberries.

Elena said...

That looks like a yummy breakfast! We have been having alot of peaches, sliced, or chunks in our cereal or in smoothies. We got about 1 dozen beautiful peached at Costco on Saturday and they have been so delicious!

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