Friday, October 21, 2011

Stealin' Away

What a wonderful Friday!

I am definitely getting my fall on!!

And today it started with, of all things,


 I have barely gotten to the beach since spring, 
and for this beach bum, that is just WRONG, I tell ya!!
So... since I could go beach it for awhile,
hit Hob Lob on the way back...I DID just that!!

As you can see, there isn't a soul in the water.
And the life guard is wearing a hoodie!

That is because it was in the upper 60's
{yes we Floridians are thin blooded!}
and the water was about 74 degrees. you can also see...
it was an absolutely GORGEOUS day at South Daytona Beach!

I looovvee the color of the water!!

And of course, the adorable shore birds!!  

 I do not know this family, but simply couldn't
resist snapping this charming pic of them walking 
to the water!!

Doesn't it just thrill you to think that when God
made the world...
He made it for us to enjoy!!!???

He was thinking of you and me all the while,
and I am always refreshed and filled
with awe and wonder when I am surrounded 
with His incredible creation!!!

The sand was so glitter had been sprinkled all over!!

Have a fabulous weekend, and splash some joy around!



Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

It looks like it was a beautiful day there! It's so funny that it was empty. That's a cute picture of the Dad and his kids.
Have a great weekend.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Becky,

Your beach photographs are beautiful, love the colour of the water and sky and the sparkly sand.
Don't you always come away from the beach refreshed and happy.

Enjoy the weekend

sandra said...

So beautiful! Have a sunny kind of weekend :)) !!!!

Donna said...

I too adore the beach, Becky! I had to chuckle at your mention of "chilly" temps in the upper 60's, though! I could spend hours on the beach, searching for shells!!!

Jane said...

I can hear the waves crash upon the sand...and the sound of the wind...and birds. Your photographs are gorgeous!!! Like you, I have not been to the beach in weeks....since we returned from St A. That's so wrong. As you said, God gave us this beautiful gift to enjoy. Maybe I'll get there this weekend...

Elena said...

What a lovely day at the beach! That is so great you are close. We want to take Mary to the beach one of these days. Maybe next spring or summer when it warms up:)

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Beck,
Didn't know you still were posting on this blog too. The beach looks so wonderful........course,
wouldn't be this morning as it is pretty chilly out. Loving the feel of Fall in the air tho, so
Well, we did get 1 coat of sealer on the porch, so happy about that. Poor Jimmy has a bad cold and is feeling terrible, or at least he was last night, am hoping he will be feeling much better after a good long night of rest, he is still sleeping and it is 10:00, course, he always sleeps in on Saturday.

Got 4 folding chairs from Wendy yesterday too,
and got my hair done, and the cakes and food ordered........ finally!! Only took me 3-4 attempts on each one. So things are clicking

Hope you have a good weekend hon,
Love ya, Nellie

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh..........and when this is all over, we need
to have our own personal lil party together!!
No agenda, just a lazy, fun, chatty day.........

Love ya, Nellie

Debbie said...

Good morning Becky! Oh, how gorgeous are those pictures...soo beautiful there yesterday. You may have inspired me to hit the beach one more time too before winter sets in. Have a wonderful week-end! HUGS

BECKY said...

Hello Becky, from another Becky! (What a wonderful name!) Your blog is so lovely. I love shabby chic/vintage decor and items! Have a beautiful, blissful weekend!

Avery Hill said...

Its the upper 40s here in New York...

Daytona is one of my favorite places to vacation!
Love the photographs! :)


Trisha said...

So beautiful. Glad you got to go. Blessings.

My Sparrows Nest said...

thanks for sharing your faith. We have a great God! It is amazing to think of how much He loves us!

Alice said...

i've missed your beach shots, becky! glad to see you were able to get back out there :) just beautiful!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Becky, it seems I never get to the beach unless I have out of town company and I so enjoy going....Yep I think I will just go!


Becky Shander said...

It's wonderful to be surrounded by so many blessings, especially at the beach. So much to be thankful for...keep enjoying.

Nana's Nuggets said...

HI! Becky, so pretty~ I wish I had a beach to stroll on!! the closest beach for me is about 5 hrs., away~:( so will just have to go there in my mind!! LOL~ and your little gift tags are so adorable! in fact all of your things are beautiful:) Hope you have a delightful week!

Katherines Corner said...

Becky these photos are lovely. What a wonderful way to spend your day.Sending hugs and wishes for a beautiful day ahead xo

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Lucky you to go to the beach! I love how the sand sparkled in the sun. Hope you are enjoying your blessings today.


Kasia said...

I wish we had a proper beach! -.- LOL But I love yours, and its so nice this time of year! :)


Lynn Richards said...

NOTHING better than the beach during fall. Although, our water temps have been ridiculously low the last 2 years. Not getting above the mid-sixties. YIKES!!
Have a wonderful week, my friend.

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