Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Holidays~~Keeping It Real!!

This past weekend we made our annual family
 trip to Santa's Christmas Tree Forest!
It is always fun and this year was no exception! 
 We had everyone in tow, boyfriend, 
fiance, cousin, and our crew!

If you live in central Florida and have young
children or grand children in your family
you definitely need to check it out!
We have been going for years and years, 
and it is some of the best holiday family fun to be had!!

You can cut your own tree, {or buy a cut northern tree}
 there's a petting zoo, horse and pony
rides, a zip line, a maze, a bounce pad, wreath shop, wonderful
concession, hay ride, reindeer ride for toddlers, bonfire for roasting
marshmallows and cooking hot dogs, gift shop...just too much fun!

Here are our four delightful daughters...
They all still really look forward to the tree farm each year!!

{where have the years gone?}

 And this photo includes our niece, and our two grandies.


Well, my friends, 
I came to a place last week where I had a decision to make.

I was going to do a Creating Christmas series, and share all kinds of fun
and inexpensive ideas with you for your home decor and gifts.

Well, God put it on my heart to spend my time 
Creating Christmas
for our family! 
So that is what I'm going to do!

Some big changes are coming with a wedding in April, and a soon coming
announcement of another wedding in the fall, so I feel the need to take the time
to make our holidays extra special, and memorable.  

You know, 
These are the good ol' days!!
and I don't want to miss a thing!!
{Stephen Tyler is now singing in my head}

So, to keep it real, and keep my priorities in place,
I won't be doing my Creating Christmas series,
and I will be on vacation from Junk to Joy Shop
beginning this Sunday  
until the second week of January.

When Junk to Joy Shop reopens, SPRING will be making
it's way into the shop, and the shop will have a fresh
look and some other changes!!

My blog posts will be few and far between as well, though
I will visit and stalk when possible  {smile}

I am praying that the love of Christ will permeate your heart,
home and holidays this year, and that He will stir you up in your love
for Him and for one another!!

Blessings, hugs and joy to you!!


LDH said...

Four precious daughters, just like us. :) They are beautiful. Happy about the up-coming wedding you have. I know your 'Keeping it Real' Christmas season will be a very special one.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

your heart is in the right place. merry Xmas to you and your lovely family!

Donna said...

I'm so happy to hear you say this! It gives everyone pause to take care of what is really important this time of year, family, being together.

I love the lights, and trees, and cards, and all that go with this, but my favorite thing is being with family, especially for you this year, and remembering the reason for the season. For me and mine is it time to remember the sacrifice our Father made, our Christ Child born this time of year.

I'll remember you and my family in my prayers as you celebrate this special year!

Blessings and see you after the new year!

May you have a very merry Christmas!

Kasia said...

The girls are dolls my dear! :)
Well, Im with you on taking time with family so Ill see you around then! :) Hope youre going to have a most wonderful christmas and I cant wait to see what you come up with when we see you next! :)


Jane said...

What a beautiful family! Your heart is definitely in the right place. Christmas is the time to spend with our loved ones. Yes, we love our blogging friends, but FAMILY is where it's at...
Enjoy this time...love your girls...and your wonderful husband. Most of all...keep your focus on the important things of the season.
(I will do my best to do this, too!)
Merry Christmas!
Lots of love your way...

Amy Kinser said...

Your girls are all beautiful!

You know I am wondering who on earth I am going to buy my "pretties" from, right? I totally understand the needed vacation, but I really am going to miss you and your shop. Let me know when you are coming back, okay?

Keep chatting with me when you can and keep me posted on wedding plans.

God bless you, sweet and special friend.

Susan @ homeroad.net said...

Have a good Holiday Becky!
I too have 4 daughters and one with a wedding in April!
I wish us both a great wedding!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love the pictures! I understand completely about taking the time to make Christmas special with your family and not be so crazed here in blogworld. I think a lot of people are trying to slow down. I have tremendously these past few months and life is so much better. Looking forward to my Olivia coming home in 1 1/2 weeks. She'll be home till just after her birthday in January. Please have a wonderful Christmas Becky!!!!

Kar said...

The girls are absolutely gorgeous! Have a most wonderful Christmas with your family. Enjoy them and don't even worry about the blog. Family is first. We will be here when you get back. ;)


Jess said...

Oh my, these photos are so beautiful! You are indeed blessed with an ever increasing bouquet of Beauties!

So glad you are investing in your family and not trying to do it all.
Looks like we will have our first Christmas via Skype. {sigh}
I sure hope it's the last.

Blessings to you and yours...
Christmas Peace, Jess

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Miss Becky, lol
What a great pic of all your beauties. very cute!
You are certainly doing the right thing........the new year will afford many opportunities for blogging.....
Enjoy and savor every sweet moment,
it all goes by so quickly..........
Love ya sweet friend,
P.S. Maybe we can get some time together next week, I hope. Finished my christmas shopping today. yea! Tomorrow is finish the decorating and pack it away day! lol Then maybe Friday night we will put up the outside lights.
Take care of yourself girly.....

faith hope love ღ said...

nice post thanks for sharing..happy holidays...

Jeanne said...

Oh Becky, Your daughters, niece and grandies are all so beautiful. I can see you in in this pretty daughters. I adore the photos you shared.

We used to cut our tree at a tree farm but now we have a pre-lit tree and I truly love our forever tree. I admit I miss the wonderful smells of a real tree though.

I have not visited as much as I would like because this has been a year of being out of town and having company nonstop. We have had a wonderful year but it is good to be home with no plans except to enjoy out NC winter. It is snowing as I write this comment. I have missed you and I was so pleased to see your comment tonight. There have been days that I haven't even had time to check my Email.

I know how important your family is to you completely. Enjoy some time off my dear friend and don't miss the wonders of your darling family, especially the upcoming weddings. these are special times in your lives and you need to not miss a thing. I am happy for your good times ahead.

I do love you dearly and this comment sends you my love and blessings.

sandra said...

Bless you and your sweet family!!! have a wonderful Christmas and I wish you HUGE BLESSINGS in the New Year. Can't wait for Spring...my favorite time of year :))

she dreams big! said...

I'm going to wish you a Merry Christmas now since you are taking a break! Enjoy the holidays!

Did you get the package I sent you?

~~ Connie

Elena said...

Congratulations on the upcoming weddings! How wonderful to have a vacation and break:) Have a blessed Christmas season!

Lynn Richards said...

Good for you Becky. Your girls are so sweet. I hope your time is full of many, many blessings!!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Becky,

Your daughters and grandies are all so beautiful and you must be very proud of your family.
Sounds like you have a busy time ahead with the wedding.
Enjoy the special time with your dear family as Christmas approaches.


Christine Krauss said...

What a beautiful family Becky! Reminds me of Little Women :0) I hope you all share a bounty of Blessings this Christmas season and straight on into the New Year! Lovely post, as always... Love and hugs, Christine

saltbox treasures said...

Hi Becky, your daughters are beautiful! Enjoy Christmas with your family! You have your priorities right. I haven't been blogging or visiting as much because of our family priorities :).
Merry, Merry Christmas to you!!
~ Julie

peggy aplSEEDS said...

an excellent idea! a blessed Christmas!

Debbie said...

Good morning Becky! What a great picture of your gorgeous girls! How I would have loved all those daughters. And right there by you too. Doesn't get much better. You are entering such a fun season in your life. ENJOY every moment girl. I have changed things up this year too, and so far so good. Much better keeping it simple. Love to you! Deb

Liesa said...

Love the pictures! Beautiful daughters, just like their mother! I will miss you, but, I think you made a wise decision. Keep in touch through email or facebook. I think of you so often, even though, I don't take the time to tell you.
Much love to you. Merry Christmas!


Angel said...

…....... /)
……... ( , )
……..|░░░|☆ merry _(♥)_
…¨˜“გª¤.¸::¸.¤ª☆“˜¨¨happy new year.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh such a beautiful family!! I totally agree that your priorities are where they should be ~ These are precious times that will never be replaced ~

Monica said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, Becky!
Monica xo

Katherines Corner said...

Merry Christmas my friend.I hope your holiday is as sweet as you are xo

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Precious Becky... Ahhh.... what gorgeous girls! And, how wonderful that you have your priorities planted perfectly. That's what it's really all about, isn't it?

I just couldn't let Christmas go by without popping by with Christmas wishes....



723.home.plain & simple said...

I too have four daughters {and two sons} and know that your heart is in the right place! You are so very blessed...enjoy your time with them all!

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