Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beautiful Day and a Sneak Peek!!

It is a beautiful morning here in sunny central Florida!

I hope it is the same in your neck of the woods!!

I am praying for all of those who have lost loved ones or
their homes
in the terrible severe weather that has gripped
the mid and
eastern states.

That same storm system will arrive here overnight, but
hopefully it will diminish in severity first.

I walked out my front door to this incredible sight two
nights ago~~~


I have never seen the sky look quite this amazing!!

This is a completely unedited or enhanced photo! 

I thought that Jesus might be coming back!!

But, alas, we’re still here, so He didn’t!


But this is sure some of His most fancy artwork, huh?

And here is some more~~~


I picked this lovely magnolia blossom when it was still closed,
left the house for a couple of hours, and came back to
this wonderful sight!!

Not only had it opened and released it’s delightful
fragrance, it had also dropped all of it’s seeds on
one of the lower petals.  Aren’t they cool?
A pretty buttery yellow with fuchsia tips!!

Ahhh, the little joys in life, created by such
a loving heavenly Father!

So enchanting to behold, and so  awe inspiring!

And finally, a little sneak peek at some of my new line of  lavender
sachets, which will begin hitting the shop tonight!!
Something to suit everyone’s tastes, and lovely
Mother’s Day, wedding, or shower gifts!!


Have a fabulous day and look for those awe-inspiring joys
that surround you, ok!!



Monday, April 25, 2011

Counting the Days!!

Hope your Easter weekend was fabulous!  Ours was!

We got to spend it with Sam and her little family, and
had a great time!!

(Don’t you love Little Miss Sassy Pants??!!)

As you can see, the family is about to get a little bigger.

AND guess what???

Sam is planning on giving birth to her new baby girl…


I had four cesareans so this is definitely all new to me!!

But I am soooo very excited!!

Her midwife came here today for a home visit, and  she is
absolutely delightful!

She has successfully delivered over 800 babies, and I am thrilled
that she will be delivering our new little grandy!!

We have a wonderful oversized tub that the midwife says will
be perfect, and have a nice sized master bedroom should Sam decide
against the water. 

If any of you have participated in a home birth, I would love to hear
about your positive experience!!!  Click on the birdy in my sidebar for
my email, and write me and tell me about it, ok???

And of course, I covet your prayers for all of the details!!

Not the least of which will be Nana and Grampa’s nerves!!!

I sure know what to say!!!  I’ve seen in it a dozen movies!

I’ll go boil some water and bring some sheets and towels!!”

Have a joyful week and know how much you bless me!!
Big Hugs,


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hope Rises

One of my all time favorite Easter Songs is

“Then Came the Morning”.


The lyrics are so compelling as they tell of the greatest

event in the history of mankind…

the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

No other “god” has ever come alive again…never…only one…

Jesus Christ.

With His resurrection, He brought to the world the hope of

a life apart from sin and shame, of being made into His likeness,

and finally, of the joy of eternity in His presence.


Here are the lyrics to this wonderful song written by Bill Gaither. 
I couldn’t find a video that was short enough to post!

They all walked away, with nothing to say,
They'd just lost their dearest friend.
All that He said, now He was dead,
So this was the way it would end.

The dreams they had dreamed were not what they'd seemed,
Now that He was dead and gone.
The garden, the jail, the hammer, the nail,
How could a night be so long.

Then came the morning, night turned into day;
The stone was rolled away, hope rose with the dawn.
Then came the morning, shadows vanished before the sun,
Death had lost and life had won, for morning had come.

The angel, the star, the kings from afar,
The wedding, the water, the wine.
Now it was done, they'd taken her son,
Wasted before his time.

She knew it was true, she'd watched him die too,
She'd heard them call Him just a man,
But deep in her heart, she knew from the start,
Somehow her Son would live again.

Then came the morning, night turned into day;
The stone was rolled away, hope rose with the dawn.
Then came the morning, shadows vanished before the sun,
Death had lost and life had won, for morning had come.
Then came the morning, shadows vanished before the sun,
Death had lost and life had won, for morning had come.
Morning had come.

May this Easter be particularly special and meaningful
to you as you focus on the power of the resurrected Christ,
and His love for the world,


Happy Easter,
With Love,


Drum Roll Please….

Thank you to all who entered my giveaway!

Picnik collagespring

This was a blast, and I will have one again in
a few months!!

and the winning number as chosen by Random Number Generator is


And that entry number belongs to….



Sam has her first house, and is all about decorating it in
thriftin’,  junkin’,
style!!!  WOOHOO!!!

Hope you’ll go give her a visit and
congratulate her on her win!! {click on blog name above}

Email me your address, Sam, and I will get your
box of goodies on it’s way to you!!
May email addy is on one of the birds at the top
of my sidebar!!


Have a glorious day!!!



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Patriot and Hero!

I have a dear bloggy friend that I recently had the extreme
pleasure of meeting in person! 

Her name is Tami and her blog is A Girl’s Gotta Nest.

We had the best time, just like we have always
been friends!  What a HUGE blessing she is!

Her patriot husband will be deployed soon, to another
country…and this is not his first time.

 054 - Copy

Please join me in prayer for him and for all of our troops, who are
sacrificing in behalf of their country. 

Thank you, E. for your dedication, and commitment to serve
even at a cost to you and yours.  May God protect you, and preserve
you until He brings you back safely to your also very brave,
committed bride!

If you have a young man in your life, I hope you’ll encourage him to make
one of these soldiers his role model, and not some pop or sports star!
We could all learn something from these amazing troops of ours!

Please visit Tami and thank her for her sacrifice, too!
A Girls Gotta Nest

003 - Copy - Copy

Love you Tam!!
So proud of you both!!

Thank You and Last Call!!!!


Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful week!

Things here are great!!

Today is the last day to enter my Spring Delights Giveaway!

I just want to say a big thank you to all of my new followers

for making this giveaway so much fun and so special for me!!


I can’t wait to announce the winner and get this box

of goodies on it’s way!!

A big thank you, also, to all of my decorator friends out
there who gave me such great ideas for my rusty trunk!!

I love the idea of an ottoman, but the trunk is just a little
too high for that! Thanks Kathy!  I would definitely have
done that, and would never have thought of it!

All of the ideas were fabulous!  And I am going to
incorporate a few of them!!  Too much fun!!

I should have it done within the next couple of weekends!!


I took a lovely bike ride this morning, and it is truly a glorious
spring morning here in sunny central Florida!!

Hoping that you are enjoying your morning too!

I will announce the giveaway winner before noon tomorrow!!



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Design Advice Needed!!

Calling all you fab home stylists and decor whizzes!!

I found this little beauty for a song {like $4} and had to have it! 



 Oh she is totally rusty on the outside, and has a battered lid,

but once she caught my eye, that was it!!

Actually, I think she may have 2-3 coats of rust, but still functions

great and will be wonderful extra storage!  We can always use a

little more of that, right ladies??


I am looking to lighten and brighten my living room
with some whites and have thought about
sanding the rust, and whitewashing her.

What would you do?

I see her as a side table, possibly
covered with a  French grain sack runner.

I could also just sand her a little and leave as is,
for some rustic charm, and still use the runner.

Let loose and give me some of your great ideas!!!

When I am done with it, I will show you what I did,
and where I put it in my living room!  The green paint
is the current wall color.  Can’t change it now…
but will before year’s end!

Thanks a bunch!!






Monday, April 18, 2011

The Biggest Loser

Good morning! 

I hope your weekend was delightful, and
that this week will be full of
joyful blessings for you!

This is a wonderful new day filled with
hope and promise, and as Easter nears,
I am reflecting on God and

the JOY I have because of what His
Son did for me!

He gave His life
for me


He set me free…free from sin,
free from guilt and condemnation,
free from anything that might encumber me,
free to abide in Him,
and spend eternity in His presence.

The least I can do
is tell people about His great love,
about how He
sacrificed His life
so with Him, we can be free!


And you can be, too!!

I lost my life,
and along with it
everything I WOULDN’T want it to be!!

And in turn, I am
showered with the perfect love of God,
filled with JOY, and hope,
and given access to all the power
of the God who
makes the sun shine warmly on my face!!
WOW!!  Amazing Grace!!

Who wouldn’t want to be

May you know the depth of His love for you today!!



Friday, April 15, 2011

Eggstra! Eggstra!

I have finally gotten to the eggs I have been talking
about!  And with  glorious Easter right around the corner
it's none too soon!

Oh, I fiddled and played, and fumbled, and phooeyed,
and  eventually made a few that I am happy with! 

What do you think?

Mom's pics 00222

I covered one with vintage mother of pearl buttons and LOVE it!
It probably took the longest, but it makes me smile!

I would love to have a basket full of them!
I guess I could rally and make one a year,
and have a full basket by the time I’m
well, uh…75!!???  LOL!

Two have vintage lace with a bow and a vintage clip on earring.
Something a bit different and special!

And I covered two with French dictionary pages.
I really like the old world feel they have.

Mom's pics 2282

This one is a paper mache egg that I painted
white and scuffed to make it look like wood.

It took like 4 coats of paint to cover the paper!!
But I do like how it turned out!

The thing I like the most about eggs like this, is that
they look great year round, scattered about in
various vignettes, or piled in a basket together!!


I have had a wonderful response to my giveaway and
have met so many sweet new friends!!

Thank you!!!
  I will announce the winner on April 21!!

Have a fabulous day, and sprinkle some joy around, ok?



Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Delights GIVEAWAY!!!

YAY!!!  I am thrilled to announce my first
giveaway since I moved to my new
Junk to Joy Blog!

It is full of lovely

for one lucky winner!

Here is what the winner will receive:

A fabulous wire cloche from Love's Creation
that I have paired with a vintage lazy susan
and adorned with a bird's nest & pinecone flowers, 
and a sweet "NEST" hang tag.

A bundle of three 4"x4" delightful lavender sachets, handmade by
me with love!!!   The lavender has a fabulous scent, and
was bought from a fave Etsy shop,
Paula Jean's Garden!
It is a mix of English and French lavender and smells
better than any I've come across!!
A sweet bundle tied up with a vintage blouse button
placket trimmed in lace, and a vintage rhinestone button!

The two khaki ones are made of antique homespun
linen I bought from another of my fave Etsy shops...
The Primitive Home!
I hope you'll go check out Paula's store!

She is a dream to do business with!

The white one is made from vintage French linen
all the way from Campagne, France, which I bought
from yet another fave Etsy shop...
Penelope's Linen Loft!
Penny is also a sweetheart,
and gives great customer service!

The sweet vintage ironstone pedestal they are sitting
on is also included!

A chippy white bunny, named Brimbley,
who was thoughtfully procured from Home Goods,
and a fabulous chippy 12x12" vintage ceiling tile!

And finally, 5 lovely vintage French postcards, and
 a selection of vintage French dictionary pages with wonderful
illustrations!  Two of the postcards were mailed with
charming notes in English, and 3
remain unused.

Well there you have it! 
My first Junk to Joy giveaway!
You have up to 4 chances to win!


1 chance:  Become a follower of Junk to Joy
         2 chance:  Blog about the Spring Delights giveaway
with a link back to the giveaway post {found below}

post this giveaway button in your sidebar
with this permalink:
3 chance:  Become a friend on Junk to Joy's Facebook
4 chance:  Visit my Etsy shop and tell me your favorite item!

{I am so sorry to any other international friends out there,
only U.S. and Canada entries qualify}

I LOVE hosting giveaways,
and can't wait to see who wins!

The giveaway ends April 20th
and the winner will be
announced on April 21st!!

Let the FUN begin!
Have a joyful week!!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Girl?? And An ALERT!

It is so hard to believe that in about 4-6 weeks, this little
girl, will become a big...


Yep, we found out that Sam's little baby is indeed a girl!

 For those of you who followed me on Holiday in the Sun,
can you believe that she will be 6 in July???
I sure can't!  These photos are all time faves of mine!
Here she was 4!

Randy thought we were all joking about finding
out that our new grandy will be a girl!

This man has been surrounded with 5 of us for uhh...EVER!,
and was soooo in hopes that this pregnancy of Sam's
would bless us with the first BOY in the family.

Well it wasn't to be!
At least not this time!

But of course we are celebrating!

For those of you who know...
There is nothing like


I will be posting my

this weekend!!

Trust me on this!
You want to be sure you do not miss out
on your chances to win!!

Have a Happee Thursday
and sprinkle your JOY around!!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Simple Pretty

I like to mix things up in my home decor.

I love chippy, rusty things, but I love
pretty and elegant, too.
I like farmhouse, a touch of cottage,
shabby, romantic prairie style,
but love some splashes of color
and some just good old vintage wares!

Here are some simple pretties that make
my heart go pitter patter!!

via Country Living

I might have done this cabinet a little differently
but still love the look.  I see it filled with all white,
and with different things on the top...not quite so rustic.
a little more elegant with a touch of frou frou!

This little jug is adorable with hydrangeas and gerbera daisies in it!
We had a red one like it when I was little!!  {smile}

And I love me some aqua mason jars! 
Lots of people on Etsy make these
soap dispensers now!  Just gives that sweet
country air,  farm fresh feel doesn't it?

Mmm...vintage chair and linens...divine!
The chair might need to be made a little chippy!

I love this idea of a runner made of vintage doilies!
I have to make one!!

And of course...ironstone...need I say more?
Wonderful timeworn, shabby...I will never
tire of this amazing classic!  I have begun
my own collection!  Me and hubby love it!

Hope you are having a great week!
Love ya bunches!

Go sprinkle some joy around ok?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Crowned Chirp Fun!!

Well it's here...
Our fun little birdy party!

My little birdies names are
Frenchy, Mimi, and Georgie!

Frenchy is the leader of the flock!
The other two just play along!

Well, here she is, up and flitting about
before Mimi and Georgie are even awake!

She knows that the early bird gets the worm,
or in this case the sweet, juicy, loquats!!
Not too many Frenchy!  You'll get a tummy ache!! 

She almost took a little spill off the fence into the
neighbors yard.  Yikes...close call!! {smile}

And here she is having some quiet time, pondering
the goodness of Him whose eyes
are on all the little chirps of the world!

It wasn't long before Mimi and Georgie were out
of the nest and in search of Frenchy!

Mimi is enjoying the beautiful morning and
the delightful pink impatiens!
  She must have startled my other
little friend, Brimbley Bunny!  Looks like he's
springing into action this morning!

{Brimbley is a special bunny! He'll
be becoming someone else's friend soon,
so stay tuned!!!  It's gonna be good!!}

Oh there you are Georgie!
Georgie can be a little sneak!
You never know where she will pop up!
She shares my love of hydrangeas!

And here's the whole gang!
Mimi thinks the water is just too cold,
but Georgie flew right in!
Leave it to Frenchy to be the dutiful look-out
for squirrels, and our four legged friends,
that can be quite scary!

Such a lovely morning to be amongst friends, isn't it?

Well, play time is over and all the little chirps are back
where they belong.  Nestled in and cozy...

Oh Frenchy!!!  Don't be a nest hog!!
That's not very becoming behavior young lady!

Some other little friends are glad to see the
girls are all back safe and sound!

So that's the party at our nest!
How are things at your nest???
{oh and keep an eye out...this wonderful
wire cloche and stand will soon be
someone else's too!!}

I hope you will go visit the other Little Chirps
who are joining in the party!

Just click on their blog name and you can
go see what their chirps are up to!!!

Nellie's Cozy Place
Heidi Pocketbook
Backyard Neighbor

If I missed your name, please leave a comment and
I will add it right away!

Have a joyful day, and remember
that someone needs your smile today!!
Love ya!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

White and Rust

Rusty, white, chippy...a few of my favorite words!!

Here are some new goodies in my shop!

This is a fabulous French wire fishing creel
or basket.  It is full of French history and
wonderful rustic charm!

These are some lovely little pitchers that are actually
measuring cups, with a grape motif.

Vintage Fire King custard cups or bowls!

A sweet vintage angel figurine made in Japan!

Hope you'll pop over to the shop and check them out!!

The crowned chirp party is tomorrow!!
Be sure to stop by and join the fun!


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