Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family Joy

Happy Tuesday!
I sure hope your weekend was fabulous!

Ours was filled with excitement as Sam
brought home precious little Hannah Elizabeth!
She is 22" long and weighs 8 lbs. 11 oz.

Everything was going well until last night,
when water was found in the closet in the room
they are staying in!  The AC drain was clogged and
it leaked into the closet and surrounding carpet.

We moved them, and started taking up the padding
and carpet {at 11:00 p.m.!!!...sooo not fun!} 
BUT it's good news for Maddy...
she will soon have wonderful new carpet to go with her
room makeover!  She is thrilled!
I'll show you all when we're finished!

And here is just a little food for thought!

Love ya!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coming Soon!

photo via

This will be Sam soon, holding her new little girl!
 If not before,
our new little grandy girl will
make her debut on
Thursday May 27th at noon!

Sam is doing well with changing
gears from a natural home birth
to a cesarean in a large Orlando hospital!
I am one proud Mama!!

Please pray for all of the details!!

I probably won't be back until the weekend,
but will post updates on Facebook!

Click on the birdy icon for FB in my sidebar!!

Thank you for all of your encouragement,
support and prayers!
Joy and Hugs,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

For Peat's Sake!!

A few weeks back I fell hard for the idea of decorating
little peat pots!

These little pots are rustic and full of texture...
two of my favorite things!


I finally purchased a pack, and the inspiration started to flow!

You are only limited by your imagination!

I love how these came out!!

They are sooo easy!

I used some acrylic paint and a foam brush
and applied it lightly with choppy strokes.

If you get a blob, you can use the side of the
foam brush to blend some of it in.

They aren't suppose to look perfect, but
almost kind of weathered and worn.

 You can use whatever you happen to have
in your stash to decorate them!

I made a few paper embellishments
and used burlap, vintage seam binding, silk sari ribbon,
vintage French dictionary shreds, tulle, lavender, a
little plant stake I decorated, moss, excelsior,
and a unique vintage collar to give
these a French inspired look.

Aren't these fun?

You can use them as favors at showers,
wedding receptions, as gift card holders, to
place a small gift in, tuck them into vignettes
around your home, and give them as gifts!

I won this FABULOUS sign from my talented friend Mandy
during her blog giveaway several weeks back, over at Creekside
Creations!  Isn't it awesome?  She creates wonderful signs of
all kinds and you can check them out here. 
Thanks Mandy!

I just love how cute these are and how easily they
can be incorporated into almost any area of any home!

I begged my friend Lynn over at Blue Skies to make this
lovely piece of birdy art for my little studio area!  And she so
sweetly obliged me.  I adore it, and it inspires me every
single day to strive for my dreams,
and to soar above the cares of this world!
Thank you Lynn!!!

The little chippy piece is a Victorian door stop.

I hope you have taken away a bit of inspiration,
and that you just have to go buy some of these little cuties!

These are the 3" pots, and I bought them at Lowe's.
I got 22 for just over $3!!!
You can't beat that!!

I have linked up to Brambleberry Cottage
Time Travel Thursday

Hope you'll go check out all of the other
vintage/vintage inspired fun!!

These little peat pots will be available
for purchase
in my Junk to Joy Shop Monday!!

Have a joyful Sunday!
Love ya bunches!

Giveaway Winner!

I used the random number generator to pick the winner,
and the winner of Junk to Joy Shop's 200th sale giveaway is.

My sweet friend, Jessica, from Jewels for the Journey
Although Jessica forgot to comment, she posted the giveaway link
in her sidebar, so I just assigned her the last number!  Guess it was
a lucky one, too!

This is just so cool, because she was the very first person
to make a purchase from my shop, and such a source of
encouragement in getting it open!  Thank you, Jess!

If you haven't met Jess, I hope you will go introduce yourself!
You can find her here!

Jess, please email me your new address so I can
get this box full of goodies on it's way to you!!

I have a great tutorial I will be posting
later today...unless my daughter's new little
one finally decides to make her debut!!!
Have a delightful day!

Hugs and Joy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Junk to Joy Shop 200th Sale GIVEAWAY!!

200 Sales!!!!

What a JOY!!

I am so happy to announce this giveaway!!

I dreamed for many years of
having my own shop...

This is truly a dream come true!
It is a great milestone, but I see
so much more in the future!

Thanks so much to each of you who
have had a part in 
Junk to Joy Shop's success so far!

And thanks be to God,
with Whom, all things
are possible!!

My joy is multiplied in sharing this with all of you special friends!!

This is a fun giveaway for me! 
A few items will be a secret
to everyone except the lucky winner!!!

The winner will receive:

*A fabulous French inspired white pitcher with a cute crown emblem
*2 delightful Vintage French Linen sachets
           handmade by me, with organic lavender
*An organic, aromatic, Sweetheart Tea -Tea Bag created
by Paula Jean's Garden
*A wonderful bar of natural handmade lavender soap
created by Paula Jean's Garden
{I love her products, can you tell??}
PLUS a couple of little delights that Paula is contributing,
and some fabulous handmade/vintage/Frenchy love from me!!

Just delish, huh???


They are sooo easy!

Post the top button in your sidebar, with
this link:

And leave a comment telling me you did!!

That's It!! 

Thank you so much for all of your
support, love and prayers!

Have a joyful Sunday!
I will announce the winner on May 21st!!


Friday, May 13, 2011


Blogger is back up and running!!!
I was beginning to wonder if they could
get it going again!!!

Just want to let you know that I will be posting




And, YES, the photo is a hint of
what is to come!!!


And, Guess What??!!

My sweet friend, Tracy, over at
Ms. Bake It
is also hosting a FAB giveaway!!

She is giving away
2-$40 Gift Coupons!!!
One is for our friend, Rhonda's Shop,

Shellbelle's Tiki Hut

{which is full of her extraordinary shell art}

the other is to...you've got it!!!

MY Junk to Joy Shop

Isn't she sooo generous??!!!

There will be two separate winners, so you have
a bunch of chances to win!!
SO...what are you waiting for???
Click on the button above and enter to win!!!



My delightful friend, Deborah,
over at
The Fairfield House

is hosting another
fabulous giveaway!!

It is a wonderful cottage giveaway
and includes a whopping total of
28 charming cottage goodies!!

Just click the photo or blog title
to go enter!!

I sure hope you will go check these out!
You will be blessed to meet these gals, too!!

It is a blast to win, and you have plenty of
chances between the 3 of us!!

Have a joyful weekend!!

See you back here tomorrow when
I post my giveaway!!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love the Look!

Happy Tuesday!!
How is your week going so far?

Mine is good, but a little hectic!
Thought I'd take a few moments and share
a little vintage lovin'!

I showed you a photo of a  vintage doily runner that 
I fell in love with a few weeks back.
Here are a few other ideas for using these
little timeless beauties, that I think are gorgeous!

The way they just cascade down the side of
this lamp shade... delightful!

I absolutely love this look!  Sewing a whole
bunch onto the bottom couple of feet of a curtain panel...
And they used really large ones
to make a throw rug, and of course, one on the pillow!
And then there is that wonderful chippy chair...

They look great around bowls, jars or bottles!
Love the lacy vintage look and how it contrasts
with the the more modern bowl and coral.

And here is the runner again!
I have been very carefully selecting and buying
some lovely antique doilies to make a runner
to list in the shop! 

When you are out thrifting and junkin'...
don't pass up the little treasures!

There are so many ways to incorporate them
into any style home decor!!

On Another Note...


The midwife checked Sam yesterday,
and said she thinks she has about 1 week to go!!
{This Momma thinks it might be a little sooner!}

If she held out until Monday...it will be my best
birthday present ever!!!

We covet your prayers for this extraordinary event
that, if all goes well, will take place in my garden tub!!
Too exciting!!


I just checked my shop and made my 200th sale!!

A BIG thank you to all who have supported JUNK TO JOY SHOP ,
and to my sweet friend, Faye, at Wild RoseVintage,
for being sale #200, and a fabulous return customer and friend!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I will post my giveaway in
the next couple of days,

so be on the lookout!!

Hugs n Joy!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Giveaway??


It's coming soon!
In honor of

hitting 200 sales in my


What J-O-Y!!!

What will I be giving away??


Here's a little hint...

Pretty, but not much help??

Here's another one...

Suffice it to say, this will be an aromatic giveaway,
with a little bit of vintage love mixed in!!

So stay tuned!  I am getting close and will
post it as soon as I hit 200!!



Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'm so thankful for the beauty in the hearts of each of you! 
Thank you for your encouraging thoughts
on my Mother's Day post.
They were balm to my spirit!
I am praying that you have a delightful
weekend, and that the Lord answers
the prayer that is closest to your heart!

{God could have made our surroundings industrial!
Aren't you glad He made them beautiful???}

Hugs and JOY,

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Little Blue

Every year at this time, for the last 7 years, I
become a bit melancholy.

My dear Mom left her earthly abode, and stepped
into the presence of God back then...

and I miss her...
like crazy.

Mother's Day just does that to me, plus April
is her birthday, and their anniversary.

Today during a time of quiet reflection,
I asked God to give her a hug for me,
and tell her how much I love and miss her.

And He did just that!

Wanna know how I know?
I know He did because He is...


If you still have your Mom with you, do these
couple of things, ok?
You'll be glad you did!

~~Be sure and get a current picture of you and your
Mom together whenever you can.
I didn't, and so wish I had.

~~And please, let your Mom know...even if she
hasn't been the best mom, that you appreciate her.

After all, you're reading this because she
spent part of her life {at least 9 months}
making sure you were nurtured and protected.

And don't you just adore these lovely
stamped utensils?  I found these little beauties on Etsy
and they are offered by
Beach House Living!

They would be wonderful little surprises for
your Mom!  A tad late, maybe, but we women
like to drag out our celebrations anyway,

I am torn between the "Spread Love" and the "Spread Joy"!

But one of them will be mine, today!!

I'm praying for all of you who are missing your Mom.
Love and hugs to you!

I purchased the "Spread Love" knife!!!
Just couldn't resist it!!
Love those little joys!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Need A Little Therapy?

How about some fabulous French and English Lavender aroma therapy??
Mmm...the amazing aroma is filling my home...wish there was smell-o-vision!

I am finally able to introduce some of my new line of fragrant lavender sachets!!!

They are filled with a high quality blend of French and English
lavender that is sure to delight your senses, and soothe your soul!

These are now available for purchase in my Junk to Joy Shop!

I will be adding some more homespun linen and grainsack sachets
and pillows for a charming, rustic, French country feel soon!

Hope you'll go check them out!

Have a great day and be
a nuisance to the devil!!


Monday, May 2, 2011

For the Love of Blogging

Happy Monday!!!

My heart is full this morning.  Full of love for
my God, and how He meets my needs so wonderfully!

It's full of joy, warmth, and friendship because of the
delightful ladies He has brought into my life through blogging.

I'm telling you, if you haven't met any of your blogging
friends yet, you are missing out on a huge blessing!!

I spent Saturday with the fabulous {and I mean FABULOUS}
Sheila, aka Mrs. Magpie, aka The Quintessential Magpie,
{love you Sheila}
and met for the first time, the sweet and talented
Jane of Artfully Graced, and
  Rhonda of Shellbelle's Tiki Hut.
Tracy, of Ms. Bake It was suppose to join in the fun,
but at the last minute had to fix a problem at work.
We sure missed you Tracy!
Hope to meet you soon!!

We went to the Fancy Flea in downtown Lakeland and had
loads of fun looking at all the goodies! 
Then we went to lunch at the historic Terrace Hotel Grill 
What a treat!! Beautiful, isn't it??  And the food is amazing!

And what a delight each lady is!!
Unfortunately, I left my camera at home,
so no other photos to be had!
{I know...bad blogger!}

I did find an excellent post on The Fancy Flea, by
no other than Kim at Dear Daisy Cottage!!
She is a local and got some great shots!
Sheila pointed out her cute cottage to us!
You can find that post by clicking HERE

A few weeks back, I had the joy of meeting
another fabulous blogger,
my friend Tami, from A Girl's Gotta Nest.
We thrifted, ate lunch, gabbed, laughed,
and began a lovely friendship!
 We also got to visit with Sheila for a little
while...more delight!!

SO...if you are within easy driving distance
of any of your blog friends, I encourage you to
meet for lunch somewhere!!


Love to all of you wonderful bloggy friends
and to all that I have met already!
Hope to meet a lot more of you one day!!

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