Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make It!!~~White Wednesday!

It's White Wednesday over at
Faded Charm!! 
Lots of lovelies to check out there!!
I'm joining in
and sharing a fun and easy toot!! 

It is time to get those hands busy,
making these adorable little


You can do it!!

Here we go!!

This is what you will need:

~~a 7 1/2-8" circle template, or something that will make a circle
     {I used kiddie plate that is 7.75" for a 3.25" pumpkin}
~~sewing needle
~~Fabric-I used white panne velvet {currently on sale at JoAnn}
~~color coordinated thread
~~poly fill
~~ball point pen
~~natural stick for stem about .25" thick, 2" long
~~Hot glue gun
~~embellisments {buttons, ribbon, twine, etc...}

~~Lay out your fabric right side down, with template, plate, etc... on top
~~Trace around/inside template

~~Cut out circle along tracing lines
~~Be accurate...no wonky circles!!

~~Cut a 25" length of thread
~~Insert thread in needle, double the thread and knot.
~~Approx .25" from outer edge, insert needle, and
bring back up .25 inches from where you inserted it.
~~Repeat all around circle, gently pulling stitches flat
until you are back at the knot.

~~Gently pull on the needle and begin to lightly gather the edge in.

~~Grab a little hand full of polyfill, and add or take
some away until it looks like the right amount
to fill the pumpkin.  Shape it a little into a puffy
kind of oval circle, and insert in fabric pouch.

 ~~Pull gently on thread again to gather again, leaving about a.25" opening
~~Insert stick, pull to gather around stick, and run your thread into the fabric
to tie it off.  Run it back through the loop to make a knot.  Cut thread close to
~~Gently remove the stick.

~~Apply hot glue all around the bottom 1/4-1/3 of an inch of the stick
and insert the stick in the hole, pushing down til only
only an inch-1.33" or so of the stick is showing.

And voila!! 
You have made a charming petite pumpkin!!

Now, just embellish it with whatever makes you smile!!

I wrapped and hot glued some twine around the stem,
and couldn't resist

You can use most any fabric, but this fabric
is so easy to work with and there is no fraying.
It does come in a wide variety of colors!!

You can also make the pumpkins smaller or larger by
using different size circle templates!

Of course, if you're not convinced you can do this...
some of these little beauties will be available for purchase
tomorrow in my Junk to Joy Shop!!

Let me know if you make some, or have any questions!!
I'm always glad to help!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Faux Leather!

I know, I know...
You are probably soooo sick
of seeing pumpkins on my blog!!

I promise that later this week, and
over the next two weeks you will
see far more than just pumpkins!

Posts will include some tutorials, and
a big huge
Junk to Joy Shop
1 year Anniversary

Stay tuned for the details!!

I just had to share this set I made
for a custom order. It is totally
different than any pumpkins I've made
before, and so much fun to create.

It is faux leather for a western kind of
rustic look!! 

Hope your week is off to a great start!!
Today was a bit tough for me, but it is all good!!

Don't feel like you have to comment!!
I just wanted to share with my friends!!


Have a happy Tuesday
and share God's love!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shabbylicious Pumpkinette!

I squeezed in creating this little cutie
last week, and just love it!
It is one of a kind, and available now
in the shop!!!

I am having a blast creating these!
Hope you're enjoying seeing them!!

Just had to add the sweet pom pom trim
and of course some vintage bling!!

So simply shabby and fun!!

Hope you're having a delightful weekend!
Back to pumpkins for me!!

Remember to thank God today for all
of the blessings He has bestowed on you!!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Frenzy!

I tell ya what!  I am in a fall frenzy here!

I am just a pumpkin making fool!

I love coming up with new pumpkins
and here are a couple I just added to the shop!

This white canvas one has kind of a rustic, farmhouse feel to it.
It can be found here

And this is a delightful petite crushed velvet trio! 
Love them nestled on my
vintage ironstone butter pats!!

They can be found here

I am working on 20 pumpkins for the
fabulous new Burlap and Biscuits
store that my friend Paula owns in
Killeen Texas!!

So in about a week, some of my work will
be available for purchase at Burlap and Biscuits!!
So exciting!!

You can find Paula's store on Facebook here

So what are you up to today?

Make it a great day, ok??


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall~~Etsy Style

I love shopping Etsy...I'm not just a seller!!

And there is nothing quite like the celebration
 of the onset of FALL on Etsy!

Here are some of my favorite finds!!

Found here

I purchased one of these for my pumpkin collection!
LOVE it!!

Found here
A pretty fall banner by my friend Kelli!

Found here

I have a thing for acorns like I have for pumpkins!
Just haven't started a collection of them yet!

Found here
I always buy pumpkin soap this time of year!
And burn harvest scented candles!

Found here

Yum!  These are adorable!

Hope you'll visit Etsy, and support other
handmade artisans!!

Have a lovely Wednesday!

Choose JOY today!!

Hugs to you!!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

French Lovelies!

In between making pumpkins and acorns, and all of
my other duties with family and home,
I'm currently loving creating gift tags with lovely French
lady graphics!  Here is the second in a series!

A wonderful saying accompanies this poised lady...
"She feels good in her skin"!

Shouldn't we all?

She is now available for purchase at  Junk to Joy Shop!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a delightful day,
and share your smile!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Make This!!

I absolutely love texture!

After experimenting a bit with plaster,
I thought it would be cool to try to
create a plaster look pumpkin!

You know...something different...
a little unexpected...
and full of texture!

So I did!
What do you think?

I totally adore it!

And it is soooo easy to do!
You HAVE to try it!

Here is what you need:

Faster Plaster {available at Michael"s, take your 40% off coupon}
A faux pumpkin {I got mine at Dollar Tree}
Faux autumn leaves  {I got them at Dollar Tree, too}
A 1" foam brush {on sale 20 for $1 at Michael's}
Something to mix the plaster in
And a 2" stick from your yard for the stem

OH!  And some plastic wrap to sit it on to dry!!
And a paper towel!!
AND a hot glue gun!!

This is a bit messy, so wear an old T-shirt and
cover your work surface to protect it and make
clean up easy.

I didn't get photos of the process, but
here are the directions!!

*Mix up approx 1- 1 1/2 cups of plaster to the consistency of yogurt
according to package directions.

*Remove faux stem from pumpkin

*Pushing quite hard, insert the stick stem where
the faux stem was. You will hold the stem
while applying the plaster.

*Apply a thick coating of plaster covering as much of the
color of the pumpkin as possible except the bottom.

*The plaster will run a little, but it begins to
dry fairly quickly

*This coat will be smooth!!!

*Once it is covered well, place it on the plastic wrap to dry.

*Dip a fall leaf in the plaster, covering as much of the color
as possible.  Place on the cling wrap to dry.
{the leaves are fragile, but have a fabulous look!!}

*Check the pumpkin after about 10 minutes.  When it is almost all dry,
the real fun begins!!!

*To create the texture, use your fingers to scoop up some
plaster and apply it to the pumpkin.  You want it to look
rough so don't smooth it too much. 

*You do want to smooth it enough to make sure it adheres well.

*Repeat until the whole surface is textured..

*Apply a coat to the underside of the pumpkin, too
{If some green shows through it's ok...it's just the botton!}

*Apply some plaster around the base of the stem to secure it
and on the stem to "weather" it slightly!

use a hot glue gun to adhere the leaf to the pumpkin.
Just use one dime to nickel size blob, and remember the leaves are
FRAGILE, and the plaster will crack if you grip them
too hard!!

Once done, leave plain or decorate with whatever
your heart fancies!!  I used a strip of torn muslin and
made a little paper tag!

  When the pumpkin is completely dry, you can lightly
sand any rough edges that might flake off.

You can spray both leaf and pumpkin with a clear sealer,
and it will help prevent flaking of the plaster.

Here is the before and after:

The leaves could be used to scatter in
vignettes, on party tables, and even as wedding decor!

Too cute paired with The French linen pumpkin that will hit the shop today!!!!

Paired up with a mini peat pot, and a fabulous custom made

Fall sign by my sweet and talented friend
Mandy over at Creekside Creations!

Her signs are so awesome!  You can find them HERE!

Hope you'll try the plaster pumpkin!
Let me know if you do!!

Linking up to White Wednesday over at Faded Charm!!

Have a delightful day!!!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Drive By Post for WW!

Here at my house we are literally
swimming in pumpkins and acorns!!

Hope you're not tired of seeing the results
of all of my labor!!

Here is a yummy creamy white
heirloom gourd with fabulous
vintage trim and button!

This is definitely one of my faves!

This one is a custom order.

I will be making pumpkins through the end of
October, and will add heirloom pumpkins to
the shop as time permits.

Thanking God for this beautiful Florida day
and for the incredibly gorgeous rainbow that
greeted me as I opened our front door this
morning at 7:00!

Simple joys!!
Amazing God!

I decided to link up to
White Wednesday over at Faded Charm!!
What a wonderful
celebration of whites Kathleen
hosts each week!!

Hugs to you!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Saturday! Playing With Graphics!

Hope your holiday weekend is going well so far!!

I took a few minutes out today to play
with some vintage graphics,
and I decided to make some of them into tags!

I think I'm hooked, so I'm sure I'll be
creating some more!

Here is the first one available for purchase!

Kind of dreamy and romantic, isn't it?

Lovely crinkled coffee stained and scented
vintage seam binding, too!

This is probably the first of a series
of French inspired tags!!

Well, off to take my girl to the mall for a bit
and then back to work on filling orders!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!
Be safe!

Blessings and hugs,

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