Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY~Inspiration Board Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!!

Hope your week has been
wonderful so far!

Mine has been busy!

Here's one of the things
 I've been working on!

It's an inspiration board that is made
of wood stretcher frame pieces, torn
vintage French dictionary pages,
muslin, and some wonderful rusty wire! 

I am having so much fun working
on things for my new studio!
This will go right where I can
see it above my work bench.


This is easy to make, 
but does take some time.
The end result is worth 
it for sure!


Here is what you need:

These aren't pictured 
but are necessary:

~Spray Adhesive
~Awl or nail to make pilot holes
for screw eyes
~Mini clothespins or something
else to hang your inspirations with

These stretcher bars are $1.49 each.  
If you have or can find a less 
expensive frame with a mostly smooth
edge, use that.

You can also choose to turn your
frame the other way so it is shorter
and wider.

You can use regular wire, rust your own,
or see if there is any available on Etsy.
I lightly tea stained my muslin piece.

***For tea staining, boil 2 cups of water,
and insert 2 tea bags. Steep, remove bags,
and insert muslin, being sure the whole piece
gets stained.  Use a rag to squeeze out excess moisture.  Crinkle, allow to dry, and
lightly press with a medium temp iron.

Step 1

~Tear dictionary pages into
2"x 2.5" rounded off rectangles.
{if you want to speed up the process
 tear larger pieces}

~Pay attention to graphics on
both the front and back and choose 
to tear accordingly. I wanted lots
of graphics and some blank areas, too,
so I included pieces with margins.

You will need approx 35-40 pieces
to cover a 16" x 20" frame.

Step 2

~Assemble frame by inserting one
16" piece into a 20" piece.
They just slide together.
Press until edges meet and are even.

~Repeat until frame is complete

Step 3

~Starting at the lower left corner,
brush some Mod Podge onto the frame.
~Adhere one torn piece.
~All my graphics were adhered at
a slight angle, but not upside down.

~Repeat, overlapping each piece slightly, going all the way around the frame. 

~Some will overlap onto the sides.
You want the sides covered, but the back
doesn't need to be, since it will
be covered with the muslin.

Step 4

~Tear some smaller pieces to fill
in around sides, and inner frame.

~Always look at placement before affixing
each piece. Also be sure to cover joints.

Step 5

~Flip frame over, and spray entire
frame with spray adhesive.

~Quickly adhere muslin piece,
and tug muslin gently at each side
 of the frame to pull the muslin taut.

~Press firmly all around, and make sure
the fabric is completely adhered.

Step 6

~Decide how many pieces of wire
you want to use.  I used 3.

~Measure and mark with a pencil where
you want to insert the screw eyes that
will secure the wire to the frame.

~You will need one on each side
for each piece of wire you want to
hang things on.

~I placed mine in the center between
the inner edge and the lip.

Step 7

~Make Pilot holes

~Being careful to not make the holes
too big, press awl or nail firmly into
frame at each pencil mark to make
pilot holes for screw eyes.

~Insert screw eye, pushing firmly,
and screwing it in at the same time.
Twist it in until it is straight
and secure.

~Repeat until all screw eyes are in place.

Step 8

~Cut wire pieces 2" longer than distance
from screw eye to screw eye.

~Loop one end of the wire through the
top left screw eye.

~Twist the 1" tail of the wire
around the long piece to secure.
 ~Pull remaining wire across
to the top right screw eye, loop
it through, and twist the tail 
around the long wire to secure.

~Be sure wire is taut.  If not, repeat
last step until it is.

That's it!!  You're done!!

Just have fun with this and make it yours!

I added this little garland made of
sweet vintage tatted squares, and
pearl and heart dangles.

I'll change things out from time to time

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Splash some joy around, ok?



French and Sparrow said...

Wow Becky you always amaze me! This is such a lovely piece I can just see it in your new studio! Loving how the frame turned out with the dictionary pages...
A very happy Wednesday to you too!
xox Kerry

Sandy said...

Hi there! I am new to White Wednesday and thought I would pop in.

I love this! it's amazing and my favorite part are the wires that go across. I have bookmarked this to make one myself someday!

Katherine said...

Fantastic!!!! I LOVE this and you are a dear for giving a tutorial! :)


nelly said...

Чудесно креативно пано! Благодаря ти за описателния пост, обичам да гледам етапите на създаване на всички неща.
Поздрави и хубав ден от мен.

Shabby chic Sandy said...

That project is adorable! Thanks for sharing how you did it.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very pretty, Becky, and a great piece to hold your inspiration pictures!

LDH said...

Wow! Beautiful project, Becky! Really lovely!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

adorable!!! thanks for the "how to". Love the wire for hangings things!

michele said...

just lovely!

if you like, swing by my place where i am hosting a giveaway:

and keep sharing your lovely posts!



Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Hi Becky! I LOVE this project...and such a wonderful tutorial! You have a wonderful blog and I love the header! I am a new follower!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I love the newspaper on the frame! Looks great! What a lovely way to display your beautiful ideas!

cynthia lee designs said...

So pretty!!
Love it...thanks for sharing how you made it. Trying to figure out if I have room for one in my studio.

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, girl...this is stunning. It's going on my to do list. I cannot WAIT to see your new studio!!!! I'm sure it will be full of love and inspiration.

Belladonna said...

This is awesome, I adore French dictionary frame!

Amy Kinser said...

You are one of the most creative people that I know. I love your inspiration board. It's just perfect!

I hope you are doing well. Hope you got my email this morning.

Blessed Serendipity said...

This is just beautiful! I love it.


victoriantailor said...

Beautiful!! thanks for the how to, can't wait to do this!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Love the dictionary pages on the frame, and the overall peaceful color scheme. Glad you had fun with it!


Elena said...

What an awesome idea and such a great tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a wonderful week!

Patty said...

You have such cute ideas! I keep looking forward to the next one. Have a great day.

Jane said...

Love this idea...and your directions are so easy to follow. Now...I will have to make my own version...probably ORANGE with beachy pictures, etc. You know me...not the shabby kind of girl...GIVE ME COLOR!


Monica said...

Fabulous, Becky! I am a huge fan of inspiration boards, and yours is stunning. I have done several of these in the past covering the frame with fabric, and the result is stunning too! Will give this a try, maybe for my husband (that surely prefers old book pages rather than frilly flowers!)

pballard said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I enjoy your blog along with so many! You inspire me! Have a good day!!!

Fiona said...

Greetings from Ireland Becky.

Wow what a beautiful blog you have here.
You are very creative (lucky girl)
and your work is gorgeous.

Thanks for visiting Raindrops and Daisies and for your lovely comments.

I'm following you now (although never ever would I be able to make the wonderfull things you do - but sure I can dream)!!!

Have a lovely day.

I hope it isn't too hot where you are.

Raining here (again)

Take care & I will be back to visit soon

x Fiona

June said...

I absolutely LOVE your tutorials! You just do the best job. This board is wonderful and I can't wait to try one of my own Becky!!!! I love inspiration boards. I think they are like works of art of the very best kind!
Thank you so much for your lovely message you left me. Made my whole day!!!!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Becky, be sure to come over to Vintage Inspiration and link up, this is such a wonderful project. I just love it!!!

lynn said...

becky, i just love this! tfs,-i love the book pages on the frame:) i have a new craft room, and will make one of these for it!


I love this fact, I love any project that involves adding text pages with mod podge....

i came here to check out your studio space for the blog hop tour on Karen's site.....let me know when you get around to posting it.....and I'll swing back on over here to have a look see.

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Dorthe said...

So beautiful Becky, thankyou for your tutorial, so sweet of you.

Roselle said...

So charming and chic!
Gorgeous and a wonderful tutorial!

Di said...

So cute, I am making me one of these, thanks for the inspiration, Di

~ Liz ~ said...

This is just too cool! It's inspiring me! Things that take a lot of work like this have a special charm about them. I love seeing how you put it together.
Liz said...

OMG I LOVE your blog!!!!!!Newest follower here, soooo happy that I found you:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Mehul said...

Those vintage French dictionary pages makes the board more elegant.

- Mehul
Marble mantel

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