Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So Simple! Peat Pot Tags!

Today I sat at my workbench wanting to do 
an easy project with a quick tutorial that I could share with you all this week.

I was thinking and looking around at various
fabrics, papers, etc... in my stash,
and the peat pots started calling my name!
I picked one up and said...

Hmmm...what could I do with you that
would be a bit different??
{shhh...I know you talk to your supplies sometimes, too!!}

Peat Pot Tags, that's what!!

How fun are these??
Vintage bits and baubles look so
great with the texture of the pots!!

I had a blast creating a few of them, and will definitely be making some more!
Maybe even selling some!

 I just played with some vintage things, and other goodies in my stash, until I found what made me smile! here are some simple instructions for making the tag itself.

I used 5" peat pots from WalMart.
They were about $3.50 for {8}
Sooo very inexpensive, and so
much fun to play with!!

~5" peat pot
~Good scissors
~1/8" hole punch
~string, twine,or hemp cord
for hangers
~something to use as a template
for cutting round tags
(I used a small glass votive holder)

Step 1
Carefully cut top rim off of pot.
{Skip this if your pot doesn't have a rim}

From the top, cut a straight line down to the
bottom of the potCut off bottom.
Skip this if your pot doesn't have a rim on the bottom.

Step 2
Now you have the piece that you can cut the
tags from.  Very gently press it until it
is laying almost flat. 

Take circle template, place on peat pot
piece, and trace with the pencil in or around
your template.

{For a rectangle, I cut it free hand,
and trimmed it until it looked even.}

Cut circle out along pencil marking.

Step 3

 1/4" from the top and center of the tag, {circle or rectangle}, using the hole punch,
punch the hole for the hanger.

Take tag in one hand, and open scissors
in the other hand and gently scrape scissor blade along the outer edge of the tag to 
add a bit of a rough edge.

Step 4

Embellish your awesome peat pot tag
with whatever makes you smile!
You can add touches of white paint, lace, buttons, rhinestones, pearls, etc...

To add hanger...
 Cut 12" length of string, hemp, twine.
Double it, with ends meeting evenly.  Take looped end, insert in hole, pull
through the other side {about 1"}

Holding loop, insert loose ends through the loop and pull til taut.

Now go make about a dozen and use them on gifts, jars, knobs, enclosed in greeting cards, so many possibilities!!

Thanks for stopping by!
I always enjoy company!!

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 Hugs and Blessings to You!!


Debra @ Common Ground said...

oooh, so pretty, love their little bits of bling!! great combination of textures!

paisleysummer said...

Very original and quirky!

Elena said...

Those are beautiful! Good job!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I love these! The peat pots have such great texture--mixed with everything else it looks great!

Blessed Serendipity said...

These are so pretty. I love how you displayed them too.


pballard said...

So pretty. I love them.. So much talent. Thanks for sharing.. Love each and every post..

Katherine said...

THESE ARE STUNNING!!!! I love what you did to create these beautie! Such talent! :D


Lululiz said...

Awesome idea, the rough texture works so well as a background for little treasures.

Monica said...

Becky, can't find an email address, can you please drop me a note? My contact is on my top bar.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very pretty and fun project, Becky! These would be great for gift tags and/or ornaments for Christmas!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Miss Becky,
Love your tags, so cute and loverly!

Guess I know what you have been up

Peat pots........they do have such neat texture, and look great all glamed up! Great idea my friend.

Hope you are doing well.
Love ya, Nellie

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

Thank you for sharing this adorable idea.

Craftberry Bush said...

These are so beautiful them...i often use those little pots for projects...btw..I've been meanin to reply to your sweet comments but you are a 'non-reply blogger' which means your email account is nor connected to your messages...not sure if you knew that or not...but I just wanted to let you know,just in case....thanks again for always visiting me...xo

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

These are darling!
I hope you pinned this!

Rhonda said...

You are amazing...that look is my favorite look. Wow, I love them so much. I'm going to make some today!

Amy Kinser said...

They are beautiful, Becky. Wouldn't they be beautiful hanging on a Christmas tree?

I always love your wonderful ideas.

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I love em. Great nubby texture.

cynthia lee designs said...

Oh...they are so pretty!! Thanks for sharing. I have to make some of these.

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

I love those. How clever. They look great on the vintage buttons!

elizabeth said...

Oh, I can think of some cute Christmas ornaments using this idea, but I bet I'd need to get the peat pots now.
Thanks so much for your kind comment on my Table for Two post! :)

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

OH..adorable designs..I just finished white washing and making some halloween pots for little goodies.
Love the unusual. Enjoy the weekend.

Nook and Cranny said...

Yes, the peat pot looks great with the other items. Wonderful tags.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend.

Tricia said...

Very pretty! I love all the different textures. Have a good weekend :)

Patty said...

So cute!

sandra said...

Those are really, really cute!!!You are so clever :))

Penny said...

I love your peat pot tags, can't wait to make some!!! Penny

Zachary and Sarah @ HHG said...

These are adorable! I love the vintagey feel. New follower!

Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam said...

Lovely! What a fun idea!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Ahhh.... I've missed you my sweet Becky....

How darn cute are these 'lil tags? I LOVE them. And, I actually bought some peat pots yesterday... yeah, not really yesterday, more like two years ago, but don't tell. Gosh I'm a collected of stuff, but not much of a doer of stuff. I've got to get the LEAD out. Now, make beads too!??! Whoa Nelly... how I wish you lived closer. That's something I'd really like to learn to do. I actually had a little talk with myself... see, it does run in creative people.... and I think my major problem is having TOO darn many hobbies. I have supplies for at least 20 different ones. I wish I'd have just stuck with a few. No wonder a car has never fit into the garage. :-) My bracelet's finished and it turned out super cute. Will post soon.

Lovies! xoxoxoxox

Barbara Jean said...

Well, who would ever think to cut up peat pots and use for tags!!
Are you miss wonderfully creative or what?? Yep. You are!!

They are adorable!!!

thanks for how to's also.

barbara jean

Barbara Jean said...

Hey, had an idea. You could even use the rectangular ones as little booklet covers. =)
You've got my brain going now. =)


Bohemian said...

Becky this is a Great Tutorial and you can be sure I'll be making Peat Pot Tags now... these would be great on Christmas Gifts under the Tree for a very Organic yet Romantic look! This year I want to go with Lace, Burlap and Organic Touches to our Tree and you have now totally Inspired me, Thank You!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Adorable tags Becky.
I'd love it if you'd consider sharing this post at Shabbilicious Friday ~

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Oh my goodness those are absolutely adorable!!
I LOVE them!

Lynn Richards said...

Oh, Becky..
SO so sweet. I love these!!!!

Connie said...

Wow!!! that is thinking outside the box. I love the texture, and the nature earthiness of these. Most of all I love how incredibly creative you are. Thanks you for sharing, Connie :)

Blue Creek Home said...

Hi Becky,
I love your blog and love the peat pot tags too!
Just signed up as your newest follower.

Heaven's Walk said...

Such a cute idea, Becky! Who knew that peat pots could look so adorable? :)

xoxo laurie

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Cute project and a great idea, I love the peat pot texture! Oh, I bet you are getting close to debuting your studio, every time I visit I think,,,,,,,Maybe!!


elizabeth said...

HI! Stopping by to say THANKS! Your comments on my big 55th birthday cheered and encouraged!

Cindy Dowdle-Schoen said...

Beautiful! Hi from your newest fan.

Have a wonderful day!


Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Thanks for sharing these darling tags at Shabbilicious Friday Becky.
They have been featured this week :)

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

What a great idea this is! I love all of the layers you have created with the peat pots and adding all of the fun "bling". Thanks for sharing,


Jen said...

Love the play of organic against touches of sparkle. These are beautiful & really unique!

Evi said...

thank you for sharing this wonderful idea. I am going to make small ones with lace etc. and my picture as a small child in the middle. On the back I will stamp my business info. They are going to be used as hangtags on my dolls and santas that I sell for the holidays.
Looking forward to making them!
Have a great Sunday, Evi

Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

Love your style I am your newest follower... Hugs, Cindy

Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing ! This is very beautiful and so original!
Love the romantic "aura"


Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Great idea. I am hosting a Giveaway to win a 50 dollar gift card to the store HomeGoods. It would be great if you stopped by and entered. Thanks Anu

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