Thursday, August 9, 2012

Easy Plaster Heart DIY

Plaster of Paris is so much fun to play with!

Earlier this year, Petite Michelle Louise posted a plaster heart she bought at Home Goods.  I raced out to buy one here, but sadly
there were no more left.

So after making a plaster pumpkin 
{see tutorial here},

I decided to make a plaster heart!

This is sooo easy!
Here is all you need to make one yourself!

Be sure to use a coupon at Michaels, JoAnn, or Hobby Lobby, to purchase your plaster of paris.  I found the hearts at Hobby Lobby
for approx $1

Here are the easy steps!

1.}  Pour about 2" of plaster of paris into cup; slowly stir in enough water to make it the consistency of yogurt.  It will not work if it
is too thin, or too thick.

2.}  Take knife and begin to spread mixture on heartAllow to dry slightly and using your fingers, smudge the plaster to create some texture.   It's ok to let some of the brown show through!

3.}   Once done with the front, let dry, and repeat on the back, and edges. 

4.}  Embellish with whatever you have in your stash that makes you smile!

I used a vintage rhinestone button, some lightly tea stained cheesecloth, 
and a piece of vintage cotton that I stamped the word beauty on.  I adhere the fabric with spray adhesive, and then loosened the edges for a more dimensional look.

The hanger is a piece of silk sari ribbon that I purchased on Etsy.  To adhere the sari, I applied a dot of hot glue in to center of the top of the heart and left a tail that the button covers up. I then added another small dot of hot glue on the sari, and inserted a pearl head straight pin to secure it further.
I also hot glued the rhinestone button in place.

These are so much fun, so inexpensive, and would make wonderful gifts, as well as look great on packages, or for holiday decorations.

Joining these party girls:


Blessed Serendipity said...

This is a beautiful project. I could totally imagine this in a soft color too.


Jennifer Jackson Taylor said...

Hi Becky,
I came across your blog,, and would love to know if you're interested in your banner being featured in the Banners We Love section for the autumn issue of Artful Blogging. Please contact me back at if you are interested. Then, I would simply need you to send me a hi-resolution image of your banner by August 17, 2012. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks so much,
Jennifer Jackson Taylor
Assistant Senior Managing Editor

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Miss Becky,
Loved your sweet lil white heart.
So cute! Looks like a fun project
that want take forever!

Oh wow, just read your invitation from the editor of stampinton.
How excited for you!! Are you still on the ceiling?? lol
Love ya, Nellie

Amy Kinser said...

Girl, you are majorly creative! That heart is gorgeous.

And, you better say yes to the Artful Blogging comment that I just saw. Good for you!!

Take care, my sweet friend.

sandra said...

You are so good!!! I love these hearts!!!!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

oh lovely! (i think i like it better than my HG one! ) :)

Createology said...

Your plaster heart is ethereal and beautiful. The juxtaposition is perfect. Blissful Creating...

Rhonda said...

You are amazing. I love how you share your techniques with us. Your style is so soothing to me.

Karen B. said...

Dear Becky,

such a neat how~to! Thank you for sharing with us!!

Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

Beautiful.. great idea thanks for sharing the tutorial... Hugs, Cindy

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Becky I totally LOVE this and the finishing touches were perfection!


Kasia Wolak said...

Great project! I remember the pumpkins from last year, LOVE the heart!


Motylek said...

Your heart is so beautiful!
Great blog!

lynn said...

this is so adorable, becky:) congrats on your artful blogging invite--way cool!


OH wow! I am inspired by this! you did a sweet job on the hearts. Thanks for sharing your steps.

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Heather Graham said...

This is so pretty! And, seems so easy/fun to make! Found you at French Country Cottage's linky party & excited to be following you.... Hope you can visit sometime..

Donna Wilkes said...

Came over from Shabbilicious. I was thinking to myself this woman needs a showcase in one of the Stampington magazines. Then I read the comment and went "Duh". The heart is so ethereal and lovely.

Jonell said...

BECKY...THERE U newest 'follower'-thank you for tagging along with me on LGH blog-I get so excited every time I see that follower number go up! ANNND DO I EVR LOVE THAT GIRLY, FANCY WHITE HEART..Will you SELL THEM-i WOULD LOVE TO HAVE ONE..OR 2 OR 3 LOL..


Abby's Paperie Garden said...

So pretty! Thanks for sharing how to create these beauties. Have a great weekend!


Dorthe said...

Hi dear Becky,
thankyou for your sweet comment.
Your plaster of paris heart is so beautiful and sweet,-and you folks over there are very fortunate with the coupons system for all those different shops,offering art materials and many other great things.
And thankyou for your tutorial .
xox ,Dorthe

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I have plaster paris that I use to make chalk paint--now I see I want to do much more with it!

openid said...

Your heart is beautiful -- the one you created and the one you share with us on your blog via your creations, written words and photographs! :) Thankyou for the tutorial.
Your Friend,
PS. Stop by for my giveaway!

Jonell said...

Hey re your comment-not to worry about being confused-ME TOO!
IDEA: My christmas tree is always done in silver.white and clear glass..w a little gold-every year for past 5 i add more in these "shades of white" I THINK I SHALL HAVE WHITE PLASTER HEARTS THIS YEAR..mmm and how about extras to share for "gifts"./.thank you thank you- re our southern connections-We are 'back home' in Ala after being in Texas for 21 yrs-[that's the connection to Heather our years in Tx ] hubby and 4 children Alabamians/me-a Georgia Peach and HEY ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE I HAVE FAMILY DOWN IN FLORIDA-N. CENTRAL AND NEAR I am understanding why ppl have these 'blogger mtgs'..we shall see ~~~~~
[near Troy,Al/south of Montg.Al

Donna said...

I love it! Becky, you are so talented! I love popping by to see all that you've been up to!

Blessings for a great Sunday!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Becky,

The heart is so beautiful and many thanks for sharing with us.
Wishing you a happy week


The Porcelain Rose said...

I LOVE this idea!
Such a darling heart.
I plan on making some as Christmas ornaments and attaching them to my gifts this year.
I would rather give handmade than store bought any day.
Thanks for sharing!!
Will visit again soon.

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Beautiful~sharing at the party tonight~ thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

Heaven's Walk said...

I LOVE this sweet little project, Becky! A little box of these would make a wonderful Christmas gift!!! Thank you for sharing this tutorial. I'll be picking up some hearts the next time I'm in town! :)

xoxo laurie

Pat C. said...

Oh, my, I just love your precious heart... thank you for sharing your tutorial!♥ xoxo

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