Friday, October 12, 2012

Birdy & Buck Hit Blogland!

As many of you know, 
we had two spring weddings!
And now, we will have two winter babies!!

So crazy, this life, huh?
It is all good!!

This is our #3 daughter, Brittany, also known as Birdy! 

She is happily married, quite pregnant,
and has just taken the plunge into blogland!

Her blog is named Birdy & Buck,
and is where they will share their journey into married life and parenthood!

I hope you will visit Birdy & Buck, and welcome her as a new blogger! 

It will be fun to follow along with them as they grow together, and add a precious little girl to their family!  God has already
blessed them so much!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!
I will post a fun and easy tutorial
in the next couple of days!



Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Becky,
I went over to check out Brittany's
blog and to welcome her and typed
a long comment and tried over a dozen times, seriously, and that word verification thing will just not take the comment, so she might be missing out on comments, so you might want to let her know..................

That is such a darling pic of her.
Her blog is cute, and their photography is great............

So how are you missy?? Hope all is well in pumpkin land! lol
Love ya, Nellie

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweetie, Sorry I never got back to you this week-crazy for me as with you. I'm so excited that Birdy is starting to blog-I will go say hi. She is a beauty just like you!
Love you girl.

pballard said...

Checked Brittany's blog and added it to my favs. She needs a followers list.. Her 1st home is cute. I remember mine with the green and orange shag carpets and the not so cute hair with the aqua net for hairspray...Enjoy the weekend.

Katherine Wolak said...

How absolutely sweet! I wish your little bird all the luck! :)


Rhonda said...

Just visited your daughter's lovely new blog and am now following along!

Dorthe said...

Congratulations to your daughter and son in law on their new blog.
It is a beautiful and sweet blog.
Happy weekend to you.

Elena said...

That is so awesome! I look forward to following their blog too.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Following along...looks great over there! Love the name!

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