Friday, December 28, 2012

Jekyll Island Getaway!

Jekyll Island sits on the sea's hem alongside the southern corner of the Georgia coastline.

We discovered this island gem several
years ago, and love visiting in the fall
or winter because it's off season,
the room rates go down, and you practically
have the whole island to yourself. 

It was chilly, but we loved our stay,
and truly enjoyed touring around, 
and walking the beaches.  We brought home
several wonderful sand dollars for
our granddaughter, too! 

Enjoy your visit to this enchanting place!

Beach erosion continues to cause craggy
oaks to fall along the shore at the northern
tip of the island.  Over time, they have become transformed by the sun, salty sea, sand and breezes, and create the stunning, almost eerie beauty known as Driftwood Beach. 

The lovely St. Simon's Island is seen in the background.  We love it, too!

Jekyll Island was once the playground to wealthy northeast bankers, and this cottage is one of many that were originally owned by families such as J.P Morgan, the Rockefellers, and the Goodyears.  

The idea for the Federal Reserve System of banking regulation was conceived on the island under a cloak of secrecy, by these bankers at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. 
{pictured below}

There were lots of deer roaming the south end 
of the island just after sunset, but many of my photos were too dark!

For us, time stands still for just
a little while when we're on the island,
and that is always a good thing!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!
I'm going junkin!




Sue said...

An enchanted place it is, Becky, beautiful photos. What a wonderful place to have a getaway!
Happy New Year.

Jane said...

Marty and I spent part of our honeymoon on Jekyll Island.

Many years ago, my aunt (100+ yrs old today) and uncle managed a hotel on Jekyll...I spent many a weekend in their home. Just this past weekend, she and I were reminiscing about the wild turkeys and deer who visited each day...
Such a magical place...

Jeanette@Creating A Life said...

What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Shabby soul said...

Every thing is so beautiful!!
Love that sea's images, thank you!

Mumma Shirl said...

Looks like a lovely place to get away I also love off season and having a place almost to ourselves.

Regards Shirley

Magnolia Cottage said...

Hi Becky,
Beautiful vacation photo's! What a beautiful getaway to relax and spend time with family. Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by for a visit and your lovely comment. Wishing you all the best in the New year!

Kar said...

Looks like a beautiful area to go visit. Thanks for sharing pics!


Elena said...

What a beautiful place! I love all your photosQ

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

What an absolutely gorgeous place. You pictures are stunning. I just love Driftwood Beach! Amazing!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, this is one of my MOST favorite spot on earth! We were there a couple of months ago and try to visit at least a couple of times a year. It's such a wonderful place to relax and walk the beach. Love your photos! Happy holidays!

lynn said...

what a charming place:) happy new year, becky!

Rick said...

Our home away from home. We practically raised our boys there, and now visit 2 or 3 times during the year. Hope to retire there someday!

Callie Magee Antiques said...

My husband and I have stayed at Jekyll Island Hotel many times.
It is still one of my favorite places to get away in the US.
Thanks for taking us on a quick tour of that much-loved place.

Jeanne said...

Hello Becky, I can't go to bed without wishing you a wonderful 2013. Your post is so sweet and it is no wonder you love a quiet time at Jekyll Island. I hope 2013 will be a great year for you and your darling family.

We arrived home after Christmas from our trip to Europe. We had a wonderful time. The sights were amazing and we would love to go again. A different place though. It is good to be home though.

We quietly celebrated the New Year but tomorrow my sisters and NC family will be here for dinner. A small crowd of 15. Fun times.

Blessings, love and wishes for a Happy New Year.

elizabeth said...

This looks like such a lovely place. I'm such a sea loving gal that I know I'd love it!
Just wanted to say thank you so very much for all of the beautiful treasures I won in your recent giveaway.
I blogged about it here:

Thank you, Becky!

Abby's Paperie Garden said...

Your photos are amazing! Thank you for the tour, it was lovely. And while I'm here I want to wish you a new year filled with beauty, happiness, and wonderful memories.

xo, abby

Bonnie Hitchcock said...

One of my favorite get-aways too! Goody for me, it's only two hours away! I've never been to Driftwood Beach. I love the photos and it's got to be on to-do list soon!

Clare said...

Wow absolutely stunning. Happy New year even if its a little belated xx

Trisha said...

Wow Becky! That is some vacation spot. Don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful place. So glad you got to go. Blessings.

Walking on Sunshine said...

The most beautiful photos Becky! We've been to St. Simmons Island and LOVED it! The kids were little and had so much fun when the tide would come in with their boogie boards. Glad you had a nice time!

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