Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chippy Rusty!

Helllllooooo Sweet Friends!!!

I feel like I haven't posted in for-e-ver!!!

And I have no time to visit you...wahhhhh!
{I am missing you like crazy!!}

But want to say "HI", and tell you that wedding plans
are moving along, and the two big days will be here
and gone before I know it!!  Whew...what a whirlwind!

It is too much fun!!!

Today I'm sharing a little piece that I will be linking
to Kathleen's White Wednesday later on.

You know I adore chippy, rusty, wonderfulness...
even better if it is WHITE!!

Soooo...when I saw this vintage escutcheon and all
of it's chippy fabulosity...I couldn't resist it!

You know it's true! 
 Love cures all the world's ills!
And I'm so thankful for the perfect love of Jesus!
What an incredible example He gives us to follow!

Also couldn't resist adding some vintage bling!!

This one of a kind, chippy art piece is in the shop
just waiting to be scooped up for your home decor!!!
Already scooped up!!

Happy Tuesday!!
And Happy White Wednesday!!!

JOY and HUGS to you all!!
Sure appreciate you being patient with me
through this wedding stuff!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Love Is In The Air

Hi Sweet Friends!

I sooo miss visiting you all!

With TWO weddings, 
one the first week of April,
 and one the 3rd week in May,
I am eating, sleeping and breathing...

This is not my first rodeo,
but having these two a mere 7 weeks apart
is definitely keeping my feet trotting
and my mother's heart throbbing!!
{BIG changes, you know?}

Here is Mallory beginning her
search for the perfect dress!

And I might add that this mission was ACCOMPLISHED within an hour!!
And a stunning dress for under $400!!
Just love that my girls are sooo budget conscious!

The sign on her dressing room door!
AND for Mal's wedding, we scored beautiful invitations
at JoAnn for, hold the phone...

Here are some peeks at Britt's 
handmade, rustic invitations

Sweet simplicity

She wanted to match the hearts on the banner...great idea!
She and John formatted them, and we all pitched in to create them!

I am going to continue to be pretty scarce, but will
be back with a bang after wedding #1
with a fabulous Spring Giveaway!

Until then, any other bits of time will be devoted to 
adding inventory to my shop, and
getting orders shipped!!

Be thankful and filled with JOY!!!
Hugs n love,

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