Monday, March 26, 2012

Thumpity Thump Thump!

I know some of you will understand...

how old, tattered, nubby, rumpled,
hand loomed, soft linens


{thumpity thump thump}

Then combine them with a few other things...
like a fabulous, authentic, crusty, salty patina
 vintage French oyster basket,

{where are those smelling salts}

some vintage doily lovin,
a dried  sprig of baby's breath

and some vintage and some not so vintage
thread spools for
yet more texture....

{may.  need.  c.p.r.}

Some of you get me.

And I'm so glad.

Have a lovely week!

13 days til wedding numero uno!!
Please keep us in your prayers!!
Love and hugs,

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hi Sweet Friends!
Thanks so much for visiting me, even though
I have no time to visit you right now!
That is so precious to me!!
Ya'll rock!

Just want to share a little something I squeezed in time
to create!  Not everything can be about the weddings,

Home...the very heart and soul of our lives...
a place to love, grow, learn, teach,
 share, forgive, make memories...

 The little tatted square was made a long time ago,
with love, by the hands of a woman at home.

 Hand loomed vintage white French linen,
and fabulous grayish hand loomed Euro linen,

All hand stitched, with love, in my home.

Home...the place where your story begins.
{warm fuzzy time}

Today in our home...
 we are celebrating our oldest
two daughters' birthdays with
a family dinner, grandies, and fiances!!


Have a joyous Sunday
and a fabulous week!!

Big Hugs!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Cure

We are turning the corner to the home
stretch of wedding #1.

Let the STRESS begin!!

I am longing to bask in the warm sunshine
at the seas edge,
and let the breezey salt air
and the white foamy waves
wash my cares away.

But alas, it's spring break, and the 
seashore is jam packed with 
tan crazy teens...

so my seaside excursion is through
some lovely photos from Pinterest.

Enjoy it with me, won't you?

Hope your weekend is wonderful!
My Spring giveaway will be posted
in a week!!


Hugs and JOY!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just Breathe

Most mornings, weather permitting, I can be found out
on our front porch, with my Bible, my journal, my devotional
book, and a fresh cup of hot steaming coffee with 2 sugars 
and enough cream to make it blond. {wink}

It is here that God gives me all I need to travel through my
day with a smile and a good attitude.
{though on some days I need more than one attitude adjustment}
I take several deep breaths in, and breath out all of
my cares, leaving them each in the 
strong hands of the Almighty One.
How precious are His thoughts towards those who love Him.

Here are some photos of the things I love looking at
as I sit and take in the beauty of creation.

 These adorable little blossoms just make me HAPPY!  
They look like streamers or fireworks!
Just too cute!  

 One of the first buds on my knockout rose bush! 
 Spring has come to central Florida!!

 My birdy garden stake...also makes me smile!

 Lovely little bits of moss on our lava really is in the little things, huh?
What a lovely shade of Spring green!

Today I am taking a little bit of time to
truly enjoy making this blog post
and to
Just Breathe!

May your day be filled with joy!

PS...I am cooking up a fabulous Spring Giveaway!

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