Monday, April 30, 2012

Grace Is Enough

We've been scouring thrifts and fleas 
to find milk glass for Mallory's wedding decor.

It looks amazing 
as a collection.

Especially when paired with this precious
wood block sign Laurie, from Heaven's Walk created!

What a beautiful heart she has,
and her blog is just as beautiful!!


Two weddings within 7 weeks of each other...

God's grace has fallen
upon me and given me the
strength to deal with all the
planning, preparations,
and emotions
of pulling off these two
 blessed events!

His grace is enough
to see you through any
challenge you may be facing!

May you know the riches of His
grace, mercy, and love today.

Hugs and joy!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Our beautiful spring brides at
 Mallory's shower last Saturday

  What joy these young women bring their Mom!!

And Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

They live 5 minutes from us. {JOY}

They are busy feathering their nest.

Their house is so charming, and it's such a delight
to see them as a family in their own home.

Truly, my cup overfloweth!

What is your delight today?

Splash some joy on those
around you this week!!!

We can start a 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I've Showered Twice In Two Months!

You'd think I'd stink to high heaven!


I'm talking about
two BRIDAL showers for our two middle daughters!!!!
Both hosted here at our home.
What fun!!

Mal's best friend Steph totally took over,
and completely outdid herself!!
All I had to do was clean, move some stuff
around, make a banner, and some pasta salad!
She did everything else!!!

How cool is that??

I don't have people pics to share yet, but
here are a couple of pics of all the fabulous
stuff Steph did!!

The banner I made~~peach is Mal's primary wedding color, too

The amazing food table Steph and her sister Heather styled!!
{the empty dish awaiting meatballs}
Steph made all of the's her thing and you can sure tell!
She also made some sangria, served in sugar rimmed cups
with a strawberry slice on the edge!!
Sooo festive!

A great combo of sweet and savory!!
She even made some cake push pops!!
Every bride to be should have a maid of honor like her!!

When I was putting things away the next day, 
I found Mal's cat, Charley, in the chair with some
of the decorations!  
Too cute, huh?

A little later!
He is such a cute and fun cat!!

Britt just got wedding photos to preview from the
photographer, so I should have some of them up

Wedding #2 is in 25 days!!
Then I'm home free!!!

Keep us in your prayers!!
Still lots of details to tend to!!!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Melancholy Moments

One wedding...

 is but a sweet memory now.

{ Brittany's bouquet drying} 
{we created it together...definitely fun!}

And one is yet to be.

My heartstrings are being tugged.

These two girls are grown women,
and their room will be completely empty...

in 5 short weeks.

It's the little things, you know...
that make my eyes well up with tears.

Our dog Penny, looking forlorn each
morning when she sees Britt's bed is empty.

Driving up to my house and not seeing
any cars in the driveway, after years
of it looking like a used car lot.

Seeing their sleepy faces and bedheads each morning.

I could go on and on.

What I wonder is...

How can such a deep sense of joy


an aching heart

occupy the same place

at the same time???

{photos via Martha Stewart}

It's truly a mystery of life.

And only God truly knows the "how" of it.
{and I'm all right with that }

I heard a quote that I adore years ago,
and it fits my feelings right now sooo perfectly.

It thrills my soul that they both
are making their hometown area their home
for now.  
A blessing indeed!

All three of the grown girls are no more than
45 minutes away,
they love Mom's cooking,
so they'll be back often!!!

Always so much to give thanks for!!
And pretty flowers always bring me joy!!

I'll have more wedding photos soon!

Hugs and JOY!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

One Fine Day...

the perfect Florida day...
the perfect outdoor venue...

the proud Daddy

the blushing bride
 the lovable, handsome, groom

THE kiss

And lots of love, family, friends and fun...

truly, truly


{more photos soon}


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