Friday, May 25, 2012

R & R

Had to hit the road a couple days after
Mal's wedding, and head for the beach,
for a little R & R.

What an incredibly beautiful beach day it was!
The perfect prescription for this weary, post weddings Mom!!

What a great view!  

Daytona is a drive on beach,
but we go where we can walk down, so
we don't have to be concerned with the tides!

The water was a cool refreshing temperature,
so I swam around a bit, and Britt and Maddy
did some boogie boarding!!  Need to get one
more board so I can join the fun!!

Feathered shore friends abound,
are are such a joy to watch!!

These little guys
are sooo cute!  Loved it when the
breeze ruffled their feathers!!

This is the arrangement of creamy kiss roses that
Maddy made for Mal and Jeff's sweetheart table.
After a couple of days
the roses were starting to wilt, but still looked pretty!

A sweet close-up of a creamy kiss!!
So delicate looking!

The bridesmaid's bouquets were just baby's breath, 
and looked so sweet in the wedding!
This one is already drying.

So many sweet memories.
My heart is full, and the emotions that 
accompany a full heart still stream
down my face every once in awhile.
{smile and sigh}

Hope to make it back to the beach
next week.  There simply is nothing
quite like sitting seaside, and just
taking in all the wonder of
God's amazing creation!!

Have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!!

Big Sunny Hugs!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happily Ever After

Our second happily ever after
was another lovely wedding, on an
absolutely beautiful spring day!

Isn't the color palette divine?
The creamy kiss roses are just stunning,
as were the white peonies in Mal's bouquet!

And, of course, Mallory was a beautiful bride!!

The wind was gusting to around 20-25 
and Mallory's veil blew off as soon as
she began her long walk to the lakeside setting.
Daddy fixed it, and they were on their way down.

In the background you see a guest holding
a computer.  They had set up with  the groom's sister
and husband in Australia to skype the ceremony.
They had an incredibly clear connection, and it blessed us all.

These aren't official photos.  Just some taken
by the guests, so please forgive the grainy look!

It took me and my sis an hour and a half
to decorate this arbor because of the wind,
but we love the end result!!

And Jeff, the groom, built the arbor
just for the wedding!
How cool is that?

They used the split wood benches that
Britt's hubby made for their wedding, too.
Together, they made a gorgeous, elegant
and rustic setting, that the guests just swooned over!

Officially, man and wife!! 
Too much fun!

As you can see, God blessed us with
fabulous blue skies, and nice cooler day!!

All that is left now is sweet memories, warm blessings
from all of the hands that helped make it such a lovely 
event, and of course...some sorting and putting stuff away.

Thank you so very much for all of your prayers!
It couldn't have been any better than it was...truly!

Have a delightful week!

And Cupcake,
If you are reading this,
they are honeymooning in your
beautiful state!!
They sent a photo of snow capped
mountains this morning!!

I hope to have more photos of both
weddings soon!

And the shop will be opening back up this week, too!!

Love and hugs,

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just Love This!

So in LOVE!!!!!!!

Hoping to share more soon!!
Happy Wednesday!!

4 days til wedding #2!!!

Share your smile today!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Chomping At The Bit

I am soooo ready to get back to
creating, and hitting fleas, yard sales,
and thrift shops for my shop!!



5 days til the wedding
Then back to business as usual!

Here are just a couple of many new items
that I am adding to the shop
next week.

A fabulous white chippy iron basket!!

Perfect for displaying all of your pretties!!

A sweet silverplated trio to add that
wonderful tarnished and timeworn
appeal to a favorite vignette!

Hope you'll pop by the shop and 
see all that is new next week!!

Blessings and hugs,

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Maddy and I hopped into the car
and took a 
a little drive to Lake Monroe a
couple of days ago.  It's a large lake
off the St. John's River.

The city of Sanford has poured 
their hearts and souls into creating
a lake walk, park, marina and memorial
park that offers something for everyone.
And they did a great job with beautiful
plantings lining the streets.

Whenever I need to destress a bit,
I take a slow drive around the lake
with the windows down, and just take it all in.

It is absolutely teeming with wildlife.
We saw at least 1/2 dozen gators, and
lots of birds.


Part of the memorial park.
Love how Maddy edited this shot.

 This sailboat is one of about 2-3 that are
always anchored out there. 
I think it might be abandoned.

I don't know what kind of bird
this is, maybe hawks or ospreys,
but this is their nest, and there
are babies in it too!

One of them grabbed 
a bit of breakfast.
When it had what it wanted,
it flew the rest back to the nest.

Guess these used to be docks.
Love the weathered wood
and structure of them.

Well, I have heard that Blogger isn't
letting others upload photos,
and now it won't let me add the rest.

Guess I need to download windows
live writer again!
As big as Google is, you'd think they'd
have the kinks out of this by now!!

Have a wonderful day!!
More wedding prep here!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Break to Create!

I took some time away from wedding
planning tonight because I had a need to just
mindlessly create!

I LOVE my new Flora and Fauna stamp set
I picked up at Love's Creation!

What do you think?

Wow...I had fun! 

Love the texture and dimension
of the corrugated board and the vintage
sketch pad paper together!!

Add a little warm white, and washi
tape, and we're good to go!!

These will make their way into the shop
after the wedding!!

Hope your weekend is fabulous!!
Be a blessing!


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