Thursday, June 28, 2012

Junkin' Joy


I hit an estate sale today that was
just a great sale with great people,
and TONS of good stuff!!

It's the first sale that I have waited 
in line for, and it sure was worth it!!
Such a fabulous array of vintage items!
I could hardly choose!!

 And this sale was one of the ones 
that was special to me. 

You see...
Every once in awhile at estate sales,
something wonderful happens.

As I go from room to room, I get
a deep sense of the person who lived there.
As I touch their belongings I feel a 
connection to them and their lives.

It's really cool.
I don't know why it happens...maybe
because some of the things that stir
my soul, clearly stirred theirs too.

Or maybe because sometimes the 
treasures reflect
 the character of the person, 
and what they valued.

It becomes an emotional experience,
 and not just a hunt for good junk.

I don't know...
you tell me.
Do you ever experience 
anything like this in your
treasure hunting?

It touches my heart, 
and gives me much to ponder.

Although I went on a hunt for
some wonderful vintage items for
my shop, I came home with those,
and so much more.

Hope you have a lovely evening!
Blessings and hugs!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Monday!

Just poppin' in to say Hi,  


{But couldn't resist sharing 
this beautiful vignette! 
LOVE the chenille
on the chair and pillow!}
It's all about textures!!

And want to tell you 
about a wonderful
Linky Party for bloggers who have
 an online store!

Delightful Debra, over at Common Ground,
 hosts the Monday Marketplace.
You are allowed to link up {3} items 
from your shop each week!

How cool is that?

And I can tell you first hand
that it will bring traffic to
your shop, and we all LOVE that!

Whether you are a shopper or a shop
owner, {or both, like moi!}
you'll love what you see!

Click here to go check it out!

I will be posting a fab new tutorial
tomorrow!  Hope you'll be back!

Have a wonderful week,
and splash some
joy around!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DIY Simple Coastal Charm

This painted jar is such a simple project, 
and is one that can be altered to be used with
different seasons, occasions, and decor themes!

This tutorial is for this coastal charmer,
that will add a little summer breeze to your decor!

Here are two photos of the supplies 
you will need.

All were purchased at Michael's and Hobby Lobby, with the exception of the driftwood,
which was purchased at Ela Lake Design HERE on Etsy.

***OH and have a 1" foam brush on hand to
paint the inside edge with


a 4" length of string or thin twine
to hang the tag with.

 Step 1

Wash and dry ball jar.
Pour generous amount of paint
inside the jar.

Pick up jar, and roll it around and around
to distribute paint over inside surface.

Repeat until everything is covered except
inside rim, adding several drops of paint as needed.

Use foam brush to paint inside rim.
Hold jar up to the light and see if there
are any thin areas that you need to dab 
some paint on.

Step 2

Allow paint to dry thoroughly, checking
periodically for paint puddling in the bottom.
If there is, roll jar around some more to distribute paint.
{I let mine dry overnight}

Step 3

Holding the end of the sisal to the back of the jar, with a little extra {to tie knot with} wrap twine around ridges on the jar
three times, cut and tie in a knot on the back
Trim tails.

Step 4

I used a tag cutter, and cut a medium
sized tag from the green part of the paper.

If you don't have a tag cutter, simply cut
a 1" wide x 1/5" tall rectangle from the greenish area.

Grab the letters for SEA.
Press each one on the ink pad, and apply to the center of the tag to make the word. They don't have to look perfect! In fact, they look better if they don't!

Use a small hole punch to punch a hole in the top, and loop the string through and attach
the tag to the twine! 

Carefully add and arrange driftwood pieces,
{be careful and aware that the paint can be scratched off if you jab in the driftwood, flowers, pencils, etc...}

And VOILA!!!

A lovely coastal vase!

Now go create a beachy vignette!!

Here are some other ideas 
I found on Pinterest for these jars!
Just have fun with them!!

Have a fabulous week,
and be a blessing!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY Chic Studio/Office Organizers!

Happy Thursday to you!

I told you there would be at least one
tutorial a week, and this is the first one!


Lovely tin can and cardboard storage containers!!

These are the first few of mine, but they were
inspired by these beauties...

Viola, from Shabby Chic Inspired made these, and as soon as I saw them, I knew I had to make some for storage in my new studio!!


  You heard me right!  You marry off two
daughters within 7 weeks of each other,
throw your life into craziness for 
over half a year and you get a spare room,

Now that's some icing
on the cake of life,
isn't it??

These tin can storage containers
are so easy and fun to make!

I so hope you will give them a go!

Yours don't have to be neutral if
you love color!!  Just go for it!!

OK...let's get started!

Step One

Save as many cans as you want for containers.
If you don't use canned foods, ask friends to
save some for you.

Step Two

Gather your supplies!
I also kept one of the small cardboard canisters from a box of grits, and a tin from canned chicken breast.  I'll make the small can on another day!

This tutorial is for the can
with the vintage graphic on it, pictured below

You will need:
~Saved cans and containers
~Warm White acrylic paint
~1" foam brush
~birdy graphic {from Graphics Fairy printed on cream card stock
{or whatever graphic you would like to use}
trimmed to 2 3/8 x 2.5"

{I printed out 4 to a page in 3.5" x 5" size}

~hot glue gun and sticks
~spray adhesive
~{3} 1/2vintage buttons

~cotton twine from Michael's(in the beading supplies)
~Fabric scrap {3 1/8" x 3.25"} to back graphic
~Tim Holtz Distress Ink "Antique Linen"
{also at Michael's...use your coupon!!}
~sponge applicator {I use plain old cosmetic
~piece of cardboard {for adhesive over spray} 8x10" or larger

There are a good little bunch of supplies, 
but trust will want to make more than one!!

Step 3
~Paint the can

Wash and dry can.  Don't even be concerned if there is a little gummy stuff left.  It will be on the back and or be covered up!

Paint can filling in all the lines.
It will take two coats, and you will
still see some of the metal peeking through...
we love that, so that's fine!  Oh and paint the inside lip of the can.  I didn't and will need to go back and do that for a more finished look!

Step 4

When can is completely dry, with seam
side to the back, place fabric scrap and
graphic on top to make sure it's a good fit.  Trim if it isn't.

Lay fabric scrap right side down on cardboard.
Spray lightly with adhesive until covered.
Quickly center and press fabric onto can.
{I ruffled the side edges of my linen scrap to
give it a little dimension.}

Step 5

To distress the graphic a bit, take it and gently crumple it until it is in a little wad like this:

 Uncrumple the wad, and gently press it until it is somewhat flat again.

It's a bit too pristine looking, so to age it a bit, take your sponge applicator, holding the wide end, dab it onto the Distress Ink pad, and holding it at a slight angle using a downward stroke, lightly ink the entire edge of the graphic.  Then just randomly lightly blot it on the printed area until it looks a little old.

Now that is much better isn't it??  ;o)

Take the graphic, and place it right side down
on the cardboard {being careful not to put it where there is already tackiness} and spray lightly.

Quickly center graphic on fabric and press down, securing it completely to fabric.

Step 6
Heat up the glue gun.

Take one button, thread the holes with the
twine and tie it once on the underside...don't knot...too much bulk.  Trim the excess.
Apply a glue dot about the size of a large pea or a bit larger and quickly press button onto lower right edge of graphic.  Repeat with other two buttons, slightly overlapping as shown.

Step 7

Next, cut a 20.5" length of the cotton
twine.  Wrap around the back of the can
pull to the front and tie a bow!!

TA DA!!!

Your new storage can is complete
and beautiful!!  Not only that...
it's GREEN!!  Upcycling a tin can
into something absolutely lovely
and usable!!

This one is made with a piece of tea stained
cheesecloth, vintage lace, escutcheon and key

This one is made with more of the cheesecloth
just wrap around and glued, with a vintage lace and netting flower, and fabulous vintage earring piece.  I painted the cardboard container with Gesso {a canvas primer that covers well and isn't absorbed by the cardboard}and sanded it to distress it a bit.

Just have fun with this and try to use
some of what you have on hand.

I can't wait to get these and more that I will make
into my NEW STUDIO!!!

I am picking a paint color now!

I am linking to 

White Wednesday at Faded Charm
Timetravel Thursday at Brambleberry Cottage
Wow Us Wednesday at Savvy Southern Style
DIY Project Parade

Vintage Inspiration Friday at Common Ground

Have a wonderful day and splash some
joy around, ok?


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sharing the Story

As you can see,
Some exciting things
are happening!!

 The name of my blog, shop, and Facebook
is now...


As I was praying, asking God to
guide me a couple of months ago,
 this glorious new name
  popped into my head!

This lovely word embodies
all I have envisioned 
with regards to my business!
Thank You, Lord!

It is my hearts desire to help others find
fulfillment and value in preserving things
from the past~~Timewashed things!

Each piece has a story to tell
about all that has gone
before us.  Each piece
is precious!

I am looking forward to
all that is ahead!!

For now, my URL will
stay Junk to Joy,
but that will change soon, too! 
I'll keep you posted!!!

This week, I will begin
posting at least one 
simple DIY project a week!

Too much fun!

So glad to have you come along with me!!!
It's going to be good!

Have a lovely week!!
Blessings and hugs,

Friday, June 8, 2012

Good Stuff!

Hey Gals!!
It's the weekend!!


Hope you have some fun planned!
 I do, and I know it'll be good!!

I just have to tell you about this 
great new E-Zine I found called


It is the brain child of sweet Heather

The good stuff is it's fabulous contributors
and content, and the fact that it is

Doesn't the cover just scream...
MUST.  SEE.  MORE.  ????

This is the second of four issues for
the year, and it is chock full of inspiration
and beauty!! 

You can just click the
photo above to register
to receive it!

Trust'll love it!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!
Do something you love!!

Hugs and Joy to You!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Favorite Things

I love, love, love, the idea of buying handmade.

It's actually not only a love of mine...
it's a commitment!

I wholeheartedly want to support cottage businesses
and cottage farms.

They are what made this country, 
you know??

AND there is nothing quite like
buying a piece of American heritage.

Oh yes...many of the things we make today
are the collectibles of tomorrow.

So it's also investing in the future,
and insuring that the way of life that
started this great country will be remembered
long after we are gone.

So heartwarming!!

Here are some favorite things of mine
from other Etsy shop owners!

Some big changes will be taking place soon here!
Stay Tuned!

Also a delightful "Summer Breeze" giveaway!!
Can't wait to show you!!

Have a joyful weekend!!

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