Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So Simple! Peat Pot Tags!

Today I sat at my workbench wanting to do 
an easy project with a quick tutorial that I could share with you all this week.

I was thinking and looking around at various
fabrics, papers, etc... in my stash,
and the peat pots started calling my name!
I picked one up and said...

Hmmm...what could I do with you that
would be a bit different??
{shhh...I know you talk to your supplies sometimes, too!!}

Peat Pot Tags, that's what!!

How fun are these??
Vintage bits and baubles look so
great with the texture of the pots!!

I had a blast creating a few of them, and will definitely be making some more!
Maybe even selling some!

 I just played with some vintage things, and other goodies in my stash, until I found what made me smile! here are some simple instructions for making the tag itself.

I used 5" peat pots from WalMart.
They were about $3.50 for {8}
Sooo very inexpensive, and so
much fun to play with!!

~5" peat pot
~Good scissors
~1/8" hole punch
~string, twine,or hemp cord
for hangers
~something to use as a template
for cutting round tags
(I used a small glass votive holder)

Step 1
Carefully cut top rim off of pot.
{Skip this if your pot doesn't have a rim}

From the top, cut a straight line down to the
bottom of the potCut off bottom.
Skip this if your pot doesn't have a rim on the bottom.

Step 2
Now you have the piece that you can cut the
tags from.  Very gently press it until it
is laying almost flat. 

Take circle template, place on peat pot
piece, and trace with the pencil in or around
your template.

{For a rectangle, I cut it free hand,
and trimmed it until it looked even.}

Cut circle out along pencil marking.

Step 3

 1/4" from the top and center of the tag, {circle or rectangle}, using the hole punch,
punch the hole for the hanger.

Take tag in one hand, and open scissors
in the other hand and gently scrape scissor blade along the outer edge of the tag to 
add a bit of a rough edge.

Step 4

Embellish your awesome peat pot tag
with whatever makes you smile!
You can add touches of white paint, lace, buttons, rhinestones, pearls, etc...

To add hanger...
 Cut 12" length of string, hemp, twine.
Double it, with ends meeting evenly.  Take looped end, insert in hole, pull
through the other side {about 1"}

Holding loop, insert loose ends through the loop and pull til taut.

Now go make about a dozen and use them on gifts, jars, knobs, enclosed in greeting cards, so many possibilities!!

Thanks for stopping by!
I always enjoy company!!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

3 Simple Ways to Create Warmth and Character

Hi Friends!

So glad you popped by!

Two spring weddings meant a
newly vacated room for me to
do with as I please!


We LOVE that, don't we??


I am beginning to create my
studio/guest room!!
{mostly studio, though}

I want it to be not just
a pretty space, but one
full of warmth and character.
{and a little ambiance, too!}

Let's start with character.

1.)  Incorporate vintage items that
show signs of their previous life and purpose

I absolutely adore this
vintage French oyster basket!!

It's big, crusty, rusty and wonderful!
And it looks fabulous filled with
vintage linens!!
  Which is exactly how I
am going to use it in my studio!


There is nothing in retail stores
that can compare to the rich, timewashed
character of vintage pieces!

2.) Add some ambient lighting.

In creative spaces, good task lighting
and natural light are a must.

But I believe that to

nurture inspiration and creativity we also need to incorporate some ambient lighting, which adds a wonderful warmth to any space.

Candlelight is one of the best

ways to do this!  And if you use
candles that have a scent you love,
that's even better!!

I created these little doily bowls

that I use as tea light holders.  The tutorial is in my sidebar.  Soooo easy and lovely!

And yes, I very often keep candles
lit during the day!!

3.}  Repurpose vintage items to decorate

with or use for storage. 

Timeworn, tarnished, chippy,
and rusty accessories add so much
warmth, charm, and character!
One of a kind, made by you...
even better!

 I made this flower using a
vintage door knob,

and some vintage lace,trim, and
a rhinestone button center.

Not only one of a kind,
but also a reflection

of me and what I love.

I sold this one, but I'm creating
a two blossom one for my studio!  It's
half way done, and I can't wait to 

finish it!

Decorated repurposed cans for 
one of a kind storage!

So easy and fun!

The tutorial is also in my sidebar!

If you haven't discovered the joy

of adding vintage decor to your home,
I hope you will give it a try.

Be careful, though!  

You might end up like me...
Loving it, and not hardly even
thinking of buying new!!
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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birdy and Buck + 1

It seems like just
yesterday they 
were here...

And now they are HERE!!!


Our new grandy will make his/her debut
in the middle of January!!

It will be a happy new year indeed for
this Nana and Grampa!

Too much fun!


Oh! And I hope you will go check out
my new blog...

It is my hope that you will
find it to be
a special place to visit!
A place where, like an ice cold
drink on a sweltering day,
you will find
refreshment, encouragement,
inspiration, and wonderful truths
from God's Word to nourish
your spirit.

Just click the photo to take you there!

Have a wonderful week,
and remember that someone
needs you to share your smile
with them today!! 

Love and hugs,

One more thing!!

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fabulous $600 giveaway by
Maria of Dreamy Whites
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY~Inspiration Board Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!!

Hope your week has been
wonderful so far!

Mine has been busy!

Here's one of the things
 I've been working on!

It's an inspiration board that is made
of wood stretcher frame pieces, torn
vintage French dictionary pages,
muslin, and some wonderful rusty wire! 

I am having so much fun working
on things for my new studio!
This will go right where I can
see it above my work bench.


This is easy to make, 
but does take some time.
The end result is worth 
it for sure!


Here is what you need:

These aren't pictured 
but are necessary:

~Spray Adhesive
~Awl or nail to make pilot holes
for screw eyes
~Mini clothespins or something
else to hang your inspirations with

These stretcher bars are $1.49 each.  
If you have or can find a less 
expensive frame with a mostly smooth
edge, use that.

You can also choose to turn your
frame the other way so it is shorter
and wider.

You can use regular wire, rust your own,
or see if there is any available on Etsy.
I lightly tea stained my muslin piece.

***For tea staining, boil 2 cups of water,
and insert 2 tea bags. Steep, remove bags,
and insert muslin, being sure the whole piece
gets stained.  Use a rag to squeeze out excess moisture.  Crinkle, allow to dry, and
lightly press with a medium temp iron.

Step 1

~Tear dictionary pages into
2"x 2.5" rounded off rectangles.
{if you want to speed up the process
 tear larger pieces}

~Pay attention to graphics on
both the front and back and choose 
to tear accordingly. I wanted lots
of graphics and some blank areas, too,
so I included pieces with margins.

You will need approx 35-40 pieces
to cover a 16" x 20" frame.

Step 2

~Assemble frame by inserting one
16" piece into a 20" piece.
They just slide together.
Press until edges meet and are even.

~Repeat until frame is complete

Step 3

~Starting at the lower left corner,
brush some Mod Podge onto the frame.
~Adhere one torn piece.
~All my graphics were adhered at
a slight angle, but not upside down.

~Repeat, overlapping each piece slightly, going all the way around the frame. 

~Some will overlap onto the sides.
You want the sides covered, but the back
doesn't need to be, since it will
be covered with the muslin.

Step 4

~Tear some smaller pieces to fill
in around sides, and inner frame.

~Always look at placement before affixing
each piece. Also be sure to cover joints.

Step 5

~Flip frame over, and spray entire
frame with spray adhesive.

~Quickly adhere muslin piece,
and tug muslin gently at each side
 of the frame to pull the muslin taut.

~Press firmly all around, and make sure
the fabric is completely adhered.

Step 6

~Decide how many pieces of wire
you want to use.  I used 3.

~Measure and mark with a pencil where
you want to insert the screw eyes that
will secure the wire to the frame.

~You will need one on each side
for each piece of wire you want to
hang things on.

~I placed mine in the center between
the inner edge and the lip.

Step 7

~Make Pilot holes

~Being careful to not make the holes
too big, press awl or nail firmly into
frame at each pencil mark to make
pilot holes for screw eyes.

~Insert screw eye, pushing firmly,
and screwing it in at the same time.
Twist it in until it is straight
and secure.

~Repeat until all screw eyes are in place.

Step 8

~Cut wire pieces 2" longer than distance
from screw eye to screw eye.

~Loop one end of the wire through the
top left screw eye.

~Twist the 1" tail of the wire
around the long piece to secure.
 ~Pull remaining wire across
to the top right screw eye, loop
it through, and twist the tail 
around the long wire to secure.

~Be sure wire is taut.  If not, repeat
last step until it is.

That's it!!  You're done!!

Just have fun with this and make it yours!

I added this little garland made of
sweet vintage tatted squares, and
pearl and heart dangles.

I'll change things out from time to time

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Splash some joy around, ok?


Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Love~Vintage Textiles

I love most anything old,
but my greatest love is 
fabulous vintage textiles!

Vintage French metis, 
hand loomed linen, and French 
grain sacks are at the top of my list!

They are my absolute
favorite fabrics to look at,
touch, and create with.

Metis is so lovely~mostly smooth
and cool to the touch...just delightful!

I made this lavender pillow
with the button placket of
a vintage French metis night shirt
from the early 1900's.

I love surrounding myself
with the warmth and character
of vintage goodness,
don't you?

Have a great day,
and remember to
count your blessings!

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