Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Can It Be True???

Those of you who have followed me for awhile,
know that in the spring, we married off our #2 and #3 daughters!!  3 down, one to go!!  LOL!

Well, the blessings of adding two wonderful young men to our family are soon to be multiplied by the addition of two new grandies!!  

Yep, they are both pregnant!!
And are expecting about 3 weeks apart!!  Delightful new year blessings will
fill our hearts in January!

Here are pics of their baby bumps!!
We are all so excited!
God is good!

Bird found out first! 

And Mal found out shortly after!

Mal and Jeff just announced that
they are expecting a GIRL!!!
We love our girls in the Stewart fam!!

Bird and John haven't revealed
their findings just yet,
but I'll let you know when they do!

Just had to share our joy!

So hard to believe...we were just 
getting used to the idea of them being
married, and now expecting babies??


I just feel so incredibly blessed!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

$1 Pumpkin Makeovers

I saw these little buttery
colored cuties when I was in Wal Mart the other day, and had to grab a few since they were less than $1, and I love the shape!

Of course,
I can't just leave them without
any adornments,
CAN I???

Plus, I wanted to show you how easy it is to get a more expensive, and one of a kind
fall look with them!

This was really a fun little project,
and was done in less than 30 minutes!!

For the one above, I cut a section from a copy of a vintage French invoice.  I  aged the paper a bit with Tim Holtz
distressing ink, punched holes near
the points, attached little grommets,
and ran through some of my favorite
rusty wire I purchased
here from Curious Sofa!

Add a touch of Spanish moss,
and voila!!

Too cute!

This one was super simple!
I made a little distressed tag with a grommet
out of the same vintage French invoice,
added some caramel colored vintage seam binding, and a vintage earring piece!
Just love it!

 A vintage escutcheon, key, and a little
Spanish moss make this one a wonderful
one of a kind!!  

Look at the stuff you have in your stash, or look in the trinket section at Michaels or JoAnn, and see what you can find to make your little $1 pumpkins uniquely yours!!

I can't decide which one is my fave!!
Can you?

Have a lovely weekend!!  
Here in central Florida, we will be getting
some wind and some rain for 3-5 days,
 which means plenty of time to create!!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fun and Easy String Holder Tutorial

Hey Gals!!
Here is the tutorial on the string and twine holder!
  Hopefully, you won't even have to buy any supplies!!

I love string holders, and wanted a way to keep the balls of the most used
strings close at hand.

This is what I came up with:

Shhh...don't tell, but I swiped one of hubby's travel hangers because I don't have any plain wire hangers, which I think I'd love the look of, by the way!

This one is plastic coated, but the white works, so I just had to get over it.

~a wire coat hanger
~approx 50 strips of coordinating fabric, or ribbons cut to 5.5" long and .5" wide
{I used scraps so my only real expense was the bling...$1}
~wire cutters
~bling or baubles to embellish with
~hot glue gun

Step 1

~Cut hanger with cutters in one of the bottom corners, just before the straight bottom bar curves up.

~Using pliers, clamp down on bar that angles toward bottom about 5/8" from the edge,
and bend the bar upwards to create a holder for the string the bar will hang on. It takes a little muscle to curve it!

The weight of the string balls will hold the bar against the curve securely.

Once that is done, you can begin to attach
the strips of fabric

Step 2

 ~Starting at the top, just below the twisted
part of the hanger, attach the first strip.

~Fold strip in half and place under the hanger
as shown.  Holding the 2 ends, bring them over
the hanger and through the loop.  Pull tight.

~alternate colors and fill one side.
~repeat on the other side.
~fluff and moved ends around til you 
like how it looks.

Step 3
~Apply a dot of hot glue to the base of the twist at the top of the hanger. Adhere one end of a fabric strip. Wrap around twist and apply another dot of glue to secure the end of the strip.  This provides a base for adhering some bling!

~attach your bling or baubles!!

Nothing like pretty, functional storage that
you made yourself!!  And, for almost nothing!

Now I just have to get my studio finished!!

Let me know if you make one!!  I'd love to see it!

I will be away from my blog spending a few
fabulous days with my sister!!
Can't wait...just me and my sis!!

Hugs to you all!

It's Getting To Be That Time!!

"What time is that?", you say.
The kids are heading back to school.
Do you see the softening of the light?
All the stores are filling up with their harvest bounty.
I'm whispering so as to not upset those who are still

drenching themselves in the sun, and enjoying full on summer!

AND it's time to make some pumpkins,that's what time! I am already having a blast doing just that!!

Here are some of the little charmers I have been working on...

I just had to play! 
These are all made from vintage fabrics that I absolutely adore!


This sweetie is created with hand loomed European linen that is probably my all time favorite fabric in the whole entire world!!

"Rosie" is made with some fabulous vintage floral fabric all the way from  Aquitane France.

And this one with the silver heart charm is made with a finer weave vintage French linen.
I love the three stick stem on this one!

These are so, so, much fun to create!  As you can see, anything goes!!

I'm also going to be sharing  a super simple tutorial on how to make this fun and decorative string and twine holder!  I should have the tutorial up tonight! More functional decor for my studio!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
You all really make my day, you know?

Hope your day is filled with all kinds of WONDERFULNESS!!


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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


to be here today...

Hope your day is lovely! 
I'll be back soon with a great new tutorial and some snippets of what i'm working



Thursday, August 9, 2012

Easy Plaster Heart DIY

Plaster of Paris is so much fun to play with!

Earlier this year, Petite Michelle Louise posted a plaster heart she bought at Home Goods.  I raced out to buy one here, but sadly
there were no more left.

So after making a plaster pumpkin 
{see tutorial here},

I decided to make a plaster heart!

This is sooo easy!
Here is all you need to make one yourself!

Be sure to use a coupon at Michaels, JoAnn, or Hobby Lobby, to purchase your plaster of paris.  I found the hearts at Hobby Lobby
for approx $1

Here are the easy steps!

1.}  Pour about 2" of plaster of paris into cup; slowly stir in enough water to make it the consistency of yogurt.  It will not work if it
is too thin, or too thick.

2.}  Take knife and begin to spread mixture on heartAllow to dry slightly and using your fingers, smudge the plaster to create some texture.   It's ok to let some of the brown show through!

3.}   Once done with the front, let dry, and repeat on the back, and edges. 

4.}  Embellish with whatever you have in your stash that makes you smile!

I used a vintage rhinestone button, some lightly tea stained cheesecloth, 
and a piece of vintage cotton that I stamped the word beauty on.  I adhere the fabric with spray adhesive, and then loosened the edges for a more dimensional look.

The hanger is a piece of silk sari ribbon that I purchased on Etsy.  To adhere the sari, I applied a dot of hot glue in to center of the top of the heart and left a tail that the button covers up. I then added another small dot of hot glue on the sari, and inserted a pearl head straight pin to secure it further.
I also hot glued the rhinestone button in place.

These are so much fun, so inexpensive, and would make wonderful gifts, as well as look great on packages, or for holiday decorations.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Simple Doily Deliciousness!

I just adore vintage handmade doilies
of all kinds!  Add in some linen, and my
heart just melts!

I have seen so many different ways to use them,and yet this is the most simple by far!

I love how each detail of these lovely handmade doilies capture the eye!!

Starting in the center of the
table, place them down one by one with the edges slightly overlapping to create the look of one large doily under your centerpiece.
layer them down the center in a pattern that pleases your eye to use as a runner!

No sewing!!!and the look is fabulous!

I used a neutral table cloth underneath to keep them from slipping around.

It's just that easy! 

Mismatched patterns and shades of white
and ecru play off of each other, and
create a delightful, delicate look.

And they make a wonderful background
for your photos!

Take some time to stop
and appreciate all the beauty
that is around you this week, ok?
{we are so blessed, aren't we?}

And get those doilies out of that
drawer and have some fun playing with them!

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