Friday, December 28, 2012

Jekyll Island Getaway!

Jekyll Island sits on the sea's hem alongside the southern corner of the Georgia coastline.

We discovered this island gem several
years ago, and love visiting in the fall
or winter because it's off season,
the room rates go down, and you practically
have the whole island to yourself. 

It was chilly, but we loved our stay,
and truly enjoyed touring around, 
and walking the beaches.  We brought home
several wonderful sand dollars for
our granddaughter, too! 

Enjoy your visit to this enchanting place!

Beach erosion continues to cause craggy
oaks to fall along the shore at the northern
tip of the island.  Over time, they have become transformed by the sun, salty sea, sand and breezes, and create the stunning, almost eerie beauty known as Driftwood Beach. 

The lovely St. Simon's Island is seen in the background.  We love it, too!

Jekyll Island was once the playground to wealthy northeast bankers, and this cottage is one of many that were originally owned by families such as J.P Morgan, the Rockefellers, and the Goodyears.  

The idea for the Federal Reserve System of banking regulation was conceived on the island under a cloak of secrecy, by these bankers at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. 
{pictured below}

There were lots of deer roaming the south end 
of the island just after sunset, but many of my photos were too dark!

For us, time stands still for just
a little while when we're on the island,
and that is always a good thing!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!
I'm going junkin!



Sweet Retreat

Just poppin' in to say HI
to all my delightful friends!

Hope your holidays have been
wonderful so far!

Ours have been fun and so

Me and hubby set off for
a one night, two day little getaway
3 days before Christmas.

Crazy, right?
Soooo not crazy!

  This lovely sight was just a little walk
behind our hotel.

And our little getaway was the
perfect way to really settle into
the warmth of Christmastime.

I'll be back with more as soon as I
edit the other photos.  

Our destination was Jekyll Island, Georgia.
I took some photos that will give you the
feel of this unique, relaxed, island setting,
and one of our most favorite places!

Warm Holiday Hugs to You All,


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Delightful Details!

Don't forget! Blissful Whites Wednesday will resume
in January!

I am a detail oriented person
and just love seeing creative artistry of all
kinds when it is done well!

As I hop around blogland, I am in awe of the beauty that women are creating.

Two of the many ladies who truly inspire me
are Michelle, at Petite Michelle Louise,
Each lovely thing they create reveals some of 
their inner beauty, and is crafted with
exceptional attention to detail.

Both have had their art applauded in
different Stampington publications.

They each have Etsy shops, and I can assure you that you will be in love with anything you purchase from either shop!  Michelle's can be found here, and Abby's can be found here.

Michelle has a love for sea pottery and embellished the lovely piece in this sweet French tart tin, and Abby made the absolutely precious little crown sitting on the
corner of the sea pottery!  Just love them!

Neither friend knew I would be including them
in this blog post!  I just wanted to share some of the artistry of these two gifted ladies with you!

Delightful Details! 

Which is also the name
of one of Michelle's Pinterest Boards.
And she pins some loveliness for sure!

Still working on decking our halls!
Hope I can share more soon!  This old grape crate is the centerpiece
on our dining room table.  Have a little more
to do in there, and then I'll share the rest!

Birthday party last night for
one preggo daughter,
and a romantic getaway
for me and hubby this weekend!

Can't wait!
It will be short,
but lovely, I'm sure!

Take some time to savor
the season and all that entails!
It will be over in the twinkling of an eye!

Christmas Joy To You!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Little Tree in a Bucket

Well, it's coming along slowly but surely!  
Hopefully, by the end of the day tomorrow,
I will be done decking our halls!!

This year I sprung for a small tabletop faux tree.  To go with our 9ft real tree, of course!!  Haha! Hubby just loves big trees!!

I am having so much fun playing with this
little tree!  I was inspired by another blogger to see if it would fit in this extremely old galvanized bucket I have...

I just love how it looks!
A little rustic, with some elegance
and of course...a little bling!

The chest it's sitting on belonged to my Mama Rose, my Mom's mom, and I adore it!

Look at the detail...
{click photo to enlarge}

That lovely lady is my Mom!
Sure miss her hugs! 

The hardware is so gorgeous!
And the wood is tiger oak...
I could never paint this piece!!

I'm not done playing with this tree!
Still needs a little work up top, 
and around the back!

The icicles are from Dollar Tree,
and I purchased the chunky wood snowflakes
3 years ago at Kohl's on clearance, and am finally using them! Same with the birch bark star topper!!

The other ornaments are paper mache,
and were so easy to create!

I highlighted the lines of each
one with gesso, and then just
kind of dry brushed the rest
{with gesso} for a hint of white against the brown.

Then I smeared some Elmer's glue on the
parts I wanted to sparkle, and sprinkled
them with mica flakes for a timewashed look!

So glad I took a little time and made them.
I love their rustic, vintage look.  

Did you know that Love was 
born on Christmas day?

The willow heart represents God's
love for us in sending His Son to
be the Savior of the world!

Such a great old tub!
The red band around it goes with red line on the grainsack runner!

My front doors gussied up!
I'll have more pics soon of 
the lighted landscape.
{I hope!!} 

Just saw that I need to tuck the 
lights up into that left corner!
Didn't even see that when I hung the garland!

I hope you all are savoring the joy,
peace, and love of this wonderful season!

Hoping that your Christmas is... 

I'll have more to show early next week!

Thanks so much for all the inspiration you gifted women have given me!


Praying God's tender mercies on all
of the hurting families in Connecticut.
My heart is so heavy for them.  

Hug your loved ones extra good today, ok?

And don't let a day go by without them
knowing how very much you love them!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Catchin' Up!!

I feel like I am so behind...
but I'm so excited to be starting to 

The front door wreaths are hung, and now to see if the lighted garland still functions!  Hope to have more holiday decor to share over the next few days!!!

I have had so much fun seeing what all of you
are doing in your lovely homes!

Remember to take time to savor the true
meaning of the holidays, and to share
some joy with a soul that might need a little!!

Off to decorate!!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blissful Whites Wednesday!!

Sorry to be a little late!
Just so busy, as I'm sure you all are!!
What a great party last week!
You all shared so much loveliness!!

This week I'm sharing an older post 
that was very popular.

These are the petite doily bowls
I made and used as tealight holders!

They are so easy to make {See tutorial HERE}
And they add so much ambience to a vignette!

 Just love how the light shines
through the holes, and reflects the cool
designs on everything!


Some loveliness that was share last week:

 lovely white holiday tablescape! 

 Jeanette, at Creating A Life, shared her faux mantle all dressed up and pretty!

let us in on her stunning bedroom reveal!

 Well, hope you all are enjoying this lovely
time of year, and that your hearts are filled
with joy!

There is just so much that we have to be thankful for!

This will be the last Blissful Whites Wednesday until the New Year!
We'll pick right back up where we left off the second week of January 2013!!
Big Hugs and Wishes
for a fabulous Christmas for you all!!

Linking to
Stone Gable Tutorials,

Tips and Tidbits

Shanty 2 Chic Christmas Craft
linky party

Let's partay!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Fall/Winter Florida Style~And A Winner!

There is nothing like the amazing climate
of my home state!!

A couple of days ago, I grabbed my camera and hit the road for a little jaunt to the lake.
I just needed a little breather...
to drink in some of the loveliness
that surrounds my little town.  

It was the golden hour, when the setting sun
casts a warm glow on the landscape,and it was simply lovely!

This, my friends, is fall and winter in central Florida!

Warm days, cool evenings, and plenty 
of gorgeous colors and sunny skies to enjoy!

I love observing wildlife of all kinds, and the lake is the perfect spot to do just that!

This is the golden hour right outside my front door.  I love watching the sun set over my neighborhood.
Little joys, you know?


The giveaway winner was chosen via
random number generator, and is

Congratulations, Elizabeth!!

Email me your address and I will send
your box of goodies on it's merry way!!

Have a wonderful week, and share
some holiday JOY with everyone around you!!

Blissful Whites Wednesday Link will be up tomorrow evening!!!


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