Friday, December 27, 2013

Full Hearts

Hi Sweet Friends!

Hope your hearts are full of the joy of Christmas, and that you are looking forward to 2014 with eyes of hope!  Our Christmas was
just delightful, and I am ready to have
a fabulous New Year!!

  {my centerpiece...had a table cloth and
other greenery around it, but the cats
liked it too much}

All but a few of my photos came our blurry...meh...
{must have messed up my settings when I was beginning to learn manual operation 
of my camera!} 

{didn't get my fresh greenery this
year...couldn't find any that looked good}

Went with white lights this year,
{finally got the ok from the all the girls! LOL!} and the rest is red, white, silver,
and burlap!

I even hung real candy we
did when I was a child.

Made this collage from Christmas day photos!

The grandies are just too much fun!
And both are almost 1 year old!!

Holiday blessings to you all!

Blissful Whites Wednesday will be up and
running the week after New Year's!!

Be Merry, and safe, ok??
Love and Hugs!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Joy!

Hello Friends,
Hope you are well, and are taking some time to savor this glorious holiday season with those
close to you!

I saw this on Facebook, and it moved me to tears.

I wish I had been there when it happened.

Enjoy, sweet friends, and have a wonderfully 

Love to you all!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Transformation~ Wood Holiday Cut Out

The lowly wood cut out is often passed up
by shoppers, but they quickly catch my eye!

I immediately begin to think...
how can I make this look wonderful??

I couldn't pass up these little snowmen.
$.50 each on sale.

I am using them to fill sweet little mini
stockings I made for a custom order.

First, I drill the hole with my dremel.
Ask for hubby's drill if you don't have a dremel.

Then I sand them to get rid 
of any rough edges.  I use
a worn out nail file to get in the hard

Paint with acrylic paint.
My paint color of choice
is usually white.

I applied Martha Stewart clear
fine glitter by covering the snowman
with a thin coat of Elmers glue,
and then sprinkled with glitter.

Then go wild!
Embellish with whatever
strikes your fancy!

And before you know it,

you'll have something that is just
so stinkin' cute that
you'll be grabbing them up by
the handfuls!!! 

Be Inspired Friday over at
Common Ground

Have a fabulous day,
a delightful weekend,
and splash some holiday
joy around your world!!!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

From My Studio

Found a little time to create late last night.
I sure have been having a tough time
getting new things into the shop!

Here are a couple more lovely little pillows
that feature the fabulous pen and ink
artwork of Michelle Palmer!!

Created with charming, oatmeal
colored, hand loomed linen!

Perfect size to tuck into any holiday vignette!!

AND they make charming and unique gifts
for those special ladies in your life!

These are the last two I will
have for sale this season!!

You can find the snowman here,
and the birdy here!

Have a joyful day,
and know that you're a 
blessing to me!!

Big Toasty Hugs From Florida!

Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Happening!

Oh yeah!  
The change is on!

I've told you I am an eclectic soul!
I love a little of almost all
decorating styles!!

Gone are the sparkly, blingy
Christmas decorations!

This year I'm going


and more rustic!
{at least for this year}
Wink, wink!

Here is what I have been playing with...

Very old, large aqua mason jars,full 
of air bubbles and character,
ironstone, shiny brites, candy canes...

so I ask...


ohhh, this is just the beginning!

Throw in a rustic, vintage grape crate,
some greenery, candlelight, touches of red 
and white sprinkled around, a tree in
an antique galvanized bucket and of course, twinkle lights!!

Hopefully, I'll have it done tomorrow,
and can share some more pics!!

Have a lovely week, my friends...
share your love and laughter with
your family, friends, and a few
strangers, ok??

Big Hugs!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Little Vintage Delights!

I absolutely adore vintage buttons...
especially the really unusual ones, or those
that tell you their age by their patina.

These are very vintage glass buttons that 
are just perfectly timewashed!!

They are backed with foil that has
tarnished a bit...LOVE that!!

I was going to use some in
Christmas designs, but couldn't
bring myself to think of parting
with them just yet!
{or maybe ever!}

In the background are a couple of lavender
sachets that are in a set for sale in the 
shop!  The vintage Euro linen has such a great of my very favorite things!!

It is sooo lovely and so versatile!!


Can't wait to get our tree tomorrow!!
Is yours up yet?  There has just been way
too much going on around here!

So looking forward to adding some holiday charm to our home, too!We'll be keeping things simple!

simple. is. good. 

Share some holiday lovin' with the
people you see when you're out and about!
So many are hurting this time of the year!

Love and Hugs,


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Rustic Natural Look

Hello Friends!

A very sweet and talented lady named Marlene, has featured one of my mini stockings on her blog!  How fun!
You can check it out HERE!!
Thanks so much, Marlene!

I love the rustic, earthy, natural look for holiday decor!

I just finished a custom stocking order, and changed up the embellishments for different family members.

This is the top of the stocking for her hubby.

 When you buy handmade, you often have the fun of having decor that no one else has.  This was a one of a kind set, and I hope she'll treasure them for years!

 This is the one for her daughter.
Love the chunky snowman!

I hope you'll each do your part to support
small, cottage businesses this holiday season!

There is so much talent to be found on Etsy!

Here are a few faves of mine!

Have a lovely rest of the week!!
I'll be busy with the shop!!


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Charm!!

Some of you may already know my friend,
Michelle Palmer, who is a very talented,
licensed artist.  Her beautiful art is currently featured on calendars, cards, etc...found on shelves all over the U.S.!

Michelle, shares her art with the bloggy
world, HERE, and has two Etsy shops.

I absolutely love creating with her pen and ink drawings.  Each one is so charming and unique.

Here are a couple of mini pillows I made using
art she created for me!
I am really pleased with how they turned out.

Michelle's characters just capture the JOY
of the holiday season!!

 These cuties make delightful gifts,
that are sure to be a hit!

 I will be adding a few more
to the shop between now and Monday
if you're interested, or you can
email me for a custom order!

May the warmth, joy, and blessings
of Thanksgiving be yours, as you
reflect on all you have to give thanks for!

Big Toasty Hugs!


Monday, November 25, 2013

A Light Hearted Departure!

I don't know if any of you have noticed, but I just love mixing things up!  I tire of
one style so easily...I need to dabble
in them all!

I love so much about most styles,
that some of each sneak into what I create.

I have been delighted by some of the more minimal, and a touch whimsical, things I have seen around other shops and blogs.

So, of course, in response to the cuteness, I had to try my hand at some, too!!

Love how these turned out!

They just make me smile!!

I am no graphic designer, 
{secret fantasy,shhh!!}

but designed these using nothing more
than Picmonkey! 


You can make these, too, but if you 
can't wait and just want 
to eat them all up
you can buy them here!!


Big, thankful hugs to you all!
You add so much to my days!!

I am praying that your hearts are filled
to overflowing with thanks for all of
your many blessings, and that your time
gathered around the table with family and
friends will be heartwarming and fun!

I also understand that so many hearts are
lonely, scared, filled with hurt and pain, or
unhappiness.  If you are one of them, I pray that God, Who loves you more than you could ever imagine, will comfort you, give you peace, and meet your deepest, most pressing, need.  He is so loving and tender, and is found by all who seek Him.

May the rich blessings of the
holiday season be yours!
Love from my heart to yours,

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Roseflower Farm!!

I am so thrilled for my treasured friend, DeAnn. We have a long history of dreaming and scheming together, and one of her dreams is coming to fruition now!
EEK!!!  I could just explode with

I just have to share it with you!!

DeAnn is now selling her amazing, masterfully handcrafted, artisan soaps!  I love them all, but my absolute favorite is  her wonderful lavender soap.  I don't use anything else...EVER!

 The fragrance is light, soothing,
and refreshing in just the loveliest way!
And they are all natural!!

I would love it if you... my sweet bloggy friends... would take a moment to encourage her by liking her Facebook page!!

You can find it HERE 

Hope you are having a wonderful
weekend, and are ready to greet 
the new week with a thankful heart!!

Hugs to you!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Saturday & Must Love Junk Feature!!

Hi Friends!!
Just a quick note to tell you that today I am being featured over at Must Love Junk in the Saturday Spotlight!!  Susan asked me to write a little piece on myself!  Too much fun!

Hope you'll go check it out! You can find it HERE

Oh and if you have placed an order in my Etsy shop, I am shipping out several today, and the
bulk of the rest on Monday!!  We had 
out of town company and I am in catch up mode!!

Have a lovely weekend,
and hug someone who needs it, ok?
This is our one life.  Not a dress rehearsal!!

Blessings and Joy,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blissful Whites Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!
It is time for our party!!

Just so you know, this will be the last party until the New Year!

There is always so much to enjoy during the holiday season...
decide to put off busyness, and embrace the goodness...
give, share, and spread some cheer,
enjoy your family and friends {for they are what we're here for}
take time to reflect on the blessings and lessons from the past year
and look forward to the new year with a heart full of hope and anticipation! 

I'll keep on blogging, but will be delighted
to start partying with you again in January!!

Here are a couple of great features from last week!

how she washes her cottage in white
for the holidays!

Kerrie just has a way of mastering beauty
through simplicity...stunning and elegant,
while being down to earth and comfy!  


Shane, of  Rose, Lace and Brocante shared a gorgeous box of treasures she received from a friend...

some of my favorite things, too!

Just sooo pretty!

Well, let's start the party!
Link up your whites!

And enjoy and treasure this
holiday season!!

May God richly bless each of you!


Sunday, November 10, 2013

From My Studio

Happy Sunday!!

I have been creating all weekend!
How can it be that I still have so much to do??

Thought I'd share some of what is new in the shop! I'll be adding new items all week!

A bit of a rustic take on a classic stocking!

Love how this turned out!
The little candy canes are a new item

Some hand loomed vintage linen tags!

I just got some more fabulous hand loomed yardage from Europe in a parcel yesterday!!  Can't wait to create with it!!

And a sweet, French inspired gift/inspiration
kit, that is just full of goodies!

You can check it all out in my shop!

Have a fabulous week, my friends!!
Hugs to you all!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blissful Whites Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

It's that time of the week that we all love!
Time to celebrate the warmth, character and charm of all the wonderful shades of white!!

One of last week's lovely features was
Kim's wonderful master bedroom reveal!
You can find Kim at Living Vintage, and you will want to see more of this space!!

So many details to love!  The salvage bed posts!!  Wow!  Ceiling tiles...yum!

The wood plank wall!!  Cozy nook...just awesome!

Anne, of Fiona and Twig, shared some of her amazing photo shoot at the Cotton Haus Bed and Breakfast~~utterly charming!!

Love the car doors!! it's your turn to share your pretties!!
Have a fabulous day!

My Timewashed Etsy Shop will be opening tomorrow at 1:00 with lots of new holiday items!!  Hope you'll check it out!!

Party On!!!

Hugs and Joy to You!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blissful Whites Wednesday!

Good morning, sweet friends!!
It is a stunningly gorgeous morning here in central Florida!

I hope your day is off to a great start!!

It's time for our party...YEAH!!!

A couple of fabulous features from last week include:

Rebecca, from A Re-purposed Life, shared her some of the beauty she surrounds herself with!

 Love this fountain, and the detailing on the house!

 And I just love the architectural pieces framing the entryway, and the beautiful swan!!  Just yummy!

And Lululiz in LalaLand, shared this fabulous white grape bowl!!
Wow...just sooo beautiful!

What a great piece to use throughout the year!

Thanks so much to each of you for all the lovely features last week!

Let's start the party!

Have a fabulous day!!

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