Saturday, February 23, 2013


Just want to let you know that
I will be missing from blogland for
at least a few days. 

There will be no Blissful Whites Wednesday until the following week.

I have been sick for several days, and this weekend we realized that we have a water leak somewhere in our master bath that is causing us to smell mildew even though we don't see any.

I think I must be allergic to it, because it is wreaking absolute havoc on my respiratory system.  Monday they will come and find the culprit.

I sure would appreciate your prayers!

Hope your weekend and week is lovely!
I'll be back when I'm all better!

Hugs and joy to you!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blissful Whites Wednesday

Welcome to Blissful Whites Wednesday!!
I am so behind with so many
different things!  I could tell you the
whole story, but I don't think you'd
really want to hear it!


I'm sharing photos from an older post about using various vintage doilies as a type of runner for your table.  I put down a linen type tablecloth, and arranged the doilies
on top.  I just love the look, and it can always be changed since they're not sewn together.


A warm and welcoming look with vintage whites!! 

This week's spotlight is on Sylvia at

Silvia showed us how she made ruffles
to sew onto curtain panels that 
turned out just dreamy!!

 Hope you'll go meet Sylvia!
She is sweet and so talented!!

OK!!!  Let's see those fabulous
whites of yours!!

Remember to visit a few of the
other links and share the love!!

Hugs and Joy!



Saturday, February 16, 2013

Worth A Thousand Words

These oh so sweet shots were captured when Caroline was first born. Just love them!

So proud of both of our new mommies and daddies! I am filled with joy as I watch
  them get their stride with parenthood, 
 and look forward to seeing them help these little beauties grow in grace.

 These two little girls sure
have captured their Nana's heart...
just like their mommies did, not
so very long ago...sigh...

Have a blessed Sunday,
and a lovely week!

Share your smile
and a happy thought today!


Sweet Bunny Basket!!

A fun, running Easter bunny basket
I created to usher in spring
and Easter!

I am sharing this at the 6 Days of Spring
over at Jennifer Rizzo's blog!! 

And entering the $250 Pottery Barn Giveaway!
Too much fun!

Not much time left to enter!
You can find the giveaway and party here!
This bunny basket is full of details and all in a wonderful, neutral color palette!! 

The bunny is hand carved, distressed, and has a touch of bling and lace trim!

These are so much fun to create!

Some more sparkle, distressed and adorned eggs...yum!

 Available for purchase in my shop!

Hope your day is fabulous!!
Hugs to you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blissful Whites Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

A big, very heartfelt, thank you for all of your most kind thoughts and prayers regarding
my day yesterday.  They meant so much to me.

We have a lot of other things going on 
here that I haven't shared, so thank you again.  I thank God for each of you,
and for my wonderful hubby, who is such
a source of strength for me.  God has also
blessed me with a few incredible girl friends,
who put up with me, and that I know have my back.  You know who you are.  Love you so much.


This weeks Blissful Whites Wednesday spotlight

Jeanette is very creative, and last week
shared her Valentine mantle along with
a handmade banner and wreath that are darling.  

She also shares lovely photos of her home on her blog

And photos of the beautiful, picturesque town in Colorado where she lives.
Hope you'll pop over and say HI!!
You can meet her by clicking here

Ok...let's get the party started!!

Remember to...

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share the love
***And link back to the party!!   
 Have a lovely day!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Emotions & BWW Change Up

Hi Sweet Friends

Today will be a busy, emotion filled
day for me as I go to the doctor with
my mother-in-law, where she'll more than 
likely receive her diagnosis of dementia. 
 {the illness that overtook my own Mom}

And right on the heels of that,
I will be attending the funeral for the mother of one of my close friends.

The links for Blissful Whites Wednesday
will be up tomorrow by mid afternoon.

Thanks so much for your understanding.

Find the joys tucked in the moments
of your day, ok?  We often miss them because
we're too busy!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Little Studio Time

Sure has been fun helping out our
two new little mommas!

God has truly blessed us all,
  and much to my delight, He's
even made it so I
have been able to squeeze in
just a wee bit of creative time.

 Just so refreshing
to sit down, free my mind,
and work with my hands.

Here are a couple of my new creations!

The first of many decorative
pincushions that will be making their way into
my shop!

Made with absolutely wonderful Belgian linen by Rachel Ashwell, these are perfect accessories for a rustic, French farmhouse or cottage studio.

Nothing quite like the timewashed patina
on fabulous vintage, zinc, Ball jar lids.
They make a wonderful base!

And of course, with Spring just
around the corner, there have to
be some new little birdy creations, right?

Charming wood birds, that I painted,
distressed, added vintage script to,
and embellished with a bow and a little bling!

  Well, off to catch up on some

What have you been up to?
Hope your weekend is delightful!!

Hugs to you, my friends!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Blissful Whites Wednesday!!

Wow!  I can't believe it's Tuesday and
time to get the Blissful Whites Wednesday party underway!!

Guess I have been kind of caught up
in baby land!!  LOL!!

A big huge thank you to all of you for
sharing in my joy with these two
new grandies!!  You multiplied my joy for sure!!

This week I am sharing a fabulous chippy white shelf that my friend Carol, over at The Polka Dot Closet, convinced me to buy. We had a lunch date, and checked out a wonderful new vintage place called Adjectives over near Orlando!

I couldn't make up my mind, and she said I would regret it if I left it behind because the price was great!

She was so right!

I absolutely love it, and shock of shocks, so does my hubby!! Maybe I'll be able to have more white spaces after all! ;o)

It is filled with little pretties that
just make me smile!

It is over the tv console on a cypress
shelf hubby made, and I love it there!
It just need some more layers of
lovely whites!!

Hubby put the shelf up a tad high to 
allow for his bigger tv one of these days!
He also put the finish on the console.  As much as I adore whites, I love how they contrast with rich browns, so we will never be all white!!

A favorite crock that is crazed and wonderful!

The humble beginnings of my pitcher collection, and a sweet cream ware container.

Love the ruffled crown plate from my
close friend, Nellie! And the sweet vintage
tin that belonged to my hubby's great aunt!
It's filled with tender memories of our first
three daughter's births!  Sigh...


This weeks spotlight is on Junk Chic Cottage,
and the fabulous laundry room makeover Kris

Love the curtains that are just stapled in place!  And what a charming settee!!

And the baskets and washboards are just delightful!!

Her whole house is just beautiful, and she takes you on a tour to see it!  Go check it out!  You'll be glad you did!

Hugs and joy to you!


Now for the party!

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***Post only YOUR personal photos!
***Link back to the party!
***Visit around, and make some new friends!!



Monday, February 4, 2013

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