Thursday, January 31, 2013

Can It Be True?

We are all feeling like we've
been caught up in a magical
{and exhausting}

6 days ago, we welcomed baby Eleanor
into the world.  


Sweet baby Caroline!

To say our hearts are full would be...
well... simply inadequate. 

Two precious gifts from God.
Two new mommies
Two new daddies
Two new little families
Two more grandies for us to hug,
love and smooch to pieces

Our cups runneth over.

We thank God for these sweet blessings!
We thank God for each of you who prayed!
You have blessed me and my family so much!

More pics to come!
Love and big hugs!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blissful Whites Wednesday!!

Welcome to Blissful Whites Wednesday!

Last year, I found an antique French
oyster basket that I adore, and have had 
such fun moving all around my home.
Now I am trying it out on a vintage
camping stool, and love it!
It's full of French linens,
and draped with my giveaway lovelies
from Monica at The White Bench.
I love whites, but also love how
they contrast with browns for
a great rustic look.

  This is Charley being invisible!
Haha!!  He's always got to be right
where I am!


This week the BWW spotlight shines
on a very sweet lady named Barb

Barb has a retail boutique she tends lovingly to, and makes some of the most lovely creations and vignettes.

Last week she shared a little of her
cottage room at the boutique

 Thanks Barb, for joining in BWW!
Go say hello to her!  You'll make a new friend!  
OK, fellow lovers of white!
Let's see what you've got!!
Have a fabulous week!


Happy Tuesday!!

Morning has broken.
It's a beautiful new day!

Hoping your day is sprinkled with joy!!!

Blissful Whites Wednesday linky
party begins tonight!  See you then!



Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sweet Cheeks

Just had to share the latest pic
of precious baby Eleanor
and her sweet cheeks!

Bird's older sister, Sam, crocheted the headbands for our little Miss!  So adorable!

Hope you look for the joy
tucked in the moments
of your day!!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Almost Ready For Round Two!

Thank you so much for the 
outpouring of love and prayers,
and for sharing in my joy as the 
first of our two pregnant daughters
became a new mommy!

We were up for 24 hours straight during 
her labor, and have almost gotten caught
up on our sleep.

But Wait!
Round Two is just a few days
{or maybe hours away!)

Our second born daughter, Mallory,
is due any day now!

After listening to her little sis labor
for 24 hours, she's thinking an
epidural sounds real good!

This is their Notting Hill shot.
Just love it!
Hoping you'll keep praying,
and know how much I have appreciated
each and every kind word you've all shared!

I'll keep you posted!!
Have a delightful weekend!

Hugs and Joy to You!!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

She's Here!! We're So Blessed!

We are so proud of our daughter and 
her hubby!  After 24 hours of hard labor,
we welcomed sweet Eleanor into
the world!!

22.5" long, 9.25 pounds, and absolutely precious!

Thank you so very much for all of your thoughts and prayers!  We felt each one and we're truly humbled and blessed!

Mommy, Daddy, and Eleanor are all doing well,
and will be released from the birthing center
later today.  Bird delivered her completely naturally in water...a totally new thing for us, and so precious for them!

Thank you again!  
More pics to come after we all get
some very much needed rest!!

Joy and hugs to you, sweet friends!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ALERT!! On Our Way!!

Our 3rd born daughter, affectionately known as Bird,
or Chirp, is on her way to the birthing center!!

Can't wait to meet baby Eleanor!!
We are leaving in a couple of minutes!
I'll let you know!!

Sure appreciate your prayers!!
Love and hugs!

12:15 UPDATE!

It will be a little while!
Dilated to only 3,
contractions 5 minutes apart,
water broke!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Blissful Whites Wednesday!!

Hi Friends!!

Guess what???

Still no babies!!!  

The suspense is really starting to get to us!!

But thankfully, we know they will come when
it is God's perfect time for them to make their entrance into this world!!  We are so excited!!

Today I'm sharing a project that would be 
great for Valentines's decor or a gift!

The oh so easy plaster heart tutorial!

Just click the above link to go check 
out how simple they are to create!

This weeks spotlight is on 

She shared these beautiful wings she painted last week, and is always so cheerful,
encouraging and full of ideas and projects!

 Such a pretty shelf!  Just love the little pop of color, too!

Thank you, Sandy, for inspiring us, and for joining in 
Blissful Whites Wednesday!!
Hope you'll go meet Sandy. Just click here!

 OK!  Let's see your lovelies!!

Just remember to

***Be a follower of Timewashed
***Link back to the party or put
  the button in your sidebar 
***Visit a few of the other links
to spread some blog lovin'!!

Hugs and Blessings to you all!



Saturday, January 19, 2013

Not Too Shabby!

Happy Saturday Ya'll!

I'm having some fun with paper and vintage trim while we wait for these babies!!!!

Hoping preggo #1 will deliver this weekend!!

Just adore making tags...feels so 
good to take some time to enjoy it!  

 Also made this sweet little silver
plate filigree basket into a pin cushion.

I filled the inside bottom of the cushion
with lovely, fragrant lavender, too!
So it's a sachet also!

The fabric is antique silk velvet that
is just so yummy!! 
All of these are now available in
my Etsy shop

Have a fabulous weekend!!
Hugs and joy to you!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blissful Whites Wednesday!


Both of our pregnant daughters
are having contractions...and both are
dilating!  Who will go first?  Only God knows

But let me tell you...
every time one of our phones ring, we are ready to bolt out the door to be right there
when these two new little lives enter the world!!

I'll keep you updated!!!

I have started creating more vintage door knob flowers! It is just too much fun to see them come together during the creative process.

{Adorable blocks created by Linda at Itsy Bits and Pieces!!}
{You can find similar ones here}

My lovely friend, Michelle, creates beautiful inspiration holders
  and seeing them was just the nudge I needed to do something with my great old knobs!

Such wonderful chippy, rusty goodness!!
It delights me to give them a new purpose,
and preserve their character and quality!


Due to our currently wacko schedule,
I will only be highlighting one entry per week. Thanks for your understanding!

This week, it's lovely Rosemary, from Villabarnes.  She never ceases to amaze
me with her incredible creativity! 

This is what she used...

to create this absolutely beautiful tiara!

What a visionary!
Hope you'll pop over and see the other
wonderful things she creates!  
{AND she's a lovely person, too!!}
Thanks, Rosemary, for always inspiring
me to be a little more adventurous
when creating!!

OK!!  Party time!  Let's see your lovelies!

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Have a great week!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fun Creating!

I am just so thrilled
that I spent some time at my workbench
last night, and created something I love!!

It's been a challenge with all that we
have going on, and not getting really 
good sleep.  I know you know what I mean.

Creativity just doesn't flow under
too much pressure, or with only one eye open!

My Mom collected hearts of all kinds, so they
have a really special meaning to me.  I love creating them, and know she would love them, too.

I don't really create for Valentines Day, but these would be sweet dangling on a gift bag, or enclosed in a Valentine
for a special friend.

 That's what I love about little tags!
They can be used in vignettes, to decorate door knobs, and in so many other ways! 

A little sprinkling of glitter,
 a little rhinestone, pretty papers,
dimension and textures...
and my heart smiles!

Thanks for stopping by! 
I hope your weekend is fabulous!

Thanks so much for sharing 
my joy with grandies! 
Sure enjoyed your comments! 

Hugs and joy to you!


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