Friday, August 8, 2014

Comfort Zone

It might happen.
Whenever someone talks about getting out
of your comfort zone, they're taking a risk.

They are ready to talk about some uncomfortable things, risking it might happen...that someone might just reach for the
mouse and click away, rather than get close to taking the risk themselves.

I so get it.  I so have done it.  I so do it.

That is until today...until I realized I was ready to kick out the sides of the casket of comfort that I do my day to day in.

I have been sickened, saddened, maddened,
and filled with grief over the atrocities that are being carried out against children and
women around the globe.

The stories are horrific, and we are blasted with them constantly.  Can we possibly do anything that could make a difference?

A first of it's kind...a wonderful initiative, women helping women...
and the impact is already being felt...
on the other side of the world.

Want to know more?  Willing to risk getting out of your comfort zone?

I found out today that I am ready to get out of mine.

{When you’re tired enough of your comfort zoneyou can start living in the dangerously alive zone}

I'm tired enough...

If you are ready to risk becoming dangerously alive with me, click here.

Joy and Love to You,


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