Friday, November 14, 2014

Happiness Is...

...a little bit of 
whipped cream 
and cinnamon
with my coffee, 
served piping hot in a chunky,
vintage, restaurant ware mug!!

A lovely way to start the day!
Wayyyy cuter, and a lot less expensive 
than Starbuck's, too!

Praying that your day is full
of wonderfulness!



{even though sometimes circumstances may not be}



Okio B Designs said...

Looks yummy!


NanaDiana said...

Wonderful post, Becky. Looks good to me! xo Diana

Kar said...

Looks good! That would be one wonderful hot chocolate right now after shoveling 7" of snow off of the driveway. : )

augcott said...

Looks delicious!!!!!

diane @ thoughts and shots

Thistle Cove Farm said...

That looks delicious; I think I've been inside a Starbucks...twice...? Not really keen on spending huge bucks for what amounts to a cup of coffee. Not when I can make it at home for little of nothing.
Simple pleasures...ahhhhhh...

Margarita Ortiz said...

It's important to embrace small things in life. Happy Saturday

NanaNor's said...

Hi Becky, Girl I've missed you and sorry I haven't been checking in on a regular basis. I love your mug. How are you dear one? How is the family? I never hear from you anymore-write me, let's catch up!!!!
Happy November.

Heaven's Walk said...

Sweet, simple, and oh so delicious! I think that just may be what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow morning. :)

xoxo laurie

must love junk said...

Looks delicious! Simple pleasures :)

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