Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blissful Whites Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday Ya'll!

Hope all of you northern friends are finding
ways to stave off boredom, and be cozy during
this crazy cold weather.  Most of all stay safe, and don't drive or go out into it!!

There were lots of lovely links last week.  Here are some that caught my eye!!

Rosemary, from Villabarnes, has amazing painting techniques, and gives objects a look that you would be sure is "old paint".

Stunning patina, huh?

Love the faux aging on this bottle!!

Lori, at Marvins' Daughter made this pretty Love banner!

So unique and lovely!!

some lovely Valentine whites, and an
incredible view from her lanai.

Love the vintage tin background, and mirrors!! let's see your lovely whites!

Have a fabulous rest of the week,
and surprise someone with a random act
of kindness!! 

How fun to start a kindness revolution!!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wow~An Evening Masterpiece

When I was almost home a week or so ago,
I saw this stunning sunset and had to
RUN inside and grab
my camera so I could share it with you!

What an amazing artist God is!!  
He blessed all of central Florida with this
incredible masterpiece!

This is exactly how it 
looked from my front door.

The photo is straight from my camera
with the exception of my watermark!
Even still, some of the colors just
couldn't be captured in their glory!

It was truly a magnificent sight!!
And God is truly the Master of all
heaven and earth!

Have a joyful and blessed week!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Just Good Stuff

I love subway art
but after all this time had
never made or purchased any...

That is until the other day when I was in 
WalMart.  I found this cute little 6.5" x 8.5"
piece for only $3 and change by the picture frames.

I love it!!  

AND it looks great in front of my chippy white
shadow box shelf with other favorite things!

The fun thing is that I can just move it around as I please since it is smaller than most subway art!

 Gotta love that!!

My Friends,
I hope you have a wonderful day
and that you find a way to splash
some joy around your world!!

You can make a difference by just being
you, and sharing some LOVE!!

Big Toasty Hugs
From Sunny and COLD
Florida! {brrr}

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blissful Whites Wednesday!

Happy Blissful Whites Wednesday!

I'm running a little behind, but am ready to party!
Hope you are, too!

What lovely link ups from last week!
Today I want to feature the talented

She shares some beautiful winter whites,
including this fabulous stack of vintage 
butter pats...

Be still my heart!

And look at this loveliness!

There is just nothing like warm shades of white mixed with tarnished patina to make a home cozy!!

Well, let's see all of your pretty whites!
Maybe we'll all get warmed up a bit!
It will be 33 tonight here in central Florida!!

Be sure to visit a few of the links, so we can spread the joy!!

Have a fabulous week, and share your
smile with all you meet, ok?  Yours may be 
the only smile they receive all week!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blissful Whites Wednesday!

Oh Hello Friends!

It's time for our wonderful 
Blissful Whites Wednesday party!!

Hope you have been doing well, and 
that your new year is off to a great start!


I know many of you know the delightful
thought it would be lovely to feature
her amazing collection!
She is responsible for creating White Wednesday, the forerunner to Blissful Whites Wednesday!

Kathleen has beautifully styled her home and created such charm, warmth and character! It is one of my most very favorite homes to see in blogland!

Adore the antlers in the dough bowl!!

Just look at all the wonderfulness on those shelves!!

If you haven't met Kathleen yet, I hope you'll go visit!  You'll be so glad you did!!  You can find her HERE!

Time for our party!!

Have a fabulous week,
and splash some joy around!!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WooHoo~Blissful Whites Wednesday!!


A new year of Blissful Whites Wednesday!!
It will be good, my friends, and I can't
wait to see all that you share!!

While my Timewashed shop is closed, I have
been steadily creating...

NOW...I normally don't beg...but this most 
recent creation is one that took wayyy longer
than I thought it would, and I desperately
need someone to tell me it was worth
all the time it took!!  
{not to mention burnt fingers and missing skin!!}

 here it is!

It's really unique, and I love
the vintage metal tag.  Just had to
pair it up with some more vintage!
{ya'll know my style signature by now, right?}

Love the ironstone sugar bowl!

It will be available for purchase
when the shop opens up on Monday!!
and trust me...this piece is one of a kind!
I won't be wrapping any more pears,
that's for sure!!  {LOL}

Well, let's get on with Blissful Whites Wednesday!!

Since it's the new year, I will post the
rules so everyone knows them!

1. Share only YOUR very own lovely whites.
2. Be a follower of Timewashed
3. Link back to this post so those who
visit your blog can find the party!


That's it!
Let's see what you've got!!

Have a fabulous rest of the week!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Most Viewed Post

This is by far, the most
viewed post of mine for 2013.
It is also the most pinned photo of mine...

I am linking up to Debra's Be Inspired
blog party for 2013 popular posts!


  Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Hope you're having a great week so far!
I am!

Kept the grandy for 4 days last week, and
boy...I forgot how much it really takes out of you!!

Hats off to all of you grandparents out there that keep one of your grandchildren all day everyday! You have my total respect and admiration!!

I have decided to add Fall and Christmas wreaths to my shop! I have made wreaths for years, for just about everyone I know,
so it seems like the natural thing to do!

Here is a little peek at my first one!!

It will be in the shop later this week, and coordinates beautifully with a rustic canvas and tan ticking pumpkin set I'll be offering!

 And here is the final result!
I am thrilled with it!!

Too much fun!
A rustic and romantic wreath
for year round enjoyment!
Have a fabulous new year!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!!

I still cannot believe that today is the
first day of the new year, can you?

I am so glad to be welcoming 2014 with
such inspirational, kind, and creative friends!
You all add bunches of joy to my days!
Thank you for that!

Looking back at my year I see tons
of blessings, and some very real struggles, some
resolved, some not.  But you know what?


I am so glad to be able to welcome this new
year...this clean slate on which to write my
hopes and dreams, and watch to see what
God does with it all!!

It is always an adventure, isn't it?

May your new year be full of joy, hope,
 love, and peace!!

Blissful Whites Wednesday returns
next Tuesday night!! 
Get ready to party!!

Love and Hugs,

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