Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Blissful Whites Wednesday!!

You guys are the best!! 

Thanks so much for your patience with me
this week!!  I have been flying around taking 
care of my MIL's affairs, and getting our home
ready for company!!  Our oldest daughter and
her family will be visiting from Texas!  

We can't wait!!!

And I also can't wait to share a few
lovely features from last week's party
with you!!

Here they are:

Sweet and talented Jill, 
of Sew A Fine Seam, shared
her fabulous ruffled ottoman!

She made the slip cover herself!!
It would also be wonderful 
in natural linen, wouldn't it??

So, so cute!

My Shabby Soul share her fabulous
kitchen makeover!  You have to 
go see the before!!

And Pam, of White Ironstone Cottage,
shared some photos of her pretty Easter decor!!

So pretty!!

And now it's your turn to brag
on your lovely whites!!

Have a joyful rest of the week!


A Little Hiccup!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blissful Whites Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday!!

It is an absolutely, stunningly gorgeous,
morning here in central Florida, 
and I've already decided that today will
be a great day!

How are you doing today, Sunshine?

Thank you so much for your kind, and
heartfelt responses on my last blog post!
 They meant so much to just don't know! May God bless each of you in a
very special way this week!


There were, as always, so many lovely link
ups last week! 

Here are a few!

Sweet Lisa, of Fern Creek Cottage
shared her lovely, post holiday
design aesthetic! So clean and

Love this chippy white crate!!

And this simple and charming vignette!

Butterfly Bungalow shared
her pretty Valentine's Day decor
and tablescape

Absolutely love this chalk board
and the banner!

Sooo sweet!!

And the delightful Susan, of
Evelyn and Rose shared some precious
treasures from her Mom's attic!!


Ok...let's see your pretties!
Remember the rules!

***Please include only your own blissful whites, and be sure to visit a few of the other links and share the love!!
Also, link back to the party so people
can find it!!

Have a delightful day!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hmm...Attitude... Check!

Happy Monday Friends!

Hope your weekend was wonderful!!

Mine was...well...let's just say it...

And what made matters worse, was
that I somehow let my attitude slip.
{ completely fell off the cliff}

Now, I am quite certain that none of 
you ever struggle with this little issue,
but felt I needed to share on it anyway.

 Did you ever see the movie Pollyanna?


 Hayley Mills played a sweet young girl
who lived a happy life and transformed the lives of those around her through what she called, "The Glad Game".

No matter what she was faced with,
she would find something to be glad
about in the midst of it.


We are knee deep in handling my MIL's
affairs since she can no longer do it
herself due to dementia.  My home has
suffered, my shop has suffered,
and my joy and ability to think things
through well has suffered.

Very soon, I will more than likely become her primary caregiver.
{I know many of you have done
this for a loved one, feel free
to email me your thoughts and advice}

So today, I have decided to start fresh. 
Today I am playing the glad game.

Because a lousy attitude doesn't
help anything, does it?

AND I have way too much to be thankful

 {my glad list always begins with God,
'cause that's where anything truly good
comes know that, right?}

I am thanking Him for all of the good
and wonderful, and true things in my life.

I am even thanking Him for my Mom's death
through the same disease...because I
can know some of what to expect in the days, weeks, and months to come.

We defeat ourselves and poison those around us through a bad attitude.  I am so thankful..."glad" to have heard 
Scott Hamilton say this quote on his "I Am Second" video .  

"The only true handicap in
life is a bad attitude".

Just tied a big ol' knot in the rope I'm hanging onto, and have started swinging on it, instead of slipping down it!!

Life is good!
God is good!

Have a very GLAD week!!

Hugs and Love,

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happiness Is...

The little things!
I'm a "little things" kind of gal.
I love the little joys of life!
Don't you?
You know...the ones you don't expect,
 but just happen to catch and delight in!

~like watching little birds
make a nest in the floral arrangements
on our front glass doors.

~the way grand baby's feet look when they
stand on their tippy toes 

~when I'm out junkin' and there,tucked behind
a bunch of junk, is a treasure,
that has been cast off and overlooked by 
so many.

Like this beauty I came across and
snapped right up!

Isn't this just simply lovely??
My heart went pitter patter when
I saw it.  I love how brilliant
the blue still is!

There's some great crazing {cracks in the glaze} and a little staining, that just
add so much character to it.

Oh for the love!!!

This gorgeous little creamer is Independence
Ironstone that was made in Japan.

I have added this to my small, but
lovely creamer collection, and will
love it always!

 I hope your Valentine's Day
is filled with the happiness
of life's little joys!!
{and some great chocolate, too!}

Praying for all of you
that are hunkered down and weathering
the extreme ice and cold.

Love and Hugs,


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blissful Whites Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Sweet Friends!!

It's time to party!!

Here are a few lovely links from last week!!

shutters with ASCP {Annie Sloan Chalk Paint}

They are just perfect, don't you think?

And I just adore this awesome scale!!

More perfection!!

Abby, at Abby's Way, shared a pretty Valentine tablescape!

Lovely Tureen!!

I am in love with this drop cloth runner she made!

Drop cloth rocks, doesn't it??
So many great uses and such a
durable fabric!!

shared her gorgeous master bedroom
makeover!  This is one you have to see!!

 Sigh...metal headboard love!!

And this wonderful trunk!!

 Just love it!!

Can't wait to see what you all have
to share this week!!

Hope your week has been lovely
so far!! 

Be joyful and make people
wonder why you're so happy!!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blissful Whites Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday!
Whew!  The week sure flew by, right??

Here are some lovely features from
last week's party!! 

Love this white fireplace from White Whimsy!
Lovely old books on the mantle,
and the awesome mirror collection above!!

Lululiz shared some lovely goodies she won
in Rhonda's {A Little Bit French} giveaway!!
{sad I missed entering this one!}

made over this chair!
What a wonderful transformation!

Thank you for joining in each week, everyone!!

Remember to share only your blissful whites,
and be sure to visit a few links to share some love!!

Let's see your pretties!
Hugs and Joy to You!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

YAY!! Finally Opened Back Up!!


These last few weeks have almost been a blur!!
Ever have times like that?

Well, I managed to "pick" some lovely vintage items for my shop, and get some things made!!  Didn't get anywhere near done all that I had planned, but sometimes...


TIMEWASHED on Etsy, is finally re-opened for business!  Woohoo!!  Here are a few things that are currently for sale!!

Love the elegant simplicity of this vintage
silver plate candle holder!  Topped it off
with a Meakin ironstone bowl filled with treasures from the sea, and a fabulous vintage skeleton key!  Click HERE to view in shop!

A sweet, vintage inspired hanger/gift tag,
perfect for Spring!! ~~~SOLD~~~

A fun and rustic pin cushion created in a
vintage ironstone restaurant soup cup!  Love the unexpected!  I attached a vintage brass
laundry pin, too! ~~~SOLD~~~

I'll be spending time here tomorrow...

And I honestly can't wait!!  It may be a tad overcast, but this gal will have her toes in the sand...that's for sure! 

Hope your week is fabulous, and that you share some unexpected extra lovin' with a family member or friend!!  Think Love Fest!!

Hugs and Joy to You!!

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