Sunday, November 23, 2014



I don't know if it is just me, or if everyone
feels the excitement of the holiday season
like I do this year!!!

I am so ready for for it, and just
want to savor

 every. single. second.

We have had some "stuff" shall we say, to
adjust to recently, and it has just made me
appreciate all of my blessings even more!
{especially knowing that God will take care
of our "stuff"}

What about you?

Where is your heart this holiday season?

I hope you are ready to drink it all in...
soak it all up....and bathe your soul in
the goodness of it all!
{even though you may have "stuff", too}

I am praying for everyone that reads this
post, and want you to know that my heart is
with all of you who may be hurting and struggling through this year. 

May you know the mercy, love, joy, and peace of God this holiday season.

Love and Joy to You,

Monday, November 17, 2014

From My Studio

I am working hard fulfilling Christmas orders
and creating some more Christmas goodies
for the shop!

I'm loving red and white, and made up 
some vintage inspired gift buckets!

Just a fun little bucket full of Christmas cheer!

A limited number of them are now
available in my shop!

I hand stamped the adorable little vintage inspired tags, that you can find at Hogg Barn Antiques on Etsy!  Shannon makes those
cuties, and has a gorgeous shop!

Hope you're getting inspired to
whip up some fun holiday decor!

Have a delightful week!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Happiness Is...

...a little bit of 
whipped cream 
and cinnamon
with my coffee, 
served piping hot in a chunky,
vintage, restaurant ware mug!!

A lovely way to start the day!
Wayyyy cuter, and a lot less expensive 
than Starbuck's, too!

Praying that your day is full
of wonderfulness!



{even though sometimes circumstances may not be}


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Holiday Fun!

As a creative soul, 
there are certain things 
that just make me so tickled to create!
Some of them are antique hand loomed linen, vintage silver plate of all kinds, and the charming little vintage salt shakers with silver plate tops!

So, when I came across a couple of nice
lots of them, I decided to make them
into delightful, sparkly Christmas ornaments!

I just love how they turned out, 
and would love to see a whole tree
covered with them!

They just make my heart sing!

How fun are they??
I making a bunch of them, and want
to get a shot of all of them together!

And here is a new design in my
holiday antique hand loomed linen,
gift tag/ornament line!

One can never have too many snowmen,
right?  This one melts my heart!
Mica flakes for sparkle and a vintage
French linen body with sweet twig arms!

I adore this time of year!
Have a wonderful week, friends!

You're all the bestest!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Giveaway Winner & Getaway!! sweet hubby surprised me with a pre-hunting season romantic getaway to one of our favorite places, Jekyll Island, Georgia!

This is the very familiar view from our balcony!

I love this time of the year there, because it's cooler and we practically have the place to ourselves!  I couldn't see anyone else on the beach for at least 1/2 mile!  The water blends in with the very overcast sky beyond
the dunes. 

I spent some time alone down at the beach, sitting on the huge granite stones they use to slow down beach erosion...
it was so peaceful, and serene.

A shrimp boat heads out early seeking
the sea's bounty.

Craggy oaks that are wind barriers
for the inner island.  Kind of spooky looking,
but so cool!

I love driftwood beach at the north end
of the island.  It is full of huge trees, trunks, roots, and branches that have been downed by erosion and heavy winds.  They are like nature's sculptures, each one different than the other. And they cover the whole northeast and northern parts of the island.

I found a few nice pieces of driftwood, but there are mostly reeds from the surrounding marshes on the shore.

We had a wonderful time, just us two,
and love taking the time to reconnect
with each other! 

Now for the big announcement!!

The winner of the giveaway is

sweet Nellie, from Nellie's Cozy Place.

Her entry was number 12 and that is the 
the one random number generator chose!!

I have known Nellie for well over 25 years,
and she is a wonderful friend!  I hope you will go meet her!  She is just so warm and

Hope your week is wonderful!!
Are ya'll ready for the holidays?
I can't believe they are almost here!!



Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thrifted Joy!

I had a few minutes to pop into a thrift shop
I don't get to go to very often yesterday!

I was so glad I took the time!
Looky looky!

I adore my treasures!

Love the reticulated brass tray!
You can often find silver, but brass is a little less common.

But my very favorite piece is the little roundish salt shaker!!

How cute is that?
I also have the mate!  Not sure
if I can part with them and list them
in the shop!

I do have some yummy creamy white pottery
that will be listed in the shop, and by Sunday, the shop will have all kinds of new lovelies to peruse!



Have a delightful day,
and splash some joy around, ok?


Monday, November 3, 2014

Oh Pumpkins!!

Well, the day is finally here!
This is the day of the great pumpkin

This is an event I am hosting in appreciation
of my blog friends...yes...

One lucky winner will receive {1} set of three of my original design pumpkins in an either coastal or naturally neutral theme, as pictured above.

That winner will also receive a coordinating petite pumpkin to go in this lovely, vintage inspired cloche!!

The cloche can be used year round...
such a great piece!

The only rules are that you have to
be a follower of Timewashed,
and leave a comment to enter!! 

Unfortunately, I have to limit entry to
U.S. residents only. :o(

That's it!
I will announce the winner on
Saturday, November 8th!!

Hope your week is full of
all kinds of wonderfulness!

Joyful Blessings to You!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Falling Forward!

Well, we may have "fallen back" with our clocks today, but I am "falling forward" here at home!!

We have had a houseful for the last week, and it was fabulous.  Our oldest daughter and her family were here, but are now headed back home.

So, I am falling forward into all that didn't get done while they were here!  LOL!!  

 You know...things like my GIVEAWAY, and transitioning my shop from pumpkins to Christmas!!

Speaking of pumpkins...I just adore these little cuties, and have to take pics of them every year!  They just make me happy!

I have added a few items to the shop
and will be adding more over the next
couple of weeks!

Here is my first design for Christmas!
So excited!

Bottle brush trees are a personal fave!!
I think there is one still available 
for purchase!

OH and the pumpkin giveaway!

I will be posting it tomorrow!
And it is so easy!  Just leave a
comment!  I may even do a second
giveaway, so check back tomorrow evening!

Hope your week is fabulous!!
And that you are so filled with JOY that it's contagious,
and you just tick off that nasty ol' devil!!

Hugs to You!!

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