Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Favorite Things

I have more than a few infatuations with
vintage things, and I adore vintage glass bottles of all kinds!

This old amaretto bottle is from my mother in law, and the texture of the glass is fantastic.

This charming, super chunky ironstone bowl weighs in at almost 1.5 pounds! It always
has at least a few cloves of organic garlic
in it for easy access. 

And of course....wood!  Love wooden spoons and
cutting boards, but don't believe in having a whole lot more than I would actually use, so my collection is on the small side!

 And then there are vintage crocks!
This Dundee Marmalade crock is a personal fave, but I love crocks period.

Again, I have just a small collection and
delight in the craftsmanship of days gone by.

So what are some of your favorite things,
or things that you collect?

Have a Blessed Day, My Friends!!


NanaDiana said...

Thanks, Becky, for a sweet post. Love all your things. You are a smart girl. In the last few years I have decided enough is enough and don't amass the huge collections I used to think I had to have. Now, I am going to have to pare even some of those smaller collections down. xo Diana

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I love crocks....adore them! Just ask my husband. The bottle is so neat. I love old things....good thing...since I am an old thing!

Sheila White said...

Your post was very encouraging. I have collections too. Some seasonal like Holly dishes for Christmas, hearts for ♥s Day & shamrocks for St Pattys Day. But also others like strawberries, wooden churches, lambs, lighted churches, angels...oh my my my! Most are in boxes in storage that I haul out every now & then to put out in my room at my Mom's home. I know the sorting & purging must take place because a larger space is not in clear view. Small vignettes & things I really treasure may just be my answer to downsizing a 10x20 storage! Thank you for sharing. ♡@☆

Petite Michelle Louise said...

Love your collections Becky. The wooden cutting boards are lovely too! I'm a collector you well know! What IS it about grouping vintage things together that really speaks to me? hope you're having a lovely day!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love that marmalade crock, Becky! If I had more display room here, I'd love to find some of those to collect.

Kelly Deal said...

Love your favorite things Becky! I love to collect old bottles too. I know this sounds corny, but I have a little Peanuts Woodstock collection. I can't enough of that cute, little bird!

Jane said...

I love seeing all your wonderful things!

With our move, I gave up many of our collections, due to space (and exhaustion with packing!) Time to start a new collection...something I will really love. I wonder what it's going to be...

Okio B Designs said...

Such a pretty vignette! Love that marmalade jar. =)


Consider It All Joy said...

You have great taste in collections, Becky! Love the wooden utensils! My newest love is ironstone, I only have a few pieces but am truly enjoying them!! Blessings, Cindy

Clare said...

So encouraging and your things are just so beautiful.

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