Wednesday, July 1, 2015

From My Studio

Happy Wednesday!!

I hope all is wonderful in your neck of the woods!

Things here are great!
Could use a few more hours in the day,
but other than that...


Here are a couple of things I created 
for the shop!

A sweet petite journal for special thoughts, doodles, or prayers!

So much fun to design!
These one of a kind charmers always
take way more time and thought than the finished product might reflect!

First step is deciding on the color theme. Then I have a drawer full of vintage laces and trims and I play until I find just the right ones, and just the right elements and embellishments.

Adhering each piece is always a 
challenge because I just can't tolerate
glue that shows, lumps or bumps and anything being even a little bit off of where I think it should be.

I just ADORE when people take the time
to pay attention to detail, and always
want my creations to show that detail
is important to me.

This is a sweet, mostly vintage, inspiration kit full of treasures!

Both of these are listed in the shop!!

Oh and guess what the rest of my time is being
dedicated to???

Designing my new line of pumpkins!!!

Sneak preview coming soon!
Can't wait to share!!

Have a lovely day, and thanks so much
for stopping by!!



Rhonda said...

These two are sweet! Glad you are enjoying your summer. It's so hot here, sigh

Anne's Attic - Design said...

What wonderful gifts these would make. Have a lovely week. Jo

bobbie said...

Gorgeous little trinkets! They would be great for some "just because" gifties ~
New pumpkins?!?! I can't wait to see them!

Consider It All Joy said...

Wonderful creations! I'm sure somebody is already in love! Have a wonderful Holiday weekend! Cindy

diane said...

You create such beautiful treasures :-D diane @ thoughts and shots

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