Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy Tuesday!!

Hope you'll take a few moments today to
look at the beauty around you, and get
a sense of the depth of God's love for
mankind through all He created for us to enjoy!

Have a blessed day, and be safe, my
friends in the northeast!


Born To Create

I have realized in the past few years, that one of my greatest joys in this life is creating! I believe God must have breathed it
into me while I was growing in my Mom's tummy!!

Creating nourishes my heart, soul, and mind, and the process is sooo much fun...sans the occasional "this looks nothing like what I imagined"!! Hmmmpphh!! 

 I made these a few weeks back,
and I just now got them listed in my shop.

I will hopefully get a few more handmade 
items listed soon, including one I can't
wait to share!!

As with most of my creations, vintage buttons,
trims and lace usually find their way
into my designs, and these are no different.
Thank you for stopping in!
I hope your week is filled with little joys!
And for my friends in the northeast, know
that I am praying for you all!
Hugs and Love,

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Oh Hello There!!

Hello my friends!!!
I feel like I have been away for a 
very very long time!!

I hope your holidays were fabulous,
and your new year will be your best yet!!

I am finally back to creating, and boy 
does it feel good!!

I didn't make these tags, but aren't
they beautiful?

made them, and I totally love them!  I 
roughed them up just a tad with a soft
nail file so they look a little weathered.

They are printed on watercolor paper,
and are so textured and sturdy!!

You can find them HERE if you'd like to
order some for yourself!!  Mary is a delight
to do business with, too!!


I loved making holiday linen tags so much,
I had to make some more!!

You just can't beat antique silk velvet,
and hand loomed Euro linen paired together!!

I'll be adding some wonderful fresh picked
vintage and handmade goodness to
the shop this week!!

Have a glorious week,
and be kinder than you have to be, ok??

Hugs and Love,

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