Saturday, June 20, 2015

Embellished and Repurposed

Hello World!

How are you all doing this fine Saturday???

It is soooo incredibly stifling hot outside, that I knew I was going to have to work in some studio time!  

Don't get me wrong...I love Florida's hot climate!!  But when you just stand outside in the shade and sweat...that's a little too hot!!

So here are pics of what I have finished so far!

Love these vintage silver plate filigree boxes!!  

I lined this with Victorian era antique silk velvet and embellished the flower with a vintage rhinestone. 

The charming Paris tag is included!

A sweet little round tin box turned
inspiration kit...full of delightful treasures!

Vintage tatting, rusty skeleton key, 3 amazing
silver foil German glass buttons, small paper rose, and some sweet handmade tags!

Can you tell I love vintage silver

This little basket is just
so charming!  It comes with the  vintage
doily, the Jeanne de Arc clip with tag, and two vintage rusty keys.


And finally, this is an antique vintage linen patriotic tag I finished last week!  It just makes me smile, and 
I hope it makes you smile too!!

The real silver German glass glitter "stars" have already begun to get their lovely tarnished patina!!

All of these will be available for purchase
in my Etsy shop at 2:00 today!

Stay cool and safe my friends, and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!


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