Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gratitude and Wedding Fun!

Happy Wednesday!

How are you?

Things here are good!  There is always a lot going on, but I'm sure 
there is at your place, too!!

Sooo...what have you been up to?  

I have been watching grandies, making and listing stuff in my shop, cooking, cleaning, sorting, digging, purging...all the ordinary stuff!

Stunning flowers via West Elm

Just remember though, God inhabits the ordinary, too.

All of it!  

He is working on my heart attitude
so I can get to where I do all those ordinary things with great joy!  It's all about perspective!

Thank You Lord, I have a home to clean.  So many aren't as fortunate.  Thank You Lord, that I have water to clean dishes with....

See how that changes
things up?

Cultivating a grateful heart is one of the ways we can find Him
and experience joy and fulfillment in the
mundane tasks of life.

{although creating and grandies are a blast!!}

The photo above is from West Elm's blog and they are giving advice on wedding flowers. Check it out!  Their blog is gorgeous and no, I am not getting paid to say that!  

I have the joy of participating in weddings each year through my creations, and I just love it!

Here are a couple things customers are using so far this year!

The soon to be bride these lavender sachets  are for is going to give them to her sister as a way to ask her to be her maid of honor!

She will wrap them separately and give her
the large one last.  Too much fun!!!

These little coastal pumpkins have been
very popular over the last few years.
They will be used as part of the coastal centerpieces at a wedding reception.

If I can help with your special celebration,
just let me know!  Birthdays, teacher gifts, anniversaries, Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving...I have covered it all!

It would be my honor to create something wonderful for you!

Have a blessed day!
And go annoy that dirty ol' devil today!!


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Kar said...

You are so creative with all your little creations Becky! Love them!

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