Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Wednesday & Pumpkin Giveaway

Hi Friends!!

How are things in your neck of the woods?


Well, maybe not outside, but it is definitely making it's appearance in many of your homes!!  And how lovely it all is!!

As those of you who know me probably already know,
I am swimming in pumpkins right now!
that is a wonderful thing!!

If you have purchased a pumpkin from me...ever...
Thank you so very much!!!  

I don't take any sales for
granted and deeply appreciate each and every one.

The beautiful photo above was snapped by my amazing friend, Lucy, over at Craftberry Bush, as part of her Fall home tour.  

What an honor to have my pumpkins included!!  

Pop over there
and check it out...she is really a gifted stylist and artist!!

Lucy is debuting this new set of pumpkins for me, and hosting a giveaway over on Instagram @mscraftberrybush  Head to instagram to enter!  Only 2 days to enter!!

Sweet and talented Courtney, over at The Hamby Homejust hosted a giveaway of this set.
Love the beauty Courtney creates in her home!
The pumpkins with the tobacco basket and cotton wreath backdrop are a winning combo!

That giveaway has ended, but I will be making pumpkins through til November, so if you want a set, just let me know!!

It is time for some coffee,folks!! 
And to make more pumpkins!!  

What are you doing today?
Do tell!!

Whatever it is...

be a blessing to someone

and choose JOY!!!

Hugs and Love,

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